RIFT News Tidbits 15th September 2014

General Water Rift Feature Image

A couple of news tidbits was released today by Trion for the 15th September 2014. There’s also been a few more Nightmare Tide-related videos that have popped up. Check them out below:


  • PvP Livestream moved to 17th Sept. CM Ocho has announced that the 3.0 PvP livestream has been moved up to Wednesday, 17th September 2014 at 1:30PM PDT [TC] [CD]. Post up your questions in the PvP forum or in this thread here and Ocho will pull some up for Daglar to answer during the livestream.

PTS Update + Datamining

PTS Update of 117.2MB today, 15th September 2014. TEST-300-20-A-940296

Nothing of significance on PTS or Datamine. Update might be mainly bug fixes and further polish to Nightmare Tide zones and content.

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Nightmare Tide Leaderboards up on Live. Leaderboards (default key “;“) now has Nightmare Tide Raid and Nightmare Tide Group. Not exactly sure when they were added but thanks to Serein for the information!

    Nightmare Tide Leaderboards

    Nightmare Tide Leaderboards

  • Minions UI – Further info.
    • Right now regaining stamina whilst logged off is intentional with stamina regeneration occurring as soon as a mission is complete. [r]
    • Also, Diplomacy Adventure Rewards should only give you notoriety from factions that you haven’t maxed out on. [r]
    • The Minions UI should show current values of stamina in the future – right now it only updates on an ‘as needed’ basis. [r]
  • Cleric Masteries. Kervik has confirmed that the damage and healing % bonuses from Cleric Masteries coming in Nightmare Tide will be in its own ‘group’ – thus the bonuses are multiplicative with other bonuses instead of being affected by existing bonuses from your spec. [r]
  • Cleric Inquisitor Changes. Kervik has announced that the Inquisitor changes are going up on the PTS with next PTS Update. He is also planning on releasing the changes on Live approx. 1st or 8th Oct. [r] Once the changes are up, make sure to put in your feedback asap in this thread here as they will only be up on PTS for ~1 week.
  • Ethereal Damage. Ethereal Damage is a new type of damage in Nightmare Tide that currently has no resist. It does not gain bonuses from specific damage types (like Air, Fire/etc) but it effectively has an 100% armor/resist penetration. [r]

Nightmare Tide Gameplay Footage

Some Nightmare Tide-related gameplay footage found below:

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