RIFT News Tidbits 23rd September 2014

General Water Rift Feature Image

Some significant change info for RIFT for 23rd September 2014. Also included the PTS Update for 23rd Sept 2014 below since it was only ~87MB and there’s nothing significant to datamine. Check them out below:


  • Rogue Changes Announced. Vladd has announced that he will be looking at Rogue changes, although they are slated for after 3.0. [r]
    • Ranger Revamp – Adding ranged pet along with adjustments to pet management.
    • Normalizing RNG on Assassin – Vladd wants poisons to become short-term ‘tactical buffs’ instead of rng procs.
    • Making Bard comparable to Cleric’s Oracle.
    • Tactician Revamps – Change Torrents to different shapes. (i.e. Beam, Long Cone but small arc, and Short Cone with large arc).
    • Saboteur – Will take a look at Sab at some point to see if it needs a full revamp or just some key changes.

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Masteries changes. Quite a few changes have been made to Masteries on the PTS and I have updated RiftGrate’s Masteries article with the changes. Specifically:
  • Cleric Masteries. [Image]

    • Essence Manipulation is off-GCD for damage-based abilities. Damage has been reduced significantly for the non-interrupt instant off-GCD damage ability.
    • Soul Stream’s health restoration ability has been reduced from 50% of Cleric’s Max HP to 30% of Cleric’s Max HP.
    • Faith’s Reward now also increases range of Ride the Lightning (Shaman) and Fae Step (Druid) by 10m.
    • Diversify now also increases no. of Purifier Sign buffs you can have active at a time by 1.
    • Parasitic Miasma now also increases chance for Rampant Growth to apply Foul Growth by 10%.
    • The ability for Harsh Discipline to channel while moving has been moved from Faith’s Freedom to Swift Judgment.
    • Faith’s Freedom – Moved ‘Harsh Discipline to channel while moving’ to Swift Judgment. Now adds “Sanction Heretic now also applies Vex and Scourge, if known”.
    • Supplicant’s Haste now also increases the chance for Word of Life to proc, if known, by 5%.
    • Healing Remnant: The HoT/Absorb Healing Remnant Stack on allies has dropped from 2% to 1% per stack. However, they’ve added the following additional buff: “Shield of Oak and Glacial Shield reapply themselves if they are consumed within 5s of their initial application.
    • Stronghold has been changed to Benevolent Presence. The Guard buff still remains, but it now has the Inquisitor Armor buff originally in Divine Inspiration to allow Inquisitor Armor buffs to apply all Inquisitor Armor buffs. [Note: The Armor stacking is bugged out since this latest PTS Update on 23rd Sept 2014.]
    • Divine Inspiration now includes “Doctrine of Authority applies Censure to the enemy and no longer consumes a Conviction on cast.”
    • Righteous Protection: The Block Mitigation/Guard increase is now ‘from equipment’. Also, added “Increases the chance for Clear the Coals to proc, if known, by 5%.”
  • Mage Masteries. [Image]

    • Polarity changed so that it is a curse on an enemy. Cast-time and channeled abilities cast by the Mage will reduce the cooldown on Polarity by 2s. Only affect 1 enemy for 60s. Polarity’s damaging ability does Ethereal damage – instant, with 30sec CD. Can only be cast on an enemy with the Polarity debuff.
    • Arcane Manipulation abilities are now off-GCD for damage-based abilities. The interrupt and normal Ethereal damage abilities’ damage has been halved.
    • Sparkling Destruction now also increases the range of Blade Rush and Avalanche by 10m.
  • Rogue Masteries. [Image]

    • Energy Manipulation is now off-GCD for the damage-based abilities.
    • Apothecary’s Will abilities reworded but seems to do the same things as before.
    • Repetitive Strikes. Changed wording so it increases damage of Combo Point generating abilities by 3% instead of ‘Combo Point gain abilities’.
    • Timed Focus added new buff – Increases the duration of your Rhythmic Actions by 6s.
    • Through the Ether added new ability – When using Shadow Stalk, Shadow Assault or Shadow Blitz, the Rogue will Plane Shift behind their target.
    • Unstoppable now also revives ally with 100% hp and receive 30% less damage for 5sec when using Kiss of Life. The damage reduction effect ends when the revived ally uses a combat ability (so they can still re-buff with no issues).
    • Boundless Energy no longer increases the Rogue’s max energy by 10. Instead, it now allow damaging abilities to have a 20% chance to restore 4 energy. Can occur once every 3s. It also increases max stack count of Silver Tip Munitions by 5.
    • Revitalize now also increases range of Planar Strike by 20m.
    • Adamant Resolve now also reduces cooldown of Death from the Shadows by 15s.
    • Safeguard now increases your Block Mitigation and Guard rating from items by 5% (instead of from all stats).
    • Aggressive Defense now also reduces the cooldown of Shadow Fire by 2s whenever you cast Quick Shot.
    • Soul Steal’s heal effect has been reduced from 5% to 4% of your Max HP over 5sec.
  • Warrior Masteries. [Image]

    • Power Manipulation abilities are now all off-GCD for the damage-based abilities. Damage increased for the normal Ethereal damage and damage-on-interrupt abilities.
    • Deliberate Strikes now also increases range of your charges and teleports by 4m.
    • Energy Reserves now also increases the no. of Avatar buffs you can have active by 1.
    • Relentless now also allows your Soul Redemption battle rez to revive an ally to 100% of their health and make them receive 30% less damage for 5s. This damage reduction is removed if they use a combat ability.
    • Steadfast Soul’s heal passive can now only happen once every 10s. Also, a new passive – reduces the cooldown of Burst Synergy by 30s.
    • Soul Regeneration now also increases the range of Pacifying Strike and Reckless Strike by 20m.
    • Enduring Survival now also has the following passive: “While Storm Shield, Stone Shield, Weapon Defense or Shield of Will is active, your Armor is increased by 2,000 and your resists are increased by 65. Can only occur once every 30s.
    • Shield Wall’s Block Mitigation and Guard rating increase is now based on your item stats rather than all stats (after bonuses/etc).
    • Dying Breath’s heal passive has now been reduced from 5% to 4% of your Max HP over 5s. Dying Breath also increases the duration of Berserker and Juggernaut’s Bearing buffs by 5s.
    • Resonating Strikes now also reduces ability cost by 5% during Wavelength.
  • You can check out full images of all abilities in our updated RIFT: Nightmare Tide – Masteries Article.
  • Further Warrior Reaver Changes. Vladd has posted additional Reaver changes: [r]
    • Power Leech takes the place of Lingering Shadows in Tier 7.
    • Lingering Shadows is now 2 points: Infestation has a 50%/100% chance to add an additional Attack Point.
    • From the Shadows is now 5 points: Increases damage done by Dire Blow and Ravaging Strike when attacking from behind by 2/4/6/8/10%.
  • New Warfront Renamed. The upcoming Level 60-64 and Level 65 Warfront ‘Battle of the Numeral Eleven’ has been renamed to ‘Ghar Station Eyn’ on the PTS.

    Ghar Station Eyn Warfront Objective

    Ghar Station Eyn Warfront Objective

  • Trion posts Nightmare Rifts Article. Trion has posted an Article with brief information about Nightmare Rifts that are coming in 3.0. [r]
  • More Minions Info. Snedhepl has revealed that when you pick up an adventure you have an equal chance of getting any adventure. However, if you do not use the ‘hurry’ button, the adventure you just completed will go on a cooldown [r] and won’t appear until a few hours later. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • MMORPG.com’s RIFT: Nightmare Tide – First Impressions. TheHiveLeader takes a quick 3min look at Nightmare Tide. Fast talking, lots of cut-screens. Interesting watch and might put a smile on your face. 😀 [Video]
  • MikeD discovers Lunar Eclipse on NT Launch! MikeD has discovered that there’s a total lunar eclipse on 8th Oct 2014 (Nightmare Tide Launch Date). Qinkydink? I think not! [r]

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