Mount Sharax 20-man Raid Preview by Dev SupermanSocks and Dev Anony

Mount Sharax Preview Feature Image

DEV_SupermanSocks (RoughRaptors) and DEV_Anony showed off the upcoming Mount Sharax 20-man Raid on the PTS with a group of testers from -Vendetta- (US Guild) as part of a test run of the raid. The raid is currently highly in flux and a lot of the models are placeholder.

You can check out a recorded video of the livestream on RoughRaptor’s Twitch Channel here.

A summary of the livestream can be found below. Please be aware that everything below is subject to change:

Table of Contents:

  • Defeat Jinoscoth
  • Defeat Bulf
  • Defeat Izkinra
  • Defeat The Yrlwalach
  • Defeat Threngar

Defeat Jinoscoth

Jinoscoth is the first boss of Mount Sharax. Unfortunately the boss was insta-killed so the fight wasn’t shown off.

Defeat Bulf

Mount Sharax Bulf Preview 1

Bulf Encounter. Single ‘Blizzard’ AoE.

Bulf is the second boss of Mount Sharax who you meet throughout the storyline quests in Nightmare Tide. He is Level 67 and has 3 lives with 59.6mil HP each.

  • Fight begins at approx. 10min 10secs into the video.
  • Bulf starts off by summoning a massive AoE ‘blizzard’ that follows a random player. This blizzard AoE will damage, snare and eventually freeze any players inside. Frozen players will shortly receive an AoE below them before an ice spear lands and deals damage to them.
  • When Bulf dies, he will respawn, but this time with 2 massive AoE ‘blizzards’ following players.
  • When Bulf dies a second time, he will respawn, but this time with 3 massive AoE ‘blizzards’ following players.
  • On his 3rd ‘life’, Bulf will spawn multiple Sharax Berserker (ice giant) adds that seem to have stacking buffs that increase their size (and likely damage).
  • There is a lot of crowd-control effects throughout the fight.
  • After the adds are down, a ‘cosmic portal’ appears and a ton of Cosmic Parasite and Akvari Servitor adds spawn. The ‘blizzard’ AoEs still exist. Survive long enough for Bulf to re-appear and the encounter ends.
Mount Sharax Bulf Preview 2

Bulf Encounter. Sharax Berserker Adds.

Mount Sharax Bulf Preview 3

Bulf Encounter. Attempting to summon Matrodraum. Final Phase.

Defeat Izkinra

The Izkinra encounter begins with two Ice Giants – Warmaster Ilrath and Warmaster Shaddoth.

  • Fight begins at approx. 26min 47secsinto the video.

Warmaster Ilrath and Warmaster Shaddoth

Mount Sharax Izkinra Preview 1

Izkinra Encounter. Warmaster Ilrath and Warmaster Shaddoth

  • DEV_Anony stated you would want more than 2 tanks. This becomes apparent through the stream when the raid discovers there’s a stacking debuff that gets applied to tanks that can make the giants do insane damage to the players.
  • One of the Warmasters has an incoming damage reduction buff called Armor of Sharax (4 stacks, reducing incoming damage by 15% per stack).
  • Each boss has a 270 degree cleave (so you have to be right behind them, not just behind and to the side).
  • Warmaster Ilrath casts Vorpal Strike. Must interrupt or it one-shots the tank.
  • A whole heap of falling rocks indicated by purple AoE around the encounter will occur at some point and a massive rock will also fall with a permanent purple AoE around it. This seems to provide protection or remove debuff at some point during the fight.
Mount Sharax Izkinra Preview 2

Izkinra Encounter. Falling rocks.

Shooting down Izkinra

Mount Sharax Izkinra Preview 3

Izkinra Encounter. Pass-the-Bolt.

After both Warmaster Ilrath and Warmaster Shaddoth dies, your next task is to shoot down Izkinra who is flying in the sky.

  • You need to pick up Ballista Bolts from the shells at the back of the encounter area and send them to one of two Ballistas on the ledges on each side of the encounter.
  • To load the Ballistas successfully, you need to form a conga line, have a player pick up Ballista Bolts and then send them to the person in front of you with the reactive you receive when you have a Ballista Bolt.
  • The reason you need to form a line is because once you obtain a Ballista Bolt, your character moves incredibly slowly (like a single step every few seconds).
  • The person manning the Ballista needs to shoot down Izkinra.
Mount Sharax Izkinra Preview 4

Izkinra Encounter. Izkinra in the air.


Mount Sharax Izkinra Preview 5

Izkinra Encounter. Izkinra on ledge.

When you shoot Izkinra down, he will then land on the ledge (much like Maelforge Phase 1 in Infernal Dawn).

  • He does Heart of the Storm breath channel that currently ticks for approximately 10% max hp in rapid succession.
  • There’s Flash Freeze which seems to deal damage to some players.
  • There’s some kind of red AoE attack.
  • Stacks of ‘Biting Cold’ are applied to players that reduces incoming healing by 3% per stack.

Defeat The Yrlwalach

Mount Sharax The Yrlwalach

The Yrlwalach. Head sticking out of Water Rift.

The Yrlwalach is the giant Sea Colossus. See the tentacly-maw at the top of Water Rifts? That’s The Yrlwalach’s mouth. It starts off by poking its gaping maw from a water rift in the sky above Mount Sharax before pushing through and dropping to the platform.

He has 954mil HP.

Mount Sharax The Yrlwalach Preview 2

The Yrlwalach. Head sticking out of Water Rift (with bugged Rift vfx). Click above image to enlarge.

It is huge.

  • Fight begins at approx. 1hr 47min 40sec into the video.
  • Has massive AoE indicators including a massive tail whip and frontal attack. The indicators are marked in red and yellow.
  • There’s also a much wider near-180 degree frontal cleave.
  • He spawns a very large ‘Water Rift’-looking whirlpool on the ground.
  • A random player gets a giant yellow AoE.
  • Some players become mind-controlled and they randomly emote stuff like “A little piggy went to the market” and “HahaHAhaHAHAHahah! YES!”.
  • At some point in the encounter you will be able to attack “The Yrlwalach’s Maw” as part of the mechanics of the fight.
  • Corrupting Presence add spawns.
  • Not much else is known under 99% since DEV_SupermanSocks used dev cheats to kill him and he boss was stuck on a Rippling Infinity channel.
Mount Sharax The Yrlwalach Preview 3

The Yrlwalach. Still in the sky. Pre-Encounter.

Mount Sharax The Yrlwalach Preview 4

The Yrlwalach. Claw. ‘whirlpool’ to the left + Yellow AoE on Player right.

Defeat Threngar

Mount Sharax Threngar Preview 1

Threngar. Gates of Darkness black pillar AoE with alchemical circle in background.

Threngar is the second-last or last boss of Mount Sharax (wasn’t made 100% clear in the livestream as DEV_Anony seems to have indicated that Matrodraum would be the last boss; but Matrodraum might just be part of the Threngar encounter).


Threngar has 119.2mil HP.

Mount Sharax Threngar Preview 2

Threngar. Summoning mobs ‘Akvan Monstrosity’.

  • Fight starts at approx. 1hr 57min 12sec into the video.
  • Starts off with just Threngar. He puts some kind of yellow AoE and another Blue swirling AoE ability.
  • There’s a giant alchemical circle in the middle of the platform. No clue what it does – if anything.
  • He also has a buff “Nightmare Convinction” which states “Threngar is fueled by the flow of terror, radiating damage every second and gaining immunity to interrupting effects.”
  • He casts ‘Conduit of Matrodraum’ as well as ‘Consuming Darkness’.
  • ‘Consuming Darkness’ completely wiped the raid on several occasions.
  • He casts Gates of Darkness and a black circular pillar of light appears. Right after the cast ends, it quickly channels back down and a yellow vfx appears around the black circular pillar of light that looks like what you see when you are pulled into a boss.
  • Manifesting Darkness wisp adds appear during the encounter. The longer they are up, the more stacks of “Growing Darkness” they get which increases their outgoing damage by 5% per stack.
  • He casts Shadow Glaive and then Sacrificial Offering. At some point a large yellow circle with a smaller blue circle appears.
  • He casts Condemn. No clue what it does.
  • At some point he goes back to the middle of the alchemical circle and starts summoning mobs such as the Akvan Monstrosity (note: models placeholder). Currently the Akvan Monstrosity does a ‘Decaying Horror’ ability that does about 25mil hp damage every few seconds. Likely a bug.


Matrodraum has 119.2mil HP. You’ll encounter him throughout the Nightmare Tide quest storyline as ‘The First Demon’.

Mount Sharax Threngar Preview 3

Left: Threngar; Right: Matrodraum (model placeholder).

  • At some point Threngar will summon Matrodraum.
  • Note that the above image is a placeholder model for Matrodraum. That crab-like being actually appears in the Citadel of Insanity dungeon.
  • Besides a hard-hitting laser that he puts on the ground called Eye of Matrodraum, not much else is known about Matrodraum’s mechanics. The laser ticks in rapid succession for 282,204 damage (tank had 129k hp).

That’s all for the preview. Lots of stuff from the raid is still a work in progress including multiple models which currently have placeholders and adjustments to mechanics.

You can check out the full recorded video here, courtesy of RoughRaptors.

You can also check out a summary of testing for the 10-man Rhen of Fate raid here.

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6 Comments on “Mount Sharax 20-man Raid Preview by Dev SupermanSocks and Dev Anony”

  1. Chris
    September 19, 2014 at 4:38 am #

    looks sweet, but unfortunately with my limited amount of time to play, i never get to see any of these raids. ive yet to see 1 SL raid 😦

  2. Mics
    September 19, 2014 at 3:16 pm #

    So there will be only 1 20 man raids to be released on 3.0? or there are planned 1 20man also just like how they release frozen tempest then Endless eclipse or infinity Gate then planebreaker bastion

    • September 19, 2014 at 4:25 pm #

      Yea it’ll probably be similar to Storm Legion with FT and EE. I’m guessing Mount Sharax will come out for launch and then the Rhen of Fate raid will come out a bit later. No ETA though.

  3. Mics
    September 19, 2014 at 7:17 pm #

    from what i heard here rhen of fate is a 10 man raid. so Mount sharax first (20man) then rhen of fate(10man)?

    • September 19, 2014 at 9:59 pm #

      Hmm, if Rhen of Fate is a 10-man then it’ll probably come out near the same time I reckon. Guess it is only one 20-man raid for launch, and there’s no info on PTS or elsewhere of a 2nd 20-man raid for Tier 1 yet.

  4. September 20, 2014 at 12:06 am #

    Afaik both Mount Sharax and Rhen of Fate will be available on release. I know RoF was tested on PTS already, and with Devs showing MS, it means they should both be ready for 3.0.

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