RIFT News Tidbits 16th September 2014

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A few tidbits of information was released today for RIFT on the 16th September 2014. Check them out below:


  • Glyph Updates. You may have noticed Glyph has updated a few times this week. The updates are being done due to issues preventing certain players from logging into their Glyph account [r] and likely also due to the official ArcheAge launch at 10AM PDT today (16th Sept) [r] (Trion is the Western Publisher for ArcheAge). It might also be related to recent DDoS attacks [r].
  • Daglar goes over PvP Matchmaking. With the latest forum thread about Fernand’s poor luck with match-ups in Warfronts, Daglar has stepped in to re-confirm that your hidden Elo rating is based on your wins and losses and has nothing to do with damage done in a warfront. [r]
    • Where possible, a player with ‘9000’ Elo would be matched against another player with ‘9000’ Elo, and a player with ‘100’ Elo would be matched against another player with ‘100’ Elo. [r]
    • However, not all matches will be 100% perfect match as that would make queue times astronomical. Everyone will be put together. There’s no ‘9000’-Elo-only queues, so an 8k player might have a few 100s in their team, but the match-making system will try to make the opposing team have similar ratings. [r]
    • Daglar stated that there will be additional changes to the match-making system coming in 3.0, and these will be talked about during tomorrow’s (17th Sept 1:30PM PDT [TC] [CD]) 3.0 PvP Livestream.

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Minions Fixes. Snedhepl will be fixing issues of adventures not granting loot and the ‘send now’ button failing after you teleport in the next PTS update. [r]
  • Cleric Masteries Changes. Kervik has announced that the combat rez bonus from ‘Faith’s Freedom’ in Cleric’s Level 63 Masteries will be changed from a +10% AP/SP bonus upon rez for 20s to instead heal the ally for 100% hp and reduce their damage taken by 30% for up to 5secs. This ‘buff’ will be removed upon using any combat ability – this excludes putting up general buffs. [r].
    • The other effects of ‘Faith’s Freedom’ (Harsh Discipline channel whilst moving + Reduce duration of CC effects by 10%) remains unchanged.
    • Note: RiftGrate will have a full list of Masteries article out tomorrow.

Nightmare Tide Gameplay Footage

Some Nightmare Tide-related gameplay footage found below:

  • Noobzilla’s RIFT 3.0 Nightmare Tide Leveling Gameplay – [ Episode 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]

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