Trion adds “Introducing Minions” Article

Introducing Minions Feature Image

[Img Source: Trion Worlds]

Senior Systems Designer Lisa “Faratha” Boleyn has added an “Introducing Minions” article to their RIFT website that goes over all the stuff mentioned in their most recent livestream. You can find out more information from that livestream.

The article can be found here: “Introducing Minions”


  • Minions are collectibles that are shared amongst all your chars per server cluster (NA or EU).
  • You can get your first minion card from a quest in Sanctum, Meridian, Tempest Bay or at the Atragarian Well in Goboro Reef.
  • Rewards include crafting materials, Dimension items (+ keys), Artifacts, Notoriety or Minions Exp-only.
  • For certain rewards like crafting materials, the character you use to claim the reward will affect the rewards given (i.e. low-level char = low-level mats).
  • Each Minion and Adventure Card has up to two attributes. Matching them provides a bonus to your loot roll. (i.e. if you send a Minion with 10pts in Fire Attribute on an Adventure with the Fire Attribute; you will get 10pts bonus to your loot roll. If your Minion has 5 Water and 10 Artifact attributes and they match the Adventure card, you get +15pts to your loot roll.)
  • Difficulty Rating – Some Adventures have difficulty rating and this gets subtracted from your loot roll.
  • Minions can be found almost anywhere – RIFT Store, Dungeon drops, Notoriety Reward, Quests, Artifact Set rewards/etc.

Note: New stuff not known before in prior livestreams/Trion announcement/in-game testing have been bolded.

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