Tip: Save up Nightmare Coast Quests

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If you haven’t already completed and turned in the quests for the normal Level 60-63 Nightmare Coast dungeon, then don’t. Do these quests but hold onto them for an extra boost when 3.0 hits.

To grab the quests, speak to The Faceless Man NPC at the start of Nightmare Coast. He appears shortly after the Sinister Presence stops his monologue. (attack the Sinister Presence before he finishes his monologue for an achieve!)

  • They are Level 62 quests so are unlikely to end up getting reduced experience when 3.0 hits.
  • These are turn-in-at-NPC quests. They therefore don’t take up a Daily quest limit slot (limit 30; 40 for patron) or a Reward Icon slot (limit 10).
  • You can turn them into The Faceless Man NPC at the start of Nightmare Coast without needing a group.
  • Turn them in when your exp vial is about to run out to maximize benefit!

Haven’t gone through the Nightmare Coast dungeon yet? Pull up a group and give it a go, or if you aren’t confident enough, all three quests + carnage quest can be completed before the first boss.

Check out RiftGrate’s guide to the Nightmare Coast dungeon if you are having trouble with any of the mechanics of the boss fights or check out the “Mini-Events before Hydal Ithral” section of the Hydal Ithral guide for information on each quest.

Note: If you plan on completing the carnage quest, it might be a good idea to wait until just before 3.0 so you don’t end up being forced to consume it due to other rewards pushing you over the 10-reward limit.

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One Comment on “Tip: Save up Nightmare Coast Quests”

  1. Takame
    September 2, 2014 at 12:44 am #

    Rats. Didn’t think of that when I went to Nightmare Coast on the day of its launch.

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