RIFT 2.8 Hotfix #7

Hotfix Feature Image

Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 2.8 Hotfix #7 as at 2:30PM PDT on 4th September 2014 (NA) and 1:00AM GMT on 5th September 2014 (EU). ~122MB update.


  • RIFT Store: Fixed issue with wishlists.
  • Bindings of Blood:
    • Boss reset errors fixed.
    • Bindings of Blood Bosses now drop THREE Soul of the Bloodstorm on kill.
    • Known issue with Greenscale only dropping one soul. Have your guild petition Customer Support and ask them to send to the players you choose.

RIFT 2.8 Hot Fix #7 – 09/04/14

* Fixed a problem with wishlists.


* Corrected the boss reset error players were experiencing in various T3 encounters.
* Triple your pleasure, triple your fun! The Bindings of Blood Bosses now drop three Soul of the Bloodstorm each time they are defeated!
– Known Issue: There is a known issue with Greenscale causing him to only drop one soul. However, your Raid Leader can petition in to Customer Support and request they be added to the appropriate players.
* Souls of the Bloodstorm should no longer have issues with stacking and master looting.

Originally Posted by CM Morgana on 4th SEPTEMBER 2014

You can check out previous patch notes here.

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