Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Tarken Glacier

Tarken Glacier Feature Image

With our “Goboro Reef” and “Draumheim” Another Look articles, we took a look at the first two zones of RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide. We now move onto the last (known) zone, Tarken Glacier. 22 locations puts it smack-bang in the middle of Goboro Reef’s 20 and Draumheim’s 24.

Tarken Glacier Location Achievement

Tarken Glacier Location Achievement

Some locations should already pop up at you such as “The Zoo”, “Prison of the Old Gods” and “Tenebrean Craters”. There’s also some familiar locations for those who follow Rift news and PTS datamining such as “Izbithu’s Demise”, “Mount Sharax” and “Ghar Station Tau”.

Tarken Glacier Zone WIP Map

RIFT 3.0 Tarken Glacier WIP Map

RIFT 3.0 Tarken Glacier WIP Map

Wider and taller than the rest of the zones in the north lies Tarken Glacier. A few locations we can sort of guess at. ‘Izbithu’s Demise’ is definitely in the north-east; ‘Port Scuddra’ is almost definitely in the south-east; ‘Ghar Station Tau’ is very likely the building in the west; ‘Mount Sharax’ is almost certainly in the north-most part.

‘Tenebrean Craters’ is a guess based on the crater-like look of the objects on the map in that location. ‘Tarken Ascent’ is also a guesstimate based on the word ‘ascent’ and the area in front of Mount Sharax looking like it zig-zags, probably indicating high elevation.

You can check the full WIP Nightmare Tide map here which shows all 3 known zones.

What Are Those Rings?

Tarken Glacier Rings

Tarken Glacier Rings

As you might have noticed looking at the zone, there are various ‘rings’ all over the lakes in the area. Who? What? Where? Wicker? Why?

These could be geysers – holes in the ground that spews out hot water and vapour. When they reach the surface they create the ‘ring’ of ice.

So why would there be geysers in a frozen landscape?

Gyel Fortress Melt Speculation

Gyel Fortress Melt Speculation

Gyel Fortress and the Bloodfire Army. The small bit of lore we know thus far is that the Bloodfire Army have a foothold in the Goboro Reef zone and are slowly drying up the zone (thus why there’s so much ‘dry’ land). The Gyel Fortress Concept Art makes it look like a massive furnace.

With the additional knowledge that each zone is in a separate layer and since the Gyel Fortress Concept Art has ice above it – it is possible that the Bloodfire Army’s operations in Goboro Reef are melting parts of Tarken Glacier – thus causing the geysers.

Tarken Glacier Locations

Izbithu’s Demise

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Lake Creature

RIFT 3.0 Izbithu’s Demise Concept Art

Let’s start with a big one – Izbithu’s Demise. Concept Art was shown off for this guy back in July. It’s a 4-headed lake creature that has been frozen in one of the lakes within Tarken Glacier. There is on-going speculation that the mouth in the middle is the entrance to the Glacial Maw dungeon.

Tarken Glacier Wallpaper

Tarken Glacier Wallpaper

A Tarken Glacier ‘wallpaper’ (the bottom part of the Nightmare Tide Page background image) shows off a portion of what Izbithu looks like in-game, as well as other features of the zone such as the fort to the left.

Port Scuddra

Possible Port Scuddra Location

Possible Port Scuddra Location

Port Scuddra is almost guaranteed to be the area in the south-east most portion of the zone. This area has buildings and a wharf/port with 3 ships visible – thus a port.

Possible Port Scuddra Location 2

Possible Port Scuddra Location 2

The above image shows a part of a mini-map compilation created with datamined files a few months back. Some parts of the port have changed, but it gives you an idea of what it looks like. It looks like a port that sits within a relatively ‘narrow’ strip, lodged between two ledges with a rocky, 3-way, overhanging bridge above.

Mount Sharax

Cosmic Mountain 3

RIFT 3.0 Mount Sharax

Mount Sharax, known in datamined files as the ‘Cosmic Mountain’, has produced quite a few datamined files. Mount Sharax itself is the name of a confirmed raid in Nightmare Tide.

Sharax Fortress

Although there’s no visible fortress near Mount Sharax – my guess is that the Sharax Fortress is located in that area. In fact, it could potentially be the ‘underside’ of Mount Sharax which is why it is not visible on the map (much like Hive Kaaz’Gfuu in The Dendrome).

Explanation? Take a look at the Gyel Fortress Concept Art and then at the Izbithu’s Demise Concept Art.

Possible Sharax Fortress Location Comparison

Possible Sharax Fortress Location Comparison. Gyel Fortress + Izbithu Concept Art.

Now take note that Trion have mentioned that “Each layer of the Plane of Water has a different moon in the sky, for each layer is a different dream of the moon“. [r] Could the bottom half of what looks to be a massive iceberg in the sky of Goboro Reef above Gyel Fortress actually be the bottom-half of Mount Sharax?

Of course, the mountain itself may just end up being Sharax Fortress with a portal to the Mount Sharax raid leading to a different area of the mountain.

Tarken Ascent

Possible Tarken Ascent Location

Possible Tarken Ascent Location

‘Ascent’ is usually used to describe mountain climbing. Tarken Ascent is possibly the area just below Mount Sharax. The reasoning would be due to the zig-zag nature of the terrain in that location, indicating that the path towards Mount Sharax is likely a high elevation with multiple slopes up to the mountain’s top.

Ghadaul Tundra

Unknown where exactly Ghadaul Tundra is located; but ‘Ghadual’ (‘u’ and ‘a’ reversed) is some kind of boss or important mob. Trion showed off the following image back in July 14th:

3.0 Nightmare Tide Ghadual the Frenzied

3.0 Nightmare Tide Ghadual the Frenzied

Trion also included the following quote: Ghadual, the Frenzied, will accept offerings before his skelf worships dive into battle in RIFT. [r]

  • Is ‘Ghadaul’ just a typo of ‘Ghadual’? Is ‘Ghadaul’ Ghadual’s twin brother? Are they completely unrelated?
  • ‘Tundra’, in this case, specifically, ‘arctic tundra’ refers to an area where the soil is frozen – there are no trees – and only low-growing plants such as moss exist. [r]

Ghadaul Tundra is likely located in one of the ‘green’ locations along the south of the zone.

The Zoo

The Zoo is a rather odd name for a location in such a cold area like Tarken Glacier. Where it is located and what types of creatures it could contain is unknown. It might contain some creations of nightmare.

Ghar Station Tau

Ghar Station Guesses

Ghar Station Guesses

The third of the Ghar Stations. It is almost 100% the area in the west of Tarken Glacier. The architecture matches. These Stations are possibly an older way to move between the layers of the Plane of Water prior to porticulums.

Temple of Aia/Octus Monastery

Possible Temple or Monastery Location

Possible Temple or Monastery Location

The small, circular building just south of Mount Sharax is likely either Temple of Aia or Octus Monastery. Besides that, there’s not much else to go on except that both are religious or cult-based buildings.

Skarntinn Shelf

‘Shelf’ probably relates to ‘ice shelf’ which are thick floating platforms of ice that float down to a coastline [r]. As for ‘Skarntinn’ – Skarn could relate to the fire dragon in Darkening Deeps – but it is likely more related to the “calcium-bearing silicate” rocks that are “formed at the contact zone between intrusions of granitic magma bodies and carbonate sedimentary rocks” [r].

Adding them up, Skarntinn Shelf could be an area filled with a new type of ore, pushed up to the surface by the machinations of the Bloodfire Army.

Remains of Kamoho

No clue on where the Remains of Kamoho is located, but I might have something for ‘Kamoho’. ‘Kamohoalii’ is a shark god in Hawaiian mythology. Very close name, and the Skelf’s weapons are based on Polynesian culture, which includes Hawaii.

To expand on that, here’s another bit of lore Trion has revealed:

The skelf originally hail from the Komoho ocean, they are pilots to a leviathan avatar of Draum. [r]

It could just be another typo, but Kamoho is similar to Komoho. Kamoho might have been this “leviathan avatar of Draum”.

Prison of the Old Gods

The Prison of the Old Gods is an extremely interesting sounding location that is hopefully filled with twists in the current lore. No real information is given, even on the location of this Prison.

The ‘Old Gods’ might be referring to the Akvan, with their ‘Prison’ being where they ended up after they went into an eternal slumber. It could also be referring to the ‘Gods’ prior to the Dragon Brood. The Sirens’ Songs mentions “before Azdah’s dragon brood, the Akvan ruled through terror”. If ‘Azdah’ created the Dragon Brood (Crucia, Regulos, Greenscale/etc), then does that mean ‘Azdah’ and his elk are the ‘Old Gods’?

Tenebrean Craters

Possible Tenebrean Craters Location

Possible Tenebrean Craters Location

The Tenebrean Craters is possibly located in the west where all the dark-colored circles are located. These look like craters and would be fairly recent (since they aren’t covered in snow).

The Tenebreans first appeared in our lore (and possibly the only time thus far) in the Oracle introduction lore located on the RIFT website here.

From the lore, it sounds like the Tenebreans are either mechanical beings or a race that is intelligent enough to create machines, such as “the Tower, one of the Tenebrean constructs that had laid waste to Telara” in the Oracle’s original reality.

Seeping Basin

Possible Seeping Basin Location

Possible Seeping Basin Location

Seeping Basin could be any of the water areas in the zone. The top-left area could be either “The Big Dig” or “Seeping Basin”.  An ‘endorheic basin‘ looks just like the area in the image above.

Frystfall Trench

Possible Frystfall Trench Location

Possible Frystfall Trench Location

A ‘trench’ is a “depression in the ground that is generally deeper than it is wide”, created “as a result of erosion by rivers or by geological movement of tectonic plates” [r]. Frystfall Trench might be the entire narrow line in the middle of the zone. It looks like this narrow corridor might have been a river that has dried up, originally joining the sea from the opening at the bottom.

Other Locations

Unsteady Expanse – Not much to go on there and it is hard to determine much from the zone other than that there’s frozen lakes dotted here and there as well as some noticeable architecture already accounted for. This could be an area which is highly rocky in nature or has a lot of broken chunks of ice (thus ‘unsteady’) in a relatively large area, (thus ‘expanse’).

Circle of Gryfnill – Not much to go on. Perhaps it’s the red circles in the west of Tarken Glacier.

FARV – No clue. What could it stand for? Frozen Akvan Really Vicious?

DSM13 – Deepstrike Mines 13? Again not much to go on.

The Big Dig – Not much to go on except it could be any of the areas that look ‘dug-out’.

Loddyr Floe – ‘Floe’ is a “sheet of floating ice”. Nothing on ‘Loddyr’.

Tarken Glacier is looking to be quite the expansive zone and may be the answer to those who enjoyed the original Iron Pine Peak zone. More white, more snow and frozen creatures abound.

4th Zone: Myrkur Depths?

Are Goboro Reef, Draumheim and Tarken Glacier the only zones for RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide launch? Perhaps. I’m guessing that the speculated 4th zone, Myrkur Depths, might be added to the game in the future much like Ember Isle for Classic RIFT and The Dendrome for Storm Legion. Here’s what I speculated back in 20th May 2014 Datamining and I still maintain it:

Magelo has a page in their database for it that is likely pulled from the discovery or database files. This 4th zone is highly likely given the 3.0 Whiteboard had a “4 zones” written on it and we only have confirmed: Goboro Reef, Draumheim and Tarken Glacier. Myrkur is also referenced in-game already:

  • The name is mentioned in the Sirens’ Songs in the Ember Isle Underwater content as follow:

    Xezberaii the Akvan; foe of light, enemy of warmth, extinguishers of suns.
    Ancient foes of the moon’s dreams, the Akvan slumber eternally.
    First in the cosmos, nightmare of the moon, nightmare of the dark, Akvan never awake.
    Upon the bone of Myrkur, in the chill of Tarken, the Akvan await the unraveling.
    Before words of creation, before Azdah’s dragon brood, the Akvan ruled through terror.
    Mighty Akvan, sleep one more epoch. Wake not in my lifetime, or that of my descendants.
    [Source: Hardy83]

  • Proteus (the water-based boss in the Tier 2 Raid Planebreaker Bastion) also emotes something along the following:

    How dare you pull me from Myrkur’s depths!
    [Source: Zipsfan]

If Myrkur Depths does become a 4th zone, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up to the right of Draumheim on the map where the Tarken Glacier cuts off.


  • What could FARV stand for?

Want more juicy 3.0 information? Check some of them out here and catch up on 3.0-related articles. Some datamining might quench some of your thirst for what is to come, and the regular PTS updates often reveals new 3.0-related achievements and content coming prior to 3.0.

Don’t forget to check out “Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Goboro Reef” and “Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Draumheim” for an overview of the other known Nightmare Tide Zones.

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4 Comments on “Another Look: 3.0 Locations – Tarken Glacier”

  1. Lefteris
    August 25, 2014 at 11:34 am #

    interesting read. Im also pretty sure Myrkur Depths will come at a later release like EI and Dendrome. 🙂

  2. Onmar
    August 25, 2014 at 10:23 pm #

    If we look at the lyrincs from the song of the siren’s, they say “in the chill of Tarken, the Akvan await the unraveling.”
    Presumably, the prison of the old gods is where they are “sleeping”

    • August 25, 2014 at 10:55 pm #

      That’s definitely what the Prison of the Old Gods is heading towards being. Good point on the Sirens’ Song as well!

  3. November 25, 2014 at 4:17 am #

    So why would there be geysers in a frozen landscape? I take it you never been to Iceland 😉

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