Livestream Summary: 5th September 2014

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Trion had their 5th September 2014 Friday Livestream where they talked about the Nightmare Tide Digital Collector’s Editions (“DEs”) as well as briefly on PAX Prime.

Click here for a replay of the 5th September Friday Livestream video on

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Trion had their 5th September 2014 Friday Livestream with Livestreamer “Cole” Marshall, Community Manager Eric “Ocho” Cleaver,  Lead Content Designer Mike “MikeD” Daugherty and Executive Producer Bill “Daglar” Fisher.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

3.0: Nightmare Tide Digital Editions

The Livestream was primarily concentrated on talking about the three Nightmare Tide Digital Collector’s Editions (“DEs”).

They briefly went over some of the items so I would advise anyone who wants to know full details to check them out here.

  • You can purchase multiple DE packs.
  • Dream Souls are not in the packs because the souls have been out for a long time so many players won’t need them. Also, it prevents a whole heap of refund tickets for players who already have the souls.

Livestream Schedule

On the RIFT forums, Trion has included information on two 3.0-related livestreams to look forward to:

  • 12th September 1:30PM PDT: Minions, Dimensions and Crafting in 3.0. [r]
  • 24th September 1:30PM PDT: PvP in 3.0. [r]

Make sure to check them out over at Trion’s Twitch channel (and be sure to follow them) for more information, as well as potential giveaways at the end of each livestream.

Further Information on NT DE Items

Earring Slots

  • Two earring slots. These are stats; no cosmetic appearance.
  • The Digital Edition packs will provide account-wide unlocks of both slots.
  • They are earnable in-game with Void Stones (like Infinity Stones, but for Nightmare Tide content). In-game-earned Earring slots are a per-character unlock.

Manugo League Membership

  • A type of notoriety for purchasing certain gear.
  • Manugo Store: “Definitely will be stuff you want on that store” – Daglar.
  • You can earn notoriety even without the membership, but at a slower rate.
  • “Manugo” is an actual mini-game within RIFT about ‘pushing numbers higher’. There’s daily quests involved and apparently it can be played in a group.

Planewalker: Water Attunement

Allows you to equip certain pieces of gear in Nightmare Tide.

  • About 10-15% of Nightmare Tide items will require this attunement.
  • The Planewalker: Water Attunement can be purchases with either Void Stones or 3.0 Dungeon Stones.
  • Account-wide unlock if you purchase a DE pack.

Instant Level 60 Consume

  • You can use this consume on any character (as long as they are not 60 or above).
  • You will receive gear along with becoming Level 60. This gear according to Daglar “is standard Level 60 gear” and won’t be better than Level 60 dungeon gear.
  • You will also have a couple of tradeskills maxed out (to 375; Grandmaster level). No details on whether these are your current active tradeskills or some random combination.
  • The Instant Level 60 Consumable is tradeable to other players.

Additional Bank Vault Slot

  • This is exclusive to DE packs (Infusion/Ultimate Nightmare Editions). Does not stack (if you purchase multiple DEs).

Aquatic Dimension Pack

  • Dimension items are massive. Rusted Metal Ship is huge.

Nightmare Portrait

Nightmare Portrait Eyes

Nightmare Portrait Eyes

  • A Nightmare character portrait frame. The top-left and bottom-right eyeballs move.
  • [To be honest it is kind of cheap-looking at present. The graphics might not be polished, but when Cole enlarged the portrait, the eyes’ iris basically just shifts position to various spots. The ‘reflection’ doesn’t move, so it doesn’t look at all realistic.]

Additional Minion Slot

  • You will receive a second minion slot as well as an exclusive Bloop Minion.
  • Minion Slots require Credits to unlock. Done to prevent players from creating hundreds of accounts and sending a ton of minions to collect gathering mats/articles/etc.

Shimmering Nightmare Orb

An Infinite-use Dream Orb.

  • Daglar does not know actual item level, but the “intent was – it’s not as good as the existing ones (dream orbs) or future ones”. It’s just for convenience. [i.e. it won’t be a replacement for current and future dream orbs. Just something to use for leveling or when you’re replacing gear within a short time-frame.]

Void Source Accelerators

  • Void Source Accelerators upgrade 3.0 World Gear. They also currently upgrade Mark/Store Armor-based Tier 2 Relics and Tier 3 Relics to Tier 3 Dream Walker Relics. (T2 upgrade path requires 4x Voids; T3 upgrade path requires 2x Voids).
  • Earned in-game through Void Stones (like Infinity Stones, but for Nightmare Tide) when 3.0 hits.
  • Next time something like BiS upgrade with $ occurs like the current Dream Walker gear will probably be just before RIFT 4.0. They are not going to do something like this again in-between that time. [i.e. They won’t have $-based Tier 2 gear before Tier 2 Level 65 comes out.]

Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators

  • Used to upgrade Level 65 dungeon gear.

Delving Diver’s Helm

Delving Diver's Hat Skin

Delving Diver’s Helm Skin

A helm of a diver. Costume piece.

  • MikeD stated that these helms are used by a faction in Nightmare Tide called The Ghar. They are beings that live and work in the Plane of Water and all of them wear this helm.

Cobalt Thresher Mount

Cobalt Thresher Mount 2

The Cobalt Thresher Mount is an exclusive mount to the Ultimate Nightmare Digital Edition Pack. It is an Amphibious mount so it can move both on land and in the water.

  • Other Thresher Mounts will be made available in the future. No information on how to obtain.
  • Upgrade items to make some of the existing mounts Amphibious will be made available in RIFT 3.0. Daglar stated they are not 100% sure on how they will want players to obtain this upgrade but that it will probably involve Credits.

Abyssal Satchel 36 Slot Bag

The Abyssal Satchel is a 36-slot bag. Unique Equip.

Dimension: Shadow Scion

A Dimension Key for a nightmarish version of Shadow Scion.

  • MikeD stated that the key was based on a nightmarish version of Shadow Scion.
  • Lord Arak has created a nightmare of multiple versions of Port Scion that have been corrupted by the death of Regulos. In-game, you will fight a couple of Regulos’ (Reguli?).

Planewalker’s Call

Planewalker’s Call allows you to summon an entire group of players to you. Cooldown is 1 hour.

Prefix Title: Planewalker

Obtain the prefix title: “Planewalker”

Nightmare Cosmetic Weapons

RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Weapons Concept Art

Nightmare Cosmetic Weapons: one for swords and one for staves. Unknown which ones at this point.

These are also earnable in-game.

Unlimited Nightmare Black Dye

A reusable, unlimited use dye. Although Daglar stated in the livestream that the color of the dye was the same as the Exceptionally Black Dye, Daglar and Gingers reconfirmed on the forums that it is a slightly blacker dye than Exceptionally Black Dye. [r]

Combat Pet Skin: Abyssal Crab

Abyssal Crab Combat Pet Skin

Abyssal Crab Combat Pet Skin

Abyssal Crab Combat Pet Skin 2

Abyssal Crab Combat Pet Skin 2. Note: Image not indicative of actual size.

Available immediately, this gives you a new combat skin to make your combat pet look like an Abyssal Crab.


Mentoring Up in Nightmare Tide

In Nightmare Tide you can mentor up. Today’s livestream briefly went over some more information about mentoring up

  • With just a click on your portrait, you can match whoever is the highest level in your party. – Daglar
  • If the highest level player in your party mentors down, you will also mentor down to their level. – Daglar

Further information can be found in our RIFT 3.0 Compilation Page.

Livestream Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

Ducklar Companion Pet

  • 1x Ducklar companion pet to 5 livestream viewers.
  • 1x Nightmare Tide Ultimate Edition Pack to 1 lucky livestream viewer!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Livestream Summary 5th September 2014 Livestreamer Pic

(From Left to Right: Cole, MikeD, Daglar and Ocho)

Quote of the Stream:

“Mike’s mic is not up to mike” – Daglar

A bit more information was given for all three Nightmare Tide Digital Edition Packs. If you’re interested in full details, check them out here.

Don’t forget to join in for future RIFT Livestreams with the recent schedule:

  • 12th September 1:30PM PDT: Minions, Dimensions and Crafting in 3.0. [r]
  • 24th September 1:30PM PDT: PvP in 3.0. [r]

You can check out other Nightmare Tide Content information we’ve compiled here, or delve a little deeper and read up on all the latest Nightmare Tide-related articles here.

Past Livestream Summaries can be accessed here.

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  1. Lefteris
    September 6, 2014 at 4:59 am #

    is these a duck companion pet in game i see in the last photo?
    I only know about the human pet weating a duck mask, not an actual duck…its from 3.0?

    • September 6, 2014 at 5:01 am #

      I think it’s a critter although a duck companion pet coming in 3.0 wouldn’t be too farfetched.

    • September 15, 2014 at 8:15 am #

      *claws at screen* NEED DUCK

    • September 15, 2014 at 8:21 am #

      There’s still 3 RIFT livestreams scheduled in the next 8-9 days! You still have a chance! :O

  2. Bellamy
    September 10, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

    4 what class is that great pet? *__*

    • September 10, 2014 at 1:23 pm #

      the crab? Any melee pet can use the crab skin.

    • Mirandiral
      September 16, 2014 at 2:53 pm #

      Need ranged crab pet, lol.

  3. Bryan
    September 10, 2014 at 1:32 pm #

    Can’t get it to download

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