PTS Datamining for 4th September 2014

Datamining 4th September 2014 Feature Image

A large ~1.53GB PTS Update hit on 4th September 2014 that included the Minions UI, Earring Slots and Warrior Reaver Soul Changes . You can find out more details on in-game additions to the PTS here.

Below you can find information on the datamined files that came with this update:


  • Interesting Data Files: mounts that swim; Doopah critter; ‘water hellbug’.
  • Models and Skins: Goldfish Mount skin; Ice Giant skins; Nightmare Caterpillar; Penguins; Bulrock; Akylios fountain; Port Scion models; Flags; Onir Powersource Tanks; Tarken Glacier Moon; The Cosmos; More Weapon Models/Skins.
  • New Icons: Dimension; ‘hook’; rifle parts; oculons; two new portrait frames and more.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

First up, there’s a ton of minimap files that may indicate a more polished or updated version of the Nightmare Tide zones. A lot of models previously datamined have potentially been given a round of polish and small changes to files (such as lighting and shadows) may have caused entire files to be re-downloaded.

Interesting Data Files

There’s a couple of interesting data filenames with this recent datamine.

Mounts that Can Swim

  • anim\mount\swim\move\asset\elf_male_mount_murdantix_swim_move_backward.kf
  • anim\mount\swim\idle\asset\elf_male_mount_hellbug_swim_idle.kf
  • anim\mount\swim\move\asset\elf_male_mount_doopah_swim_move_forward.kf
  • anim\mount\swim\idle\asset\elf_male_mount_floating_stormlegion_swim_idle.kf
  • anim\mount\swim\move\asset\elf_male_mount_hellbug_swim_move_backward.kf
  • anim\mount\swim\move\asset\elf_male_mount_crocnard_swim_move_forward.kf

A couple more animation files that seems to indicate some more mounts that can be upgraded to the Amphibious mount classification. Murdantix-type mounts, Hellbug, ‘Doopah’, ‘Floating Storm Legion’, ‘Hellbug’ and ‘Crocnard’.

Floating Storm Legion is clearly the Cyclone-type mount.

Doopah is one we’ve datamined before and I assumed it was the Tartagon mount, but under a different name. With this latest PTS Update comes this rig:

RIFT Doopah Critter Rig

Does that look like the Tartagon, two-headed turtle mount? It’s possible – the ‘x’ could be its legs and the two prongs at the bottom could be its heads. Interesting to see that it now has a critter version. Mini-tartagons incoming? Perhaps it’s to help introduce some lore so that we can explain where Tartagons come from (since they don’t appear anywhere else in Telara).

Hammerknell Harbor


There’s some files for Hammerknell Fortress. It’s either bug fixes for Bindings of Blood: Akylios, or it is potentially adjustments for the introduction of Raid Zone Instant Adventures in 3.0.

Water Hellbug


I bunch of water hellbug claw meshes were found. Originally this would have been quite interesting, however I now suspect these files are for the Abyssal Crab Combat Skin you get in the Nightmare Tide Digital Edition Packs.

Abyssal Crab Combat Pet Skin 2

Abyssal Crab Combat Pet Skin.

That thing definitely looks like it uses the hellbug skeleton, although there’s clearly been a lot of extra work done on it. The above image of the Abyssal Crab Combat Pet Skin has been scaled up considerably by Trion Livestreamer Cole during a recent livestream so it isn’t indicative of the size of the combat pet skin.

That said, we could end up seeing these Abyssal Crabs as mobs in 3.0.

Sea of Dreams Armor Skins

There’s a few Sea of Dreams Armor skins for various gear pieces. Not showing them here as you can get a complete idea of what they look like from the Concept Art here.

Models and Skins

A whole bunch of models and skins in this latest update.

Goldfish Mount Skin

RIFT Nightmare Tide Goldfish Mount Skin

Goldfish Mount Skin

This looks to be the Goldfish Mount that was mentioned in the RIFT 3.0 Twitter Chat event held back in June.

The top-right of the skin seems to show 4-fingered claws, perhaps indicating that this is another Amphibious mount. There doesn’t seem to be any hind legs so perhaps the goldfish mount slides on its tail fin whilst being propelled forward with its front claws.

Of course, this could end up being something completely different, like a mob.

Ice Giant Skins

RIFT Nightmare Tide Ice Giant Skin

Ice Giant Skin

RIFT Nightmare Tide Threngar Skin

Threngar Skin

Both Ice Giant and Threngar skins have been added onto the PTS. You can find concept art of these two here. There are also skeleton rigs for each mob. These Ice Giants are big enough to have a polar bear as a belt decoration! Threngar is a boss mob.

Nightmare Caterpillar Rig

RIFT Nightmare Caterpillar Rig

A Nightmare Caterpillar Rig. These could be a nightmarish version of the life caterpillars you see in Storm Legion (the world eaters that leave behind those giant ‘vines’).

There’s also a data file with the following animation:

  • anim\unarmed\cast_channel\asset\caterpillar_unarmed_cast_channel_bolt_powerup_enter.kf3

So clearly these nightmare caterpillars are mobs.

Penguin Critter Skins

RIFT Nightmare Tide Penguin Skins

Penguin Skins

Two penguin critter skins. One orange, one blue. Obviously appearing in the Tarken Glacier zone.

Bulrock Critter Rig

RIFT Nightmare Tide Bulrock Critter Rig

A ‘Bulrock’ critter. Looks like a critter that uses the Yarnosaur rig, given the “critter_yarnosaur” in its file name. Nothing else to go on.

Akylios Fountain

RIFT Nightmare Tide Akylios Fountain The Thinker

Left: Akylios Fountain. Right: The Thinker. Src: Wiki

One of my favorite discoveries from this recent update. There’s quite a few Akylios statues datamined thus far but this fountain version has a charming similarity to “The Thinker” statues. Akylios is even staring down at the same angle!

(should be a character emote! I can imagine a ton of players standing around the fountain typing ‘/think’.)

Another Fountain

RIFT Nightmare Tide Another Fountain Model

Another Fountain Model

Another Fountain Model. Not too interesting. There’s also a ‘post’ version with just the center piece. This might indicate a new mailbox design for the Plane of Water, or it’s just separating the two pieces for the above fountain.

A Well

A Well

A Well

A well.

Port Scion in Draumheim

RIFT Nightmare Tide Port Scion Facade Models

Port Scion Models

There’s a handful of Port Scion outer wall models. (the others are just the opposite side and are not shown above). As MikeD stated in the 5th September Livestream, there are multiple Port Scions in 3.0 that are created by Lord Arak which show a nightmare version of the Port, corrupted by the death of Regulos. You will end up fighting multiple Regulos’.

According to the WIP Nightmare Tide Map, there are several of these outer walls in the south-east section of Draumheim.

Onir Hanging Flags

RIFT Nightmare Tide Onir Banners

Onir Banners

RIFT Nightmare Tide Onir Banners 2

Onir Banners 2

Three banner models and skins for the Onir faction. These could be the Dream Guard given the design of the banners – there’s fins, but especially compelling is the ‘shell’ design, which is similar to the design displayed in the Dream Guard’s shields.

Onir Powersource Tank Models

RIFT Nightmare Tide Onir Powersource Tanks

Onir Powersource Tanks

A few powersource tanks that belong to the Onir. Wonder if this supports the idea that some of the inhabitants of the Plane of Water feed on dreams/nightmares. Could just be upgrade or quest-related objects.

More Object Skins

RIFT Nightmare Tide More Architecture

More Object Skins

A few more object skins. They looks like pillar, grates, fences, chests and hanging lantern skins.

Tarken Glacier Moon

RIFT Nightmare Tide Tarken Glacier Moon Model

Tarken Glacier Moon Model

Each layer/zone of the Plane of Water has its own moon. This is Tarken Glacier’s moon. The model is animated so that each ‘ring’ of the moon twists in a different direction or speed.

The Cosmos

RIFT The Cosmos

RIFT The Cosmos

Large HD image of what is assumed to be the cosmos. Probably what you’ll see in the sky of one of the zones or perhaps what the sky will look like during certain zone events.

It would be interesting if this is in fact the Plane of Water viewed from space, with all the stars being multitudes of dreams and nightmares created by Draum and the three prominant purple areas as each major ‘layer’ of the Plane of Water.

This could also be what you see when you’re on top of the Cosmic Mountain/Mount Sharax in Tarken Glacier.

Even More Weapon Skins

Even more Weapon Skins as per below:

RIFT 3.0 Weapon Skins 5th Sept 1 RIFT 3.0 Weapon Skins 5th Sept 2 RIFT 3.0 Weapon Skins 5th Sept 3

Glacial, Nightmare and Skelf weaponry – mainly 2-handed axes, 2-handed maces, ranged weapons and totems.

RIFT Nightmare Tide 2handed Axe Mace Models

And the models. Note that these are not to scale and you won’t be able to compare sizes between them.

RIFT Nightmare Tide Ranged Weapon and Totem Models

Some Ranged weapons and totems as well as another 2-handed axe lodged in the middle.

Other Models/Skins

Akvan Totem Skin

RIFT Nightmare Tide Akvan Totem

Possible Akvan Totem Skin

Possibly an Akvan Totem or a ritual stone of some sort.

New Icons

PTS Datamining 5th Sept 2014 Icons

A couple of datamined icons to peruse over:

  • #1-3: Looks like three different coral ‘trees’ – perhaps as dimension items.
  • #4: Earring Slot Icon. (Thanks to Elioty for suggestion and Gingers for confirm!)
  • #5-9: These seem to be parts of a steampunk rifle. Perhaps they are quest items where you have to collect all 5 and piece them together.
  • #10-12: These are clearly Oculons. There’s the Death, Fire and Water Oculons. These were assumed to be part of Nightmare Rifts, but they might end up being something else entirely, like a mob perhaps.
  • #13: Mail, hat, boots and crate. Perhaps a new kit or bundle.
  • #14: Cogs. No clue. Could be a new engineering profession to create turrets. Perhaps linked to icons #5-9. Could also be the repair reactive icon for that Giant Frost Ballista.
  • #15+#17: Could be new lockboxes. The design of the box could potentially be a representation of the Akvan.
  • #16 – Clearly Level 65 achievement icon.
  • #18-19: New Portraits. One has a Dream Guard ‘feel’ to it whilst the other looks to have the same design as the Minions Card:
RIFT 3.0 Back of Minions Card

Default Minion Adventure Card


New Porticulum Map Selectors

Two Map Icons

There’s two new images that are possibly Porticulum Map Selectors. These will probably be added in once 3.0 hits. You can see the 3.0 zones in the bottom image.

Here’s the current porticulum map for reference:

Storm Legion Porticulum Map

The datamined images ‘flatten’ the dotted outline for the Storm Legion zones to make room for the Plane of Water map selection.

Quite a few things datamined with this latest PTS update. A few extra Skelf weapons we haven’t seen in concept art form, some icons pertaining to new items like two new portraits and a possible goldfish mount skin.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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6 Comments on “PTS Datamining for 4th September 2014”

  1. Serein
    September 6, 2014 at 6:32 am #

    Still waiting to hear if my Rivertail will be able to swim >.>

    • September 6, 2014 at 6:39 am #

      You might like this post by Daglar back in June during the RIFT 3.0 Twitter Chat event:

      @berryblu7 We’ve got a list of things to expand this to in the future. Squirrels are on it. #NightmareTide

      [Source: Daglar]

    • Serein
      September 6, 2014 at 7:11 am #

      Awesome, ty Khortish 😀

  2. September 6, 2014 at 7:11 am #

    Jonus… New icon #4 definitely looks like an earring (not a hook), certainly the slot icon.

    • September 6, 2014 at 4:07 pm #

      Aha! Makes 100% sense!

  3. Gingers
    September 6, 2014 at 8:13 am #

    Elioty is correct, it is the earring slot art for the character sheet.

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