Tip: Capped on Conquest Marks? Get an 150% Mount!

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So there’s only a few weeks left until RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide launches. You’re maxed out on Warlord’s Marks of Conquest and there’s really not much you are using Favor on besides PvP consumables at this point.

Chances are extremely high that when 3.0 hits, Conquest will be temporarily removed (like they did with Storm Legion) until a decent amount of players hit the new level cap of 65. At that point, there will likely be a new type of Mark of Conquest and ‘Warlord’s Marks of Conquest’ will not be relevant for the new level cap.

If you ever plan on getting an alt or you just want another mount, consider getting the PvP Conquest Mounts available under RIFT Store (default key “]“) -> PvP -> Mounts. They cost 8,000 Warlord’s Marks of Conquest and 250,000 Favor:

Conquest Mounts

Left: Eldritch Vanguard; Right: Noble Guard – White Tiger Mounts.

  • Eldritch Vanguard White Tiger Mount
  • Noble Guard White Tiger Mount

They’re Level 60 so your alt will still need to be 60, but they are Bound to Account and “increases movement speed by 150% or matches the speed of your fastest mount.”

If your main or alt doesn’t have an 150% mount – the above Conquest mounts would be a relatively cheap way to obtain one if you want to avoid paying platinum, Credits or 200x Lucky Coins (200 artifact sets) for the other 150% mounts.

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