RIFT News Tidbits 5th September 2014

Nightmare Tide Feature Image

Another onslaught of information pertaining to Nightmare Tide was released today by Trion. Check them out below:


  • Interactive Dimension Items Bug. Faratha is aware of the bug and is trying to fix it. [r]
  • Livestream Summary: You can check out a summary of the 5th September 2014’s Trion Livestream here where Trion goes over the Nightmare Tide Digital Editions and answers some common questions about the packs.
  • RIFT Livestream Schedule: Gingers has posted a schedule for the next few RIFT-related Trion Friday Livestreams, as per below:
    • 12th September 3PM PDT: Minions, Dimensions and Crafting in 3.0. [r]
    • 24th September (time unknown): PvP in 3.0. [r]

More 3.0 Beta Key Giveaways

  • RIFT Youtube 3.0 Giveaways. Youtuber The Wocky has organized a whole bunch of RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide Beta Key Codes that are being given away by fellow RIFT Youtubers. Keep an eye out on their channel for their giveaways!:
  • The Wocky is also giving away an extra 3.0 Beta Key to a random person who replies in his thread with their charactername@shardname.
  • Kiwi is giving away 2x 3.0 Beta Keys for those who follow some comment and Twitch instructions you can find here.

Check out RiftGrate’s Unofficial RIFT Event Calendar for more 3.0 Beta Key Giveaways, contests and Rift-related events!

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Conquest Power/Perks Removed. Daglar has reminded players that Conquest Power/Perks will be completely removed in 3.0. These bonuses will be completely removed and Conquest will “not [be] coming back in any form resembling CQ power”. [r]
  • Digital Edition can be bought multiple times. Daglar confirms that you can purchase the digital edition multiple times. [r] (In fact, I saw someone in-game with Dream Walker’s on all slots that can be upgraded to this; both dps and tank gear).
  • Daglar on Boosts in 3.0: Daglar has confirmed that there are “no plans currently to change how the vials function” for Rift Store Boosts (+% exp, notoriety/etc). [r] That said, they are changing the way Random Dungeon and Random Warfront quests are rewarded – prior to 3.0 these will no longer be placed in your reward icon stack; they will be auto-rewarded upon completion (so you can’t stack prior to 3.0). [r]
  • Daglar on Current Lockboxes – No Scaling to 65: Daglar has confirmed that the current lockboxes will not scale to the new levels (61-65). There will be new versions of the various boxes that will scale to 65. Older (current) lockboxes will be labeled “Legacy” or something similar to clearly differentiate the two. [r]
  • Planar Attunement Extension: Planar Attunement will “likely” be extended some time after 3.0 launch. [r]
  • More on Mentoring Up: 3.0 adds mentoring up, where you are able to – as the name implies – mentor up to a higher level so that you can participate in higher-level zones, dungeons and other activities. Daglar has confirmed that – whilst mentored up – you gain experience that reflects your actual level, not your mentored level. [r]
  • More on Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye: Both Daglar and Gingers have confirmed that the Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye is slightly blacker than Exceptionally Black Dye. It is – as the name implies – unlimited, with no cooldown. [r] [r] The Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye is available to those who purchase the Ultimate Nightmare Digital Edition.
  • PTS: Further Warrior Reaver Changes: Vladd has announced some preliminary changes/fixes to the Warrior Reaver soul based on the overhaul to the soul on the PTS that was added in yesterday. Details of the overhaul to Reaver from a Tank to DPS spec can be found here. Changes are as follows: [r] [r]
    • Vladd will be taking a look at the Turn the Blade/Infestation interaction.
    • Infestation is currently set to increase damage by 45% per DoT on the Reaver. This ability is currently stacking for all DoTs. This will be fixed so that it only increases damage for each Reaver DoT on the target.
    • Taking a look at the issue of power starvation in the soul. Part of the fix is the removal of the oGCD attribute for Stumbling Morass and Dire Corruption.
  • Second Porticulum in Tempest Bay: Tacitus has announced that a second porticulum that they planned on placing in Tempest Bay closer to the Craft Station area will be delayed until 3.0. [r] For those wondering why a second porticulum would be added that might become obsolete when 3.0 hits, it is because 3.0 will not have a new city hub – we will still be using Tempest Bay. Draumheim has a massive city in the middle, but it does not have the features of existing cities (like auctioneer, craft trainers/etc).

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3 Comments on “RIFT News Tidbits 5th September 2014”

  1. Takame
    September 6, 2014 at 2:07 am #

    Aww. I wanted a new capital city.

  2. Riftwalker
    September 6, 2014 at 2:56 pm #

    That would have been a very bad idea,Tempest Bay would have become a ghost city,everyone would be hurrying to Draumheim.

  3. Hakuren
    September 8, 2014 at 5:53 am #


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