3.0 Beta Key Giveaway Winners

Contest Nightmare Tide Tarken Glacier Feature Image

Thanks to all those who entered into the recent 3.0 Beta Key Giveaway held within the last 24hrs!

Using Randomizer, we’ve got ourselves 3 winners from the contest here:

3.0 Beta Key Giveaway 25th Sept 2014_SHORT

  • Seniin@Brutwacht
  • Palamouche@Brisesol
  • Mell@Zaviel

The 2x Twitter giveaways were won by:

  • Tramas@Wolfsbane
  • Kittiemarie@Faeblight

Thanks to CM Ocho for the beta keys!

Another 3x Beta Key giveaways on the RIFT forums (thanks to WockyCC for the beta keys!) were won by:

  • Khazadum@Hailol
  • Durps@Greybriar
  • Rusila@Gelidra

Congratulations to all winners!

Please be aware that Draumheim is still under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (‘NDA’) but all other aspects of the expansion can be openly discussed/streamed.

For anyone who is interested, we collected all 127 entries and used a List Randomizer found on www.random.org. The top three entries were deemed the winner.

*Discrepancies between comment total and no. of entries inputted into the Randomizer are due to comments that were not entries, or ones that were too suspicious to add in (i.e. same IP address with a 1min apart submission). We understand that some submissions may have been husband/wife, parent/child-type submissions. However, we’ve made a judgment call to only include one of them for submission purposes.

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