PTS Update: Minions NPC in Tempest Bay

Minions NPC Feature Image

Two Minions NPCs has appeared in Tempest Bay. It is unsure whether it has been there since the last PTS Update (25th August 2014) or whether it has come up just recently.

Thanks to Slipmat for informing me of this addition!

The NPCs are not tester-restricted, although you cannot access the Minion UI window that they showed off during PAX.

RIFT Minions NPC Location Tempest Bay

RIFT Minions NPC Location Tempest Bay

Traz Gajni and Stofie. They are located opposite of the Dreamweaver Trainer and Dimension Key NPC in Tempest Bay.

RIFT Minions NPC Vendor and Quests

Minions Starter Quest + Vendor

Traz Gajni provides a very short quest to talk to Stofie, who is right next to her. This rewards you with the Minion Card: Stofie (looks like a prawn/shrimp/lobster). Unfortunately, although non-testers can consume the card, we do not have access to the Minions UI window (since it’s 3.0 content).

Stofie – the other npc – sells Quetzie, Oblivia, Jasper, Carmine and Ivy Minion Cards. They’re currently 1 platinum or 10 Credits each. Clearly placeholder values.

From what we know of thus far, Minions can be gained in a variety of ways, including via mob loot so vendor purchase won’t be the only method.

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