RIFT: Tales of the Deep – Picnic in Draumheim Article

Tales of the Deep Picnic in Draumheim Feature Image

[Img Source: Trion]

Trion have posted up a “Tales of the Deep – Picnic in Draumheim” Article on the RIFT website with further lore for the Plane of Water.


  • An area of Draumheim is called ‘the Landquarium’.
  • Reveals a few more of the Onir, including Max the bogling, Oliver the mallard and Jillian, a young dwarf.
  • The article further explores the idea that mortal progenitors dream up the inhabitants, flora and fauna of each layer of the Plane of Water with Jillian dreaming up Max and Oliver. The Onir are all beings that have been dreamt up by these ‘progenitors’.
  • Describes a Nightmare Rift opening up.
  • Reveals a new NPC, ‘Writhe’, who was dreamt up by a – now deceased – cultist of Akylios.
  • The lore seems to suggest that progenitors are able to change existing objects in the Plane of Water by dreaming that they have changed with Jillian changing nightmarish corruption into a ball of healing light.
  • The lore also seems to suggest that the nightmares are endless because even if you ‘kill’ them, they can be reborn if dreamt up again by a progenitor.

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One Comment on “RIFT: Tales of the Deep – Picnic in Draumheim Article”

  1. Takame
    September 20, 2014 at 5:37 am #

    If I don’t see these guys in Draumheim, I’m gonna be disappointed. 😀

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