RIFT News Tidbits 25th September 2014

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A few tidbits of information for RIFT for 25th September 2014. Check them out below:


  • Glyph Client was updated. Glyph Client was updated today with a small patch.
  • Zone Event Lures. MikeD has responded to the thread about Zone Event Lure suggestions stating that Dead Simon probably doesn’t want Unstable Zone Event Lures up just yet. He also mentioned that there is an internal cooldown on frequency of zone events to prevent abuse. The Zone Event Lure will tell you how long until the zone event is off cooldown. [r]
  • PTS Update 25th Sept 2014. Small ~110MB update with Masteries changes, Minions UI additions, puzzle rewards up and other small changes. More info can be found here.

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Rhen of Fate 10-man Testing Video. DEV_SupermanSocks livestreamed Rhen of Fate 10-man Raid testing today. You can check out the recorded video here (2hrs+).
  • Further Masteries Changes. Some more Masteries changes for each class. Changes detailed here.
  • Mage Pyromancer Changes. Kervik has posted further updates to Mage Pyromancer soul coming in the expansion: [r]
    • Pyromania now increases the effect of Spell Power on Fire abilities by 2/4/6/8/10%.
    • Incinerating Flames no longer allows Heat Wave to remove Crowd Control effects.
    • Fusillade can no longer be channeled while moving.
  • Minions UI Further Updates. Again, more updates for Minions. [r] This time mainly adding in a whole bunch of animations and sound effects. There’s also a new size slider to change the size of the Minions UI available on PTS under Settings -> Interface -> Display. [r]
    • Adventure cards now have animations for flying in and out of the middle slot (these animations are too slow and will be faster in a future update).
    • Selecting a minion (when it first fills the middle slot) now has an animation.
    • Sending minions on an adventure now has an animation.
    • When a new card is revealed, it too now has an animation.
    • Card animations now have sounds, they are a work in progress and are still being adjusted.
    • Stamina and attributes now have tooltips.

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