RoughRaptors is a new Dev!

RoughRaptors Feature Image

Trion has posted a new “RIFT Behind the Scenes” article for their new dev, RoughRaptors. Some of you may know him as a Warrior Tank who has been in top raiding guilds in RIFT for some time now (and that guy who hands out business cards to people during meet-ups).


  • RoughRaptors will be known as Dev SupermanSocks.
  • RR has been playing RIFT since launch and has many years of RIFT raiding experience, residing currently in the guild -Vendetta- (World First BoB: Greenscale, BoB: Laethys; BoB: Maelforge).
  • RR has currently been working on bug fixes and some new feature implementations.
  • RR mentions he has worked on new “transcendent Dream Orbs that always provide the maximum-possible item stat gain and automatically change based on class and item level”, although he seems to indicate that these are for testing purposes.
  • RR has also created a dev command that instantly teleports a raid to the dev (instead of having to teleport them one at a time) as well as one to instantly kill them all.
  • Also working on a whole bunch of other stuff, including some 3.0 features.

Full article can be found here, and a thread topic found here.

Congratulations to RoughRaptors/Dev SupermanSocks!

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2 Comments on “RoughRaptors is a new Dev!”

  1. August 27, 2014 at 11:05 pm #

    WOW Good news indeed 😀
    Grats RR and Grats Trion 😉

    WOW, RoughRaptors is a new developer in Trion!! Very well done Trion best move ever and grats RR; here’s my point of view on why I am so happy with this news:-

    1-Having a dev who is a hardcore raider means that having someone who tries ALL aspects of the game already and not relying on theories only. And this guy has cleared every single aspect of the game including all bosses in all possible killing way.

    2-This guy is already working on amazing stuff, such as the DreamOrbs that always give MAX STATS on 1st try.

    3-He’s already fixing some issues that we raider are facing.

    So, to sum up. Well done Trion this will really bring an amazing stuff to your already awesome team.

  2. Moiran
    August 28, 2014 at 3:09 am #

    THose orbs are developer tool if I read this correctly – although would be an idea for a very popular shop item 😛 – how close that would be to P2W I don’t want to guess lol

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