Contest: 5v5 PvP Tournament – Championship Game

5v5 PvP Tournament Feature Image

The Championship Game of the 5v5 Round Robin PvP Tournament is being held this Saturday, August 23rd at 6:30PM PDT. This is the final round of fights for the Rift PvP League and Godlike Awesomeness tournament.

Check it out at GrimTheGamer’s Livestream at the appointed time! They will also be giving away a REX on the livestream and “anything you want from the RIFT Store under or at 5,000 Credits”.

The Teams:

For the Championship Game, here are the teams:


“Buff Nightblade” VS “Warlord Still Sucks”
VS Gankt@Seastone


The fights are held at the Sunfire Arena dimension on the Deepwood (NA) Shard (by Aloegel@Deepwood). They have previously held 3v3 (March), 3v3 (May), 5v5 (May) tournaments.

The tournament is hosted by <–Godlike Awesomeness–>. The Championship Game will be livestreamed on GrimTheGamer’s Livestream.

Past Games:

You can check out past fights from this current Tournament and previous PvP Tournaments hosted by Godlike Awesomeness on Grim’s Youtube Channel here.


  • Championship Winner: 5 REX (1 pp) + 3,000 Plat (600 pp).
  • Championship Runner-Up: 2,000 Plat (400 pp) + Depleted Supply Crate to each player who played on the team.
  • 3rd Place: 3rd Place goes to “Two Grills One Carp (2-2)”. Depleted Supply Crate to each player who played on the team.
  • 4th & 5th Places also receive Depleted Supply Crates.

Follow Rift PvP League on twitter for full updates – #RiftLeague.

Full details for the entire tournament can be accessed on the 5v5 Round Robin Tournament League Thread . For the Championship Game itself, check out this thread here.

Don’t forget to check out GrimTheGamer’s Livestream at Saturday, August 23rd at 6:30PM PDT for the Championship Game!

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