News Tidbits 3rd September 2014

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A decent amount of news today; News Tidbits for RIFT on 3rd September 2014:

  • RIFT wins “Best Show”’s PAX Prime Award. Congratulations to Trion Worlds on getting the “Best Show” Award for PAX Prime! [r]
  • Nightmare Tide Digital Editions Announced. Digital Editions are now available for purchase on the Trion/RIFT website. Some items will be sent to your mail right now – no need to wait for 3.0. Check out our compilation here.
  • Upgrade Item for Mounts like Crocnard. Daglar reiterated that there will be an upgrade item available in the future to upgrade certain mounts like your Crocnard to become Amphibious (water + land). Interestingly, he notes that they have “yet to determine how this item will be obtained.” [r]
  • Tier 2 Epic to Tier 3 Relic+: With the latest hotfix and the Digital Editions, there’s now an easy method to go from Tier 2 Epic mark Armor to ‘Dragon Slayer’ gear, which is better than Tier 3 ‘Blood Storm’ Relics. More information here.
  • PTS Update: New Minions NPCs. There are now two Minions NPCs – one questgiver, one vendor – in Tempest Bay on the Public Test Shard. [r] These are available to non-testers, but you can’t access the Minions UI.
  • Minions Custom Name. Gingers has confirmed that current plans are to allow players to customise their Minions’ names. [r]
  • New Nightmare Tide Dimension Kits: There’s a whole heap of new Dimension Kits related to Nightmare Tide. These are: Coral Landscaping; Shell Village; Shipwreck; Scaffolding Ring; and Scaffolding Kits. Feendish has an informative article with screenshots up at The Dimension Touring Company.
New Nightmare Tide Dimension Kits

New Nightmare Tide Dimension Kits. Prices assumed to be placeholder.


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