RIFT News Tidbits 13th September 2014

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A few tidbits of information was released today by Trion for the 13th September 2014. Check them out below:


  • RIFT Hit With DDoS Attack. RIFT was hit with another DDoS attack that lasted 4hrs+ today. Trion took down the NA shards for a restart at approx 4PM PDT. Shards are now back online although Trion will continue to monitor shard health. [r]
  • RIFT Mobile Login Issues Fixed. Pithos has announced that they’ve fixed the issues with logging into RIFT mobile. Also, there’s some changes they are hoping to make after Nightmare Tide release [r]
  • Cleric Inquisitor Changes – Kervik announced a further list of changes to Inquisitor – changing up most of what was initially released. [r]
    • Reduce cooldown of Fanaticism to 30s.
    • Remove Perseverance from the GCD.
    • Reduce cooldown and duration of Perseverance to 1 min.
    • Fix Spiritual Scrutiny’s armor/resist penetration to affect the dot portion of Sanction Heretic.
    • Exocommunicate now off GCD and snares affected enemies.
    • Trepidation now only breaks on damage after the enemy has received damage equal to 5% of the caster’s max health.
    • Increase duration of Bewilder to 4s.
    • Life and Death Concord now has a max stack size of 4. Stacks reduce the cast time of Bolt of Depravity by 0.2/0.4/0.6 per stack.
    • Unified Theory now triggers at 4 stacks
    • Consuming Unified Theory reduces the active cooldown of Nysyr’s Rebuke by 4s.
    • Radical Coalescence now only resets cooldowns of damaging abilities.
    • The GCD reduction from Spiritual Scrutiny now affects all abilities.
    • Harsh Discipline now heals for 15% of the caster’s max health over 3s.
    • Increase damage of Harsh Discipline and cooldown to 1 min.
    • I’m also planning on making the PVP ability Retribution instant instead of keeping its current cast time.

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Digital Edition will be added to Steam. Ocho confirms that the Nightmare Tide Digital Editions will be added to Steam at some point. [r]
  • Minions. Looking to add a ‘already collected’ tooltip for Minions already collected. They will also look into whether it is possible or not to allow only notoriety that you haven’t maxed to be rewarded for Minions notoriety-rewarded adventures. [r]

Nightmare Tide Gameplay Footage

Some Nightmare Tide-related gameplay footage found below:

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