Livestream Summary: 24th Sept 2014 – Tarken Glacier + Glacial Maw

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Trion had their 24th September 2014 Wednesday Livestream where they briefly showed off Tarken Glacier and the Glacial Maw dungeon.

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Trion had their 24th September 2014 Wednesday Livestream with Livestreamer “Cole” Marshall, DEV_Anony, Senior Environment Artist Len “Lenny” Williams and ‘Dungeon Stuff’ Marko “Epsiry” Sohrakoff.

As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Tarken Glacier

Tarken Glacier Scenery

Tarken Glacier Scenery. Elephant skulls.

DEV_Anony briefly showed off the Tarken Glacier zone. Not much in terms of lore info but the livestreamers mainly talked about environment artists and their role in creating zones like Tarken Glacier.

  • Lore comes up with the idea; ‘concepticons’ create concept art and mood piece and then the environment team creates the environments and fills in any holes from the concept art.
  • There’s two staff members on terrain that makes layouts.
  • Design team gives information on which areas will have certain activities or points of interest and the environment team works around that.
  • Team works with Maya, ZBrush and Photoshop.
Tarken Glacier Scenery 2

Tarken Glacier Scenery. Mount Sharax with new vfx.

Anony showed off a new sky effect that occurs at certain points near Mount Sharax.

Tarken Glacier Scenery 3

Tarken Glacier Scenery. Cosmic Tear.

Initially thought this was Matrodraum, but Matrodraum doesn’t have those 3 horns coming out of its face. Could be an updated model for Matrodraum, or perhaps a different creature. To the left are Threngar and two Sharax giants. To the right is either Bulf or Finric (probably Bulf).

No explanation was given for what was happening here.

Not much was explained or revealed for the zone itself. Most you can take out of it is that there’s a whole bunch of white and hints of blue.

Glacial Maw

Glacial Maw Scenery 1

Glacial Maw. Izbithu.

Glacial Maw is a Level 64-65 Normal Dungeon in Tarken Glacier based around the frozen lake creature, the Akvan, Izbithu. There’s also an Expert version. DEV_Anony stated that this dungeon would be fairly challenging.

Nothing much was revealed for each boss fight – instead it was more a quick tour of the area’s visuals with bosses killed with dev cheats before they could reveal much of their mechanics.

First up, you go through an area just short of Izbithu herself, taking down frozen adds that begin to re-awaken, followed by four crazy researcher NPCs.


Glacial Maw Scenery Shigoroth

Glacial Maw. Shigoroth.

First boss is an ice-ish dragon with skin that looks like a shark/thresher. This is a resurrected dragon that spawns adds. Also has a breath ability. Given it’s a dragon and it has a tail, it probably has a tail swipe mechanic as well. Nothing else known about this boss.


Glacial Maw Scenery Apotheon

Glacial Maw. Apotheon.

The guard to Izbithu’s maw, Apotheon was created by Izbithu before she became frozen. He spawns from a mountain of frozen corpses and is an amalgamation of a variety of creatures, including crazed researchers and other spare parts. He is infused with an Akvan spirit.

Only thing known about him is that he creates blue sphere AoE like the ones you’ll see frequently in other parts of the Plane of Water. Standing in them deals damage.

There’s also blue crystals around the encounter.


Glacial Maw Scenery Toknoth

Glacial Maw. Toknoth.

Once you defeat Apotheon, you can journey inside Izbithu via her gaping maw. First boss inside her is Toknoth, an ‘ice hellbug’ that is one of several parasitic bugs living within Izbithu.

The main thing shown was that adds spawn and Toknoth goes to a nearby egg and apparently does something (but was killed before anything could happen).

Cosmologist Mann

Glacial Maw Scenery Cosmologist Mann

Glacial Maw. Cosmologist Mann.

Cosmologist Mann is the final boss of Glacial Maw. He is dedicated to reviving Izbithu. As the livestreamers put it, he is quite the surgeon/necromancer.

Nothing at all was revealed about the fight since he was dev killed pretty quickly.

Apparently something is supposed to happen with the heart but Anony went through the exit portal and by the time he ran all the way back whatever roleplay that was supposed to occur was over.

Livestream Giveaways

During the Livestream, a handful of livestream chat channel viewers received:

  • 1x Ducklar companion pet to 5 livestream viewers.
  • 1x Nightmare Tide Ultimate Edition Pack to 1 lucky livestream viewer!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Livestream Summary 24th Sept 2014 Livestreamers

(From Left to Right: Cole, Marko, Lenny, Anony)

And this:

And This

Not too much was revealed or explained this time around. Would have been nice to get a longer look at Glacial Maw or the story behind Tarken Glacier, but guess we’ll have to wait for players to post videos/livestreams when 3.0 hits.

Stay tuned this Friday for another RIFT livestream. No information currently on what topic they’ll go over this time.

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2 Comments on “Livestream Summary: 24th Sept 2014 – Tarken Glacier + Glacial Maw”

  1. September 24, 2014 at 7:22 pm #

    I’m determined to catch the next livestream. Been totally preoccupied with blog stuff today, time’s just vanished.

    Great write up, as always. Nice to finally see with the bizarre frozen worm guy is.. kinda. 🙂

  2. Mirandiral
    September 24, 2014 at 7:34 pm #

    So Captain Cursor “makes” the game, lol. Dat storyline control.

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