PTS Datamining for 17th September 2014

Datamining 17th Sept 2014 Feature Image

A large ~2.4GB PTS Update hit on 17th September 2014 which added a whole bunch of Nightmare Tide screens, Cleric Inquisitor Changes, PvP Gear Changes, ‘Sidekicking’ and more. You can find out more details on in-game additions to the PTS here.

Below you can find information on the fair few datamined files that came with this update. Not much despite the large file size though:


  • Polish – Maps + Draumheim
  • Further Architecture/Coral Skins
  • Other Skins/Models
  • Corgi Bogling Duck
  • Icons Datamined – Earrings + ‘Deathbound Steel’ bundle (likely).

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.


Datamining More Draumheim Models

More Draumheim Models

The bulk of the PTS Update involves re-downloading an absolute ton of map files, including from a ton of folders that haven’t been downloaded in a long time. Over 20k+ map files.

Draumheim Palace Entrance Clump

Draumheim Palace Entrance Clump

There’s also a ton of Draumheim models. These aren’t necessarily ‘new’ since we’ve datamined all the individual components before. Rather, they’ve now been ‘put together’ into more discernable chunks. There’s a ton of these like the ones shown above, but I haven’t bothered including them all here because they’re more or less similar or rather uninteresting clumps of walls.

Draumheim Props

A handful of Draumheim props have also been datamined:

Draumheim Props Models

Draumheim Props Models

Chests, drapery, an Onir table and a city bench. Just a few more prop models, probably to flesh out the look of the Draumheim zone.

Drapery Skins

Drapery Skins

Variety of Drapery Skins

A variety of drapery skins. As the model suggests, these likely appear in Draumheim.

Onir Cage

Draum Cage

Likely Kondraum Cage

An Onir cage door and cage, probably holding Kondraum, Draumheim’s sovereign leader who has been imprisoned by Lord Arak according to Trion’s “Exploring Draumheim: The City of Nightmares” article.

Further Architecture/Coral Skins

Not overwhelmingly interesting, here’s some more new skins relating to architecture, props or coral:

Further Architecture and Coral Skins

Further Architecture and Coral Skins

Top-left looks to be one of the Onir Chest skins. Top-right looks to be some kind of window or lantern skin. Bottom skin is filled with coral/clam/seaweed skins.

More Architecture and other Skins

More Architecture and other Skins

Top-left looks to be either a window, pillar, fence or chest decoration. The right-most skin looks to relate to some kind of death/plane-of-water-themed pillar. Bottom-left shows a bunch of lightning effects and the bottom-most skin is probably a tentacle, tendril or stalk.

Other Skins/Models

AoE Cleave Air Mesh

AoE Cleave Air Mesh

AoE Cleave Air Mesh

A random AoE cleave ‘air’ mesh, just to make things interesting. Probably added in due to the ‘3D volume’ nature of the Plane of Water requiring cleaves to have a wider hit region.

Mermaid or Onir Armor Skin

Another Mermaid or Onir Skin

Another Mermaid or Onir Skin

Another Mermaid or Onir armor skin. Looks like either Legs or Chest armor.

Skelf Weaponry

More Skelf Weaponry Skins

More Skelf Weaponry Skins

Two more skins that look like Skelf weaponry. The left one is definitely Skelf Weaponry with a glow to the blade, although the one on the right might be something else entirely.

Corgi Bogling Duck

Dwarf Corgi Bogling Duck

Dwarf Corgi Bogling Duck

Three rigs. A ‘Dwarf Corgi’, ‘Bogling Rake Duck’ and ‘Duck Bogling’.

We’ve seen two of these:

Max Oliver

Left: Max; Right: Oliver

  • The Bogling with the Mallard mask is Max.
  • The Mallard with the Bogling mask is Oliver.

Wonder if this ‘Dwarf Corgi’ is wearing a Corgi mask (and perhaps a Corgi with a Dwarf mask?)

Icons Datamined

Mass Earrings Icons

Mass Earrings Icons

Another heap of icons have been datamined. For this update it is mainly a whole heap of earring icons and – likely – the inclusion of a ton of earring itemization into the game.

The first row also shows what looks to likely be the Deathbound Steel Bundle.


More polish, especially to map files and to Draumheim. We’ll probably be seeing a lot of that with the updates being pushed out to PTS as we close in on the 3.0 expansion. Expect more polish, itemization, bug fixes and new icons.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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