Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Draumheim

Thought the 20 Goboro Reef zones was a lot in our previous “Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Goboro Reef” article? Well feast your eyes on Draumheim, the second zone with 24 locations in total!

RIFT 3.0 Draumheim Locations Achievement

RIFT 3.0 Draumheim Locations Achievement

Just a quick scan of the achievement list brings up multiple locations of interest: ‘Landquarium’, ‘Tribulation Square’ and ‘Shadow Scion’. On top of that, we’ve got ourselves another Ghar Station – Ghar Station ‘Rosh’.

3 Sections

Draumheim Zone Map WIP 3 Sections

Draumheim Zone Map WIP 3 Sections

The zone seems to be split up into 3 distinct sections.

  • Blue: There’s a ‘forest’-like area at the top that is ‘sealed’ off from the rest of the zone via the gates to the city and a steep cliff in the south. Given where Tribulation Square and other similar zones are located, this ‘Blue’ region could be where the Nightmare Onir People reside.
  • Purple: The main city, completely walled off from the rest of the zone is straight in the middle. The main area is probably the home of the Dream Guard Onir People, with certain districts in the north being overrun by the Nightmare Onir People.
  • Orange: The lower section is again sealed off against the city of Draumheim. This place is a lot larger and may house other sinister creatures that the Dream Guard are warding off.

You can check the original WIP Draumheim map here.

Draumheim Locations

City Districts of Draumheim

RIFT Draumheim Redistricting

RIFT Draumheim City Districts

MikeD showed off a teaser image back in July of some of the districts of Draumheim. There have been some changes since that time (such as the removal of DRH 99 Plc) but overall, most of the districts have been kept as is in the locations achievement.

Known Districts:

  • Tribulation Square
  • Margle Palace
  • Bottomtown
  • Prosperity Heights
  • Polyp Promenade
  • Choreburg
  • Zeuxis District
  • Lost Knot
  • Lucid Strait
  • Gauntlet Street

Tribulation Square is a possible district for the ‘nightmare’ versions of the Onir people. Specifically, the following concept art was deemed a ‘Tribulation Soldier’. It’s not too farfetched to consider that this district is overrun by the ‘nightmare’ forces.

RIFT 3.0 Onir People Nightmare Concept Art

RIFT 3.0 Onir People Nightmare Concept Art

Margle Palace is without a doubt the huge palace in the middle which is of considerable proportions. A model datamined months ago shows off its size:

RIFT 3.0 Draumheim Margle Palace Model

RIFT 3.0 Draumheim Margle Palace Model

A throne sits at the back and multitudes of houses lines the walls of the building. The stairs at the very front might provide some indication of the scale of this building. No doubt the map of Draumheim itself provides a good indicator of size. The little ‘blocks’ surrounding Margle Palace on the map are all homes of a decent size.

Not much can be inferred about the rest of the districts besides their position as revealed by MikeD. However, ‘Zeuxis’ was a Greek painter who “created volumetric illusion through manipulating light and shadow” [r].

Zeuxis District might have sculptures like the information referenced in the old 3.0 Whiteboard. There, one of the lines states “Water Volumes as Sculptable Object” – so potentially, water sculptures.

Polyp Promenade – ‘Polyp’ = an abnormal growth of tissue [r]. ‘Promenade’ = a public place for walking [r]. Put them together and perhaps this district is an underwater park or filled with deformed overgrowth. The closeness of Bottomtown, Polyp Promenade and Tribulation Square may indicate that these areas are the ‘nightmare’ districts whilst those closer to Margle Palace, such as Prosperity Heights may be where the Dream Guard reside.


Possible Landquarium Location

Possible Landquarium Location

The Landquarium could potentially be located in the south-east section of the Draumheim city just below Margle Palace. The area has a ‘blue’ background which might indicate that it is one of the few areas in this zone that has water volumes.

Landquarium – think Aquarium, but the opposite. Perhaps instead of humans checking out fish in tanks, it’s fish checking out humans in ‘dry’ land surrounded by water.

North Gate

Possible North Gate Location

Possible North Gate Location

The North Gate could potentially be another district/area of the Draumheim city. If we assume that the map is correctly positioned for North, East, South and West, then the ‘North Gate’ is probably the region in the north of the Draumheim city that separates the upper and middle (city) regions of the zone. I wouldn’t be surprised if this area is ‘under siege’ by the Tribulation Soldiers.

Nadir Plaza

This sounds like it should be in the Draumheim city. Probably the pink area in MikeD’s teaser since that district’s name was cut off. ‘Nadir’ = “the direction pointing directly below a particular location” [r]. Perhaps in this case it would be ‘directly below’ (on the map) a pretty big point of interest, which would be Margle Palace.

Shadow Scion

Drowned Port Scion Maps

Drowned Port Scion Maps

Shadow Scion is likely an underwater version of the Port Scion district found in the PvP Warfront map, The Battle for Port Scion. A map datamined previously seems to hint that it is underwater as per the above images.

Possible Shadow Scion Location

Possible Shadow Scion Location

Shadow Scion could potentially be located in the bottom-left ‘red’ area of Draumheim, although a more likely scenario places it in the bottom-right corner. Why? Because the area looks just like Port Scion’s outer wall.

Port Scion LIVE

Port Scion LIVE Map

The bottom-right of Draumheim has the exact same architecture as the outside of Port Scion on Live shards. (Port Scion is located in-between Silverwood and Freemarch.

It is not a stretch to imagine that ‘Shadow Scion’ in the Draumheim map is the entrance to a drowned instance of the Battle for Port Scion district. (If you’re interested, Dev Tacitus went over what Port Scion was supposed to look like. The map you see in ‘The Battle for Port Scion’ is only one of the districts.)

Ghar Station Rosh

Ghar Station Guesses

Ghar Station Guesses

Ghar Station Rosh is one of three Ghar Stations in 3.0; one for each zone. As shown in the middle image above, my guess is that it is in the top-left hand corner of the Draumheim zone due to similar architecture between zones. Like the other Ghar Stations, it is likely the original method for inhabitants of the Plane of Water to travel between ‘layers’.

Nyreika Station

Possible Nyreika Station Location

Possible Nyreika Station Location

Not much comes out of ‘Nyreika’, but Nyreika Station probably explains why Draumheim seems to have two ‘station’-looking areas on the map. Either the above image is Nyreika Station, or it could be Ghar Station Rosh with the area in the top-left of Draumheim being Nyreika Station instead.

Again, it is probably just an area that was used to travel between layers of the Plane of Water. The reason why there’s two in Draumheim probably has to do with the Tribulation Soldiers (‘nightmare’/’dark’) Onir People vs the Dream Guard (‘noble’/’light’) Onir People.

Sanctuary of Phydrena

Sanctuary of Phydrena is probably in the bottom-right of the zone. That guess is based on the fact that it seems relatively ‘secluded’ and far away from the assumed ‘conflict zone’ between the Tribulation Soldiers and the Dream Guard – i.e., a ‘sanctuary’/’safe haven’.

Can’t find any information about ‘Phydrena’.

Cathedral of Canus

Cathedral of Canus sounds more like something you would find in the city itself as opposed to the Sanctuary of Phydrena. ‘Canus’ = White or ‘frothy’ [r]. It could well be located at the very top of Draumheim city, at the end of Guantlet Street.

Vale of Dreams

‘Vale’ = “wide river valley” [r]. Vale of Dreams would therefore likely be a large, flat valley within Draumheim. There are numerous locations where this could be located. If the top section of Draumheim is in fact the ‘nightmare’ section, then it is possible that the Vale of Dreams would be located in the south.

The difference between the Dream Guard and the Tribulation Soldiers could be that the Dream Guard feeds off peaceful dreams whereas the Tribulation Soldiers feed off nightmares. The Vale of Dreams – if this speculation is correct – would likely be an area in the south which the Dream Guard might have more control over.

Gemini Bluffs

Possible Gemini Bluffs Location

Possible Gemini Bluffs Location

Bluffs, in geographic terms, is a “wave-swept ridge running parallel to a shoreline” [r]. ‘Gemini’ on the other hand probably relates to astrology – so probably meaning something like ‘twins’. The red section in the lower-left corner of Draumheim could be ‘Gemini Bluffs’ since – if you split it in two – each side is a close mirror.

Thekk Overlook

Nothing to go on really except Thekk Overlook would be an area with a good view of a key point in the zone – such as the city. Depending on elevation of the different parts of the zone, Thekk Overlook might be located at the north-most part of the upper section of the zone, or the south-most part of the upper section of the zone, both overlooking the city.

Fort Revo

Possible Fort Revo Location

Possible Fort Revo Location

We have Fort Brevo and Fort Antapo in Steppes of Infinity. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere that looks like those forts in Draumheim, although there is a section in the south-most part of the zone that seems to have thick walls sealing the place off, with a mountainside to the right.

Given its name, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Fort Revo is where Crucia ended up building a base after the events of the Air Saga. If that area in the image above is in fact Fort Revo, it would make sense that it looks disorganized and hastily put together, since Crucia did not seem to have been sent there with her army in tow. She probably had to mind-control some fish in her desperate attempt to keep the denizens of the Plane of Water at bay.

Rended Falls

Rended Falls“. A waterfall that has been ripped apart. No other clues as to where this could be located.

Headfell Farms

Headfell Farms. Some farms that grow kelp would be my guess. The red area on the map could be the farm (the same guess as Gemini Bluffs and possible Shadow Scion).

Draumheim contains quite a large city region in an even larger zone. What will we see in the Landquarium? Will Shadow Scion reveal to us a larger portion of Port Scion? Are the Dream Guard residing in the Draumheim city districts with the Nightmare/Tribulation Soldiers stationed outside? Or are the Dream Guard and Tribulation Soldiers vying for control over competing districts inside the city?

Stay tuned as more will no doubt be revealed in the coming weeks.

Want more juicy 3.0 information? Check some of them out here and catch up on 3.0-related articles. Some datamining might quench some of your thirst for what is to come, and the regular PTS updates often reveals new 3.0-related achievements and content coming prior to 3.0.

Don’t forget to check out “Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Goboro Reef” and “Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Tarken Glacier” for an overview of the other known Nightmare Tide Zones.

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