NDA on Nightmare Tide lifted! (Partially) Check out Streams/Vids/Posts on NT!

General Water Rift Feature Image

The Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) for Goboro Reef and Tarken Glacier zones have been lifted! [r] Beta testers can now stream, video post or just general post about those two zones. However, note that Draumheim is still under an NDA [r] so please do not post about that if you have beta access!

Nightmare Tide Goboro Reef Scenery

Atragarian overlooking the Infinity Gate in Goboro Reef

As expected, quite a few players have already started livestreaming or posting their videos about Nightmare Tide. You can check them out below:

More will clearly end up being posted over the next few days as more RIFT content creators and beta testers get news about the partial lifting of the NDA on 3.0.

Nightmare Tide Uuskar the Mangler

Uuskar the Mangler, one of the highlight fights of early Goboro Reef.

I’ll have a section in the RIFT News Tidbits articles for these new videos/posts for you all to peruse so you won’t miss a thing!

Also, don’t forget to check out Trion’s Livestream this Friday at 3PM PDT where they’ll be going over RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide’s Minions system, Dimension additions and 3.0 Crafting. As per usual, I’ll have a Livestream Summary up.

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