New Lore: Goboro Reef Preview + Akvan Tiroyogo

Goboro Reef Feature Image

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Trion Worlds has added two new lore/preview pieces on the RIFT website:


Exploring Goboro Reef Part 1: Getting Your Feet Wet contains information on Goboro Reef, including:

  • Luminous Passage is the first area you arrive in. Filled with “hidden nooks, stunning surprises, and creatures dying to make your acquaintance”. Skelf and mermaids abound.
  • Mermaids of Atragaria rule kingdom under the sea. Vanishing ocean threatens Atragarian Well.
  • Finric is the last of a clutch of Skelf eggs you will rescue. His survival will affect the entire Plane of Water.
  • You will help the Atragarian Arethea stop Grenk, a skelf residing in the Grotto of Horror who is out to threaten Atragaria.

Tales of the Deep: Akvan Tiroyogo contains lore information on Grenk and (briefly) Akvan Tiroyogo:

  • Grenk is a female skelf – an outcast from the Atragarian Well where “no morayans had been eaten in years”. She intends to sacrifice Goboro Reef to the Akvan.
  • Salblet is another skelf looking to join Grenk’s school of fish. He has a ‘vision’ stone shoved into his forehead that foretells the Bloodfire Army’s invasion and the emergence of the Ascended from the Infinity Gate. He also sees a glimpse of Akvan Tiroyogo. Convincing himself that being enslaved by the Akvan is better than the vision he sees, he decides to become a “thrall of Shikolec”.
  • It sounds like each Skelf ‘pod’ makes a pact with a leviathan. [Interestingly we’ve had leviathans mentioned before in a twitter post by RIFT: “The skelf originally hail from the Komoho ocean, they are pilots to a leviathan avatar of Draum”.]
  • There is a ‘spout’ that pierces the ‘sky’. It carries the current towards a moon that is referred to as Draum.


You can also check out the other two Tales of the Deep articles added previously:

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2 Comments on “New Lore: Goboro Reef Preview + Akvan Tiroyogo”

  1. Trellarian
    September 4, 2014 at 11:18 pm #

    So it is not the Bloodfire that are making the water vanish. It is the moon ‘Draum’ that is siphoning the water back out of the plane of water. The moon seems to symbolize a higher being (Draum) whose dreams created the plane of water in the first place and this ‘Draum’ is now being disturbed somehow. The Bloodfire just invaded the now dry areas in the plane of water.

    • September 4, 2014 at 11:26 pm #

      There seems to be conflict as to who is draining the water. I think it’s actually both – Draum’s nightmares are probably siphoning water out of Goboro Reef from the spout, but the Bloodfire Army seems to also be flamescaping the place as well. Perhaps the Bloodfire Army are just speeding up what Draum is doing.

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