RIFT News Tidbits 8th September 2014

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A few tidbits of information was released today by Trion for the 8th September 2014. Check them out below:


  • New Zone Event Tracker. Juxtaposed has created a new Zone Event Tracker with a different interface from the existing alternates. It uses a tighter list format. You can check them out here: (NA Shards) (EU Shards). Have any feedback or suggestions? Comment in his thread here. Check out the other two major zone event trackers and see which one benefits you the most! (Rift Event Watcher) (Rift Event Tracker)
  • PTS Update. A 125.4mb update hit the Public Test Shard (“PTS”) on 8th September 2014. Nothing interesting datamined and no immediately noticeable change to the PTS itself. There’s some reaver changes mentioned prior + below. Chances are the rest of the update is all adjustments to 3.0 content such as bug fixes that probably don’t require adjustments to models or the introduction of new rigs and skins.

New Contests/Giveaways

  • Techie Will – Techie Will is giving away 4x 3.0 Beta Keys, ending 10th September 2014. Simply comment in his video here with your charactername@shardname.
  • Seatin – Seatin has begun a new RIFT fan site called “Man of Legends“. In celebration of the opening of the site, he is holding a 5x 5,000 Credit Gift package giveaway. Post at least two paragraphs of constructive feedback in his thread here about his new site to enter!
  • 3v3 PvP Friday Night Fall League – The schedule for the 3v3 PvP tournament for Friday, September 12th at 6:30PM PDT involves 12 games. All games are best 2 out of 3. Full details can be found here. Matches will be livestreamed on TheGrimGamer’s Channel. Week 1’s replays can be found here and here:
    • Game 1: “The Nitrogen Tone” vs “Prophecy”
    • Game 2: “Ramrod” vs “Team Godlike”
    • Game 3: “Team Godlike” vs “Team Beautiful”
    • Game 4: “Team Xtreme” vs “Ramrod”
    • Game 5: “Team 7” vs “Ramrod”
    • Game 6: “Prophecy” vs “Team 7”
    • Game 7: “Troll Specs FTW” vs “The Nitrogen Tone”
    • Game 8: “Team Xtreme” vs “Gurls Carry Ave”
    • Game 9: “Trino Please” vs “Team Beautiful”
    • Game 10: “Gurls Carry Ave” vs “Troll Specs FTW”
    • Game 11: “Gurls Carry Ave” vs “Trino Please”
    • Game 12: “Trino Please” vs “The Nitrogen Tone”

Check out RiftGrate’s Unofficial RIFT Event Calendar for a list of currently active giveaways, contests and Rift-related events!

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Digital Edition page added to RIFT’s official Nightmare Tide page. You can check them out here. More detailed information on the digital editions compiling dev responses to players’ questions, screenshots and FAQ information can be found here.
  • Stats reworked for 3.0. CM Ocho confirms that  your stats will be “jumbled around” in 3.0. As such, caps will likely change. [r] On the PTS currently, players have noticed a jump in their health since a few updates back. A typical 25k hp dps has had their hp increase to about 50k+. It’s also likely that current caps (such as CP hard cap) will be adjusted so that you are not capped as you hit 61.
  • Daglar re-confirms old currencies will not be used for the expansion: No old currencies for new expansion – mainly talking about current dungeon and raid marks as well as infinity stones. [r] [We’ll likely still use favor and planarite].
  • No current plans to adjust pricing on old items: Daglar has stated that old items will not have a price change “at this moment in time”. [r]
  • Further Reaver Changes: Vladd has stated that reaver abilities are all a single rank and thus you will not see a rank number on ability tooltips. They deal more damage with higher character level. [r]
    • Also, Soul Sickness, Necrotic Wounds and Flesh Rot now cost 18 power instead of 20 (for PTS) to help with energy issues. [r]
    • Deadly Reach changed so it does not add an additional buff with Binding of Affliction.
    • Reaver ranged abilities will now work with Long Range Training.
    • Cloak of Death and Flesh Rot have been swapped in the Reaver’s root abilities. [r]

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