News Tidbits 29th August 2014 – Trion at PAX + 3.0 Water Jumping Gif

Some News Tidbits for RIFT on 29th August 2014:

  • Water Jumping Vine. MikeD shows off a Water Jumping Vine to show how in 3.0 there will be increased jumping height when leaving bodies of water. This is likely in response to annoyances over trying to get to slightly raised land masses when jumping out of the water. You can check out the vine here. (if the page doesn’t load, try a different browser). Or check out the .gif I created below (much lower quality and color):Water JumpingThe jump height from leaving water is much higher than on live. You can see the massive Gyel Fortress in the background. Given the location of Gyel Fortress and the fact there’s water – this is possibly located around Rust Harbor.
  • Shadows – Marigold confirms work and revision is being done on the shadow system. [r]

Trion @ PAX Prime: Trion is currently at PAX Prime. Join the “Trion Community Party” at 7PM PDT on Friday, August 29th at W Hotels (Seattle) in Seattle, Washington. Info on the event as well as what panels Trion will be at can be found here.

RIFT PAX Prime 2014_2

Trion Worlds Studio 2 & 3 @ PAX Prime

If you’re at PAX Prime, Trion Worlds is at Studio 2 & 3 on the 2nd Floor Gaming Center from 10AM to 4PM today!

Also make sure you check out Community Manager’s Scapes and Ocho’s panels:

RIFT PAX Prime 2014_1

Simon shows off RIFT @ PAX Prime

Here’s a shot of Dead Simon showing off RIFT to the media (and Link). Close inspection shows what could potentially be the Minion UI Window on the smaller screen and Tarken Glacier on the larger screen. The very top of the large screen looks like there’s a mechanical hand.

Trion has mentioned there will be a “very special announcement” made during the Trion Community Party (7-10PM PDT Friday) so stay tuned for that! As to any hints on what that special announcement is – it looks like it might not be a ‘single’ announcement:

Perhaps ArcheAge Release Date + RIFT 3.0 Expansion Release Date? We’ll just have to wait for someone at the Trion Community Party tonight to tweet it out for us!

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One Comment on “News Tidbits 29th August 2014 – Trion at PAX + 3.0 Water Jumping Gif”

  1. Darknesian
    August 30, 2014 at 6:45 am #

    In the video (not “vine”), that almost looks inspired by the Space Jockey from Alien.

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