PTS Datamining for 14th September 2014

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A large ~652.3MB PTS Update hit on 14th September 2014 which added Level 61-65 + Expert + Raid test gear sets. You can find out more details on in-game additions to the PTS here.

Below you can find information on the fair few datamined files that came with this update. Not much this time round:


  • Bow + Gun Models
  • Architecture Skins

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Bow + Gun Models

Nightmare Tide Glacial Bow and Gun Models

Glacial Bow and Gun Models

Bow and gun models for what clearly looks to be for the Glacial set.

Architecture Skins

A bunch more architecture skins.

Window or Gate Design

More Nightmare Tide Architecture

A gate or window design.

Statue Designs

Nightmare Tide Architecture Skins

And some statues or other architecture designs in Nightmare Tide with humanoid (probably mermaid) figures. Might be present at the bottom or top of pillars as well.

Metal Tile Skin

Metal Tiles Skin

Metal tile skin. Probably used in the area surrounding Gyel Fortress.

More Skins

Shell Design

Shell Skin

Looks like a shell skin. Might be part of a colossus, but might also be a random doodad. Perhaps it’s the beginning of the Tartagons.

Flora Skins

Aquatic Flora Aquatic Flora Nightmare Tide

Just some flora skins that populate Nightmare Tide.

Claw or Limb Design

Skin for Claws

Claws skin. Or something similar like limbs. Probably a partial body skin.

Pants Icon

Pants Icon

Pants Icon. Used for your pants slot. Not sure why this was re-added, although perhaps they had originally planned to make the pants slot larger in order to fit in the Earrings slots.

Not much this time round. Probably a lot of polish or data files for bug fixes; less models/skins/rigs.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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