RIFT News Tidbits 17th September 2014

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There’s quite a few additions to RIFT for 17-18th September 2014. Check them out below:


  • PvP Matchmaking Fix Next Week. Daglar has found that damage done was still being used to help with your hidden Elo rating for warfronts on top of wins/losses. With next week’s hotfix, ‘damage done’ will no longer count to your hidden Elo rating.
    • He also took a look at Fernand’s character and found he was a “nice magical edge case” and that “Yes, he is in fact cursed”. [r]
    • Fernand’s character has now been fixed so he will no longer be continuously teamed up with horribly low-Elo players despite massive losing streaks. [r]
  • PTS Update 17th Sept. ~2.4GB update hit the Public Test Shard client with PvP gear changes, new Nightmare Tide launch/character select screens, Cleric Inquisitor changes up, ‘sidekicking’, Minions system updates, Masteries update and new achievements. Check out full information and screenshots here.
  • Don’t Ask to Fire Trion Staff. During the 3.0 PvP Livestream on 17th Sept, Daglar had a player in the chat channel banned from RIFT for asking for a Trion staff member to be fired. CM Ocho and Daglar have since responded to clarify that this is a bannable offense.

Nightmare Tide-related

CM Ocho has mentioned that the Nightmare Tide expansion launch will ‘probably’ be after the normal patch time (so probably not midnight launch) on 8th October 2014. [r]

  • Nightmare Tide Digital Edition Items Up on PTS. PTS now has your Nightmare Tide Digital Edition items. Check out the Shadow Scion dimension, play around with your Bloop companion pet, equip some Nightmare cosmetic weapons or open a few Nightmare Dimension boxes.


    Bloop Companion Pet

  • Livestream 17th Sept. Trion talked about the PvP changes coming with the Nightmare Tide expansion. They also mentioned information about the Masteries System. Check out a summary here.
  • Masteries Abilities. I’ve uploaded images of all Masteries for each Calling and the various passive/active abilities for each level above Level 60 here.
  • Instant Level 60 Boost Bundle. The Instant Level 60 Boost Bundle that you get from Infusion or Ultimate Nightmare Digital Edition packs was briefly available for everyone to test on the PTS. It has since been removed from the PTS with the latest update, but you can check out what the bundle contains here.
  • Warrior Reaver Changes. Vladd has indicated he might make a few more changes to the Reaver soul on the PTS. [r]
    • ‘Probably’ change Lingering Shadows so that it increases the duration of Reaver DoTs by 1/2/3 ticks.
    • Looking to redesign the 61pt ability, Explosive Infestation. Vladd is open to suggestions. Either respond in this thread here or PM Vladd here.
  • PvP damage/healing reduction to be Global. With PvP gear and PvE gear merging into a single set, Vengeance and Valor will be removed in Nightmare Tide. With the removal of Valor, the game will now apply a global healing and damage reduction in PvP (indicated at approx. 85% reduction according to Daglar during PvP Livestream). [r]
  • Minions System Updated – Various changes have been added for the Minions System on the PTS (accessed with ‘v‘). Various price adjustments, flavor text and other minor adjustments/fixes. [r] Also, other Minions-related info:
    • The Hurry button often doesn’t show price unless you close the window and re-open it. Trion are aware of the issue and a fix is being worked on. [r]
    • Gingers plans on adding tooltips for all the icons on Adventure/Minion cards as well as a tutorial pop-up. [r]
  • Click To Move for Swimming. Gingers has passed on a player’s request to improve click-to-move for swimming purposes and they will look at improving this function in the future. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Nightmare Rifts – First Look by Seatin. Seatin provides an excellent preview of Nightmare Rifts with Alfietest on the PTS, starting off with a Rank IV Nightmare Rift and explaining the major components that make up this new type of rift coming in 3.0. Approx 10min video. Check it out here!
  • 3.0 Dimension Item Screenshots by Slipmat. A collection of screenshots of RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide Dimension Items uploaded by Slipmat. Check them out, including an amazing Glass-Bellied Mermaid Statue. Opened your Nightmare Dimension Item Packs on the PTS? Why not upload your screenshots in Slipmat’s thread!
  • MMORPG.com’s “Into the Rift” Podcast Episode #3. Podcast will be about Endgame and Warriors with guest RoughRaptors (Dev SupermanSocks). You can check the podcast out on MMORPG.com’s Twitch Channel on 21st Sept 2014 at 1PM PDT. [r]

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