News Tidbits 4th September 2014

General Water Rift Feature Image

Quite a bit of News Tidbits have popped up for RIFT on 4th September 2014 thanks to all the hubbub over the Nightmare Tide Digital Editions:

  • Current gear relevance in 3.0: Current Tier 3 Raid Gear in 3.0 seems ‘likely’ to be enough for experts and entry-level raiding in 3.0, although “not a hard fact, just somewhat informed speculation” by CM Ocho. [r] However, this is not 100% finalized. [r]
  • Digital Edition discount for Patrons? Player BlackZodiac suggested providing Patrons with a discount for the Nightmare Tide Digital Editions. CM Ocho has stated he would mention it to the team, although there’s no ETA or solid confirmation. [r]
  • Digital Edition Pricing: Daglar explains that prices are higher in UK and EU due to the inclusion of VAT (“Value-Added Tax“). [r]
  • No plans to sell Instant 60 consume outside of packs. Daglar confirms. [r]
  • New information for dimensioneers: Ocho has stated that new stuff will be shown off in a future livestream (no ETA provided). He also mentioned that Trion will be doing a lot of livestreaming over the next several weeks, although chances are this includes ArcheAge, Defiance and Trove, which all have major releases/changes coming in within the next month. [r]
  • Daglar reveals new currency: Daglar has revealed that you will be able to obtain Void Accelerators (upgrade pieces) in 3.0 with in-game currency called Void Stones. These Void Stones will act like Infinity Stones, but for Nightmare Tide. [r]
  • Cleric Inquisitor Changes: Kervik has made a post stating that Cleric Inquisitor changes are top of his priority list for non-3.0 class changes. He’ll post more as soon as he puts a list together. [r]
  • PTS: Warrior Reaver Changes: PTS has been updated with the initial batch of changes to the Warrior Reaver Soul to turn it from a Tank soul to a DPS soul. Details here.

    Vladd has also stated that the present version of Sinister Intent in the latest PTS update will be changed to “increases the initial damage of Soul Sickness, Necrotic Wounds and Soul Sickness by 30%”. This change will be up on the PTS in the next update. [r]

  • PTS: Minions UI Up: A heavy WIP version of the Minions UI is up on the PTS. A more useable and polished version is expect to be up next week. [r] You can check out screenshots of the new UI here.


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