News Tidbits 25th August 2014 – Class Changes Abound

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Some News Tidbits for RIFT on 25th August 2014:

  • Class Changes: Mage Harbinger. Kervik won’t have a major update for Harbinger until after 3.0. However, there may be a smaller update for this week’s hotfix that reduces the cooldown of Empyrean Ascension to 1min (down from 2min) and reduces its duration to 15s (down from 30s). [r]
  • Class Changes: Cleric Warden. Kervik will try to provide more information after working on some Warden quality-of-life changes. Expect some of these to potentially make it out on Live prior to 3.0. No details yet. [r]
  • Class Changes: Cleric Inquisitor: Kervik would like to get some buffs/improvements out for Inquisitors prior to 3.0; no details yet. In the mean-time he has confirmed that he does not want Nysyr’s Rebuke to be a moving channel. However, with this week’s hotfix he is removing the PvP-specific penalty to Nysyr’s Rebuke’s damage (approx 15-25%). Got a suggestion? Throw them into the thread -> [r].
  • About Lag. Dev Pithos confirms they are aware of the lag and looking for problems “both internally and with our internet providers”, although indications are that the servers are working properly. [r] [Update 5:05PM 25th Aug: Operations team found potential issue and fixed it. Might not have fixed all issues though] [r].
  • About Security. Some players have been reporting that their accounts have been accessed without their permission. This may be related to the relatively recent Russian crime ring that collected 1.2 billion username and passwords [r]. Regardless, it is probably a good idea to change passwords; make sure your passwords for different accounts are not the same; and use the RIFT Authenticator. CM Ocho has stated that Trion are “rolling out additional measures probably this week to make all your accounts even safer”. More information will be provided at a later date. [r]
  • Auction House. Ability to sell items directly from bank – something to be worked on after 3.0. [r]

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