Upgrade to Tier 3 available now

Dream Walker Feature Image

With the latest hotfix and the introduction of Nightmare Tide Digital Editions, you can now upgrade your Epic Tier 2 Mark Armor to Tier 3.

Tier 2 Epic to Tier 2 Relic

RIFT Upgrade T2 Epic to T2 Relic

RIFT Upgrade T2 Epic to T2 Relic

First up, the recent hotfix has removed the “Heart of the Planebreaker” requirement, leaving only the Empyreal Marauder’s Large Cell requirement.

  • Empyreal Marauder’s Large Cell costs 3,900 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks under RIFT Store -> Equipment -> Upgrade Parts.
  • Empyreal Slayer’s Marks are gained in:
    • Random Expert Dungeon
    • Weekly Dendrome Weeklies
    • Tier 1 Raid Bosses
    • Tier 1 Raid Weeklies
    • Chronicles, including Hardmode Boss chests
    • Random chance from lockboxes

Tier 2 Relic to Tier 3 Relic

RIFT Upgrade to Dream Walker

RIFT Upgrade to Dream Walker

And here’s the upgrade from Tier 2 Relic to Tier 3 Relic, called “Dream Walker”. These cost Void Source Accelerators. As the tooltip states, this upgrade item should be available at the World Gear merchant when 3.0 hits (currently not in Tempest Bay’s World Gear merchant).

The only way to obtain one of these Void Source Accelerators at present is to purchase the Infusion or Ultimate Nightmare Digital Editions of the Nightmare Tide expansion*. The Infusion Edition only gives 2x Void and the Ultimate Nightmare Edition gives 6x.

Note: Nightmare Tide expansion is free; the Digital Editions provide additional benefits.

Costs for each gear slot are as follows:

  • Boots, Gloves and Belt: 2x Void Source Accelerators
  • Helm and Shoulders: 4x Void Source Accelerators
  • Chest and Legs: 6x Void Source Accelerators

(Thanks to Rhyladri for the cost information!)

Tier 3 to Tier 3

Alternatively, you can go from Tier 3 “Blood Storm” Relic mark Armor and upgrade it with 2x Void Source Accelerators (available from Infusion or Ultimate Nightmare Editions) to Tier 3 “Dream Walker” Relic mark Armor.

Comparison between Blood Storm and Dream Walker

RIFT Upgrade Comparison Blood Storm Dream Walker

RIFT Upgrade Comparison. Dream Walker is the new Relic.

As shown above, it seems this ‘Dream Walker’ is better than Tier 3 Relics. So if you are willing to purchase the Ultimate Nightmare Digital Edition for $149.99, you can get yourself the upgrade now.

Alternatively if you can get Tier 3 “Blood Storm” Relic mark Armor pieces, you only need half the Void Source Accelerators.

Cost for Tier 3 “Blood Storm” to Tier 3 “Dream Walker” as follows:


  • Boots, Gloves and Belt: 1x Void Source Accelerators
  • Helm and Shoulders: 2x Void Source Accelerators
  • Chest and Legs: 3x Void Source Accelerators

(Thanks to Rhyladri for the cost information!)


For everyone else – since the tooltip on the Void Source Accelerators state that they are available from the World Gear merchant, we’ll probably have to wait until the 3.0 expansion launch to obtain these using (likely) in-game currency.

If you have Tier 2 Epics, it might be time to farm Empyreal Slayer’s Marks again so you can get Tier 2 Relics, and then upgrade to these new “Dream Walker” Tier 3 Relics once 3.0 hits.

Daglar’s Response:

Executive Producer of RIFT, Bill “Daglar” Fisher, has responded to complaints about this being Pay2Win or a step in the wrong direction:

We thought long and hard about pre-releasing the items that we did. I very much expected to see at least a few threads claiming that this is pay to win and yet another step on the slippery slope.

My thoughts are pretty straight forward on the matter: The expansion is weeks away. The raid tier has been defeated – the major race is over. While the only way to earn these items today is by purchasing a digital CE they are available by playing Nightmare Tide when it is released.

By allowing people to upgrade their existing gear early, we can further encourage people to keep playing the existing content for a bit longer – or in some cases – take an actual crack at it with slightly better gear than they had before.

You may choose to disagree with my reasoning as is your right, but there it is.


[Source: Daglar]

What are your thoughts? Whether positive or negative, have yours heard through the thread here. [Update: Thread is now closed].

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5 Comments on “Upgrade to Tier 3 available now”

  1. Takame
    September 4, 2014 at 3:18 am #

    I don’t mind. As Daglar says, the race is over. I only care about getting a few last cracks at the bosses before Nightmare Tide hits, and get some good gear to tackle new challenges in the Plane of Water.

    Still, I don’t think I’ll buy these special editions just to get some relic quality gear. I think I will buy one but not for those reasons. 😛

  2. blr
    September 4, 2014 at 4:01 am #

    I destroyed every single piece of Rift walker gear when I obtained T3 upgrade… great…

    • Dood
      September 4, 2014 at 2:53 pm #

      If your a raider t3 the bosses drop stuff to upgrade your relic t3 into greater than relic quality gear(transcended) with effort it’s still better by far. But reasoning behind this is. People are impatient so are more than likely to fork out money for top gear than to grind. But being in top gear doesn’t make you a winner it’s always about skills. Many players who buy gear with $$ are crap players and have next to no skill /knowledge of their toons. I call it sheer laziness. But an option is an option I don’t disagree with trion/daglars choice.

  3. September 8, 2014 at 8:20 pm #

    Yeah Dood, but you need those crap players’ $$ to fund the game you enjoy. Otherwise, I agree to the lack of skill.

  4. September 8, 2014 at 8:21 pm #

    Also, atm, you need some for or raid gear to upgrade like tier 2 epic to upgrade.

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