RIFT News Tidbits 10th September 2014

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10th September 2014 brings in some more RIFT News Tidbits:


  • More RIFT Livestreams. Two more Trion RIFT-related livestream schedules have been posted. You will be able to watch these livestreams on Trion’s Twitch Channel. RiftGrate will have a Livestream Summary post up for each one for those who can’t make the stream (and have issues with Twitch’s video playback). Here’s the full list that we know of thus far:
    • 12th September 3PM PDT [TC] [CD]: Minions, Dimensions and Crafting in 3.0. [r]
    • 17th September 1:30PM PDT [TC] [CD]: First look at Nightmare Rifts and Gyel Fortress. [r]
    • 19th September 1:30PM PDT [TC] [CD]: First look at Tarken Glacier and the Glacial Maw Dungeon. [r]
    • 24th September (time unknown, probably 1:30PM PDT [TC] [CD]): PvP in 3.0. [r]
  • RIFT Ice Bucket. Daglar has icy water poured over him for ALS and RIFT gets an Ice Bucket interactive item that pours a bucket of ice cold water over your character’s head – for charity. [r]
  • New Auction House Fee Corrections. CM Morgana posts about the change to the Auction House Fees from the latest RIFT 2.8: Hotfix #8. In short, it’s more a correction to fix on-going issues with inconsistency between auction listing fees and the fees on buy orders as well as partial sales. Previously these weren’t consistent and partial sales weren’t registering fees properly. [r]
  • Searching Artifacts in Auction House. Gingers reiterates that if you are searching for artifacts on the Auction House, you can check “Usable Only” at the top of the window and even go to specific Artifact sub-categories so that you only view artifacts that you haven’t collected already. [r]
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 Raid Guides. YobiRaion and Apotheosys (EU) have made public a whole heap of detailed and well-written guides to each Tier 2 and Tier 3 Raid Boss. Read up on the strats and down a few more bosses before Nightmare Tide hits! [Guides]
  • PTS Update – The PTS has been updated with a functioning version of the Minions UI – check it out by pressing ‘v’ on the PTS or view an explanation here.

New Contests/Giveaways

  • Intim’s 3.0 Beta Key Giveaway. Intim has 5x 3.0 Beta Keys to give away. Post a comment in his youtube video here with your charactername@shardname to enter. Entries close 18th September at 5PM BST (TC) (CD).

Check out RiftGrate’s Unofficial RIFT Event Calendar for a list of currently active giveaways, contests and Rift-related events!

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