RIFT posts “Nightmare Rifts: Endless Torment, Endless Rewards” Article

Trion Nightmare Rifts Feature Image

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Trion have posted a “Nightmare Rifts: Endless Torment, Endless Rewards” Article about – you guess it – Nightmare Rifts.


  • Tier 1 Nightmare Rifts can appear or be opened in all zones when Nightmare Tide launches.
  • There’s an infinite amount of timed stages. However, with each stage, the mobs get harder so you will need more DPS and heals to make the timer.
  • Stages differ. Some will have a large amount of mobs, others with more complicated mechanics or even a colossal boss.
  • Loot involves new loot, achievements, chest drops, access to higher-tier Nightmare Rifts as well as special Nightmare Caches and end-game Essences.
  • You also receive boss loot here and there as well as artifacts from Nightmare Rift-specific artifact sets, and Ghar faction notoriety (vendor sells essences).

You can check out the article here.

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