RIFT News Tidbits 18th September 2014

General Nightmare Tide Feature Image

There’s quite a few additions to RIFT for 18th September 2014. Check them out below:


  • Partial Stack Mail Delivery Delayed. Currently – for some players – delivery of plat/items from partial stacks on the Auction House are delayed. A fix will likely come in late Friday morning. Don’t fret, your items/plat haven’t been lost. Once the fix comes in, you will have all your partial stack items/plat in your mail. [r]
  • Trion Aware of Quest Animation Delays. Trion are aware of the delay in the “Quest Complete”, “Dungeon Complete” and “Warfront Complete” animations when you complete these activities and they are looking into creating a fix for this issue. [r]
  • Trion adds ‘Wasteland 2’ Digital Glyph Edition (Early Access). This is a different game. Just included it in the News Tidbits today because it includes bonuses for Defiance and RIFT. For RIFT, you get “the Wasteland Wanderer” title and a Wasteland Wanderer cosmetic hat (no image preview, will add when available). If you were going to get this game already, might as well get it through Glyph. [r]
  • Limited Edition: White Squirrel Trove + 25% Discount on PvE. Until Midnight on Sunday 21st September, the RIFT Store has Limited Edition: White Squirrel Troves for 700 Credits (630 Patron) each that contain a rare chance at a White Dire Riding Squirrel Mount. There’s also a 25% discount on the Credit price for all PvE Accessories, Armor, Weapons and Upgrade Components on the RIFT Store. [r]
  • About the livestream ban. Daglar banned a player during the most recent livestream due to a comment the player made about firing a Trion staff member. Daglar has since confirmed he has un-banned the player since the player issued an apology. [r]
  • PTS Update 18th Sept 2014. Approx 120mb update. Not much added in besides map data and likely a few bugfixes. 3.0 maps were ‘re-fogged’ and there’s 5 extra points under Dungeons -> RIFT: Nightmare Tide -> Citadel of Insanity.

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Penguin Power. MikeD posts this interesting screenshot of Tarken Glacier’s Mount Sharax as well as a few penguins and the quote “What does it mean?”. [r]

    Cosmic Mountain Purple Pants

    Cosmic Mountain…purple pants?

  • Minions 1min Exp Adventure better for gaining Experience. Snedhepl has mentioned that if you want to concentrate on leveling your Minion, you should aim for the 1min Adventure Cards that only give experience as they will generate more experience than the longer quests for the same length of time. [r] [r]
  • Minions – Alternate way to Hurry. With the recent PTS update, Minions’ 10hr Adventure Cards and ‘Hurry’ function only shows a Credits payment option. Daglar has since announced that they are looking to add an alternate payment for the Hurry feature that involves currency earned from completing adventures as well as from other sources. [r]
  • Further Information on PvP in 3.0. On top of the recent 3.0 PvP Livestream, CM Ocho and Daglar have responded to a variety of questions: [r]
    • You can still get gear from PvPing as PvP will grant the currency required to purchase the PvP/PvE-combined gear in 3.0. [r]
    • The ceiling cap for bolstering down in PvP will likely be equal to token gear stats (so not higher raid-dropped gear stats). Values are – however – in flux. [r]
    • Empty slots will not receive bolstering.
    • Bolstering is covered on all slots except seals and trinkets.
    • Un-runed gear will not receive bolstered runes.
    • BiS Accessories?:
      • Runes do not currently come from raiding.
      • Earrings will come from a variety of sources.
      • Trinkets will come from a variety of sources. Daglar did not specifically state whether BiS Trinkets would come from Raiding or not.
    • Tank gear can be relevant in PvP since it has more defensive attributes.
    • Current PvP shields will receive additional Block as part of the convergence of PvP and PvE gear in 3.0.
    • HIT no longer has an affect in PvP for 3.0.
    • No ‘unbound’ (limitless) way of earning the main mark currencies in 3.0. [r]
    • PvP Warfront Weekly will still exist in 3.0 and Trion might introduce a new, general kills weekly. When Conquest is turned back on, the two Conquest weeklies will also be available. [r]
    • No Bolstering in the Open World. Out-going damage will be reduced in the Open World vs players. [r]
  • Exploring Draumheim Article. Trion have posted an article about the 3.0 zone, Draumheim, including brief information on the Onir, their king and Lord Arak’s machinations in the zone. [r]
  • Fernand as NPC in Draumheim. Daglar has stated that Fernand (the guy who – until recently – was cursed with a permanently high Elo rating despite major losing streaks) will have an NPC named after him in the Draumheim zone. [r]

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