Nightmare Tide Open Beta Begins

Nightmare Tide PTS Update Feature Image

Nightmare Tide’s Open Beta has now begun on the Public Test Shard with the latest PTS Update.

  • To access the Public Test Shard, follow this information here.
  • To access the Plane of Water, click on your nearest Porticulum Master and click on the Plane of Water icon in the top-right of the Porticlum mini-map. Then click on the Luminous Passage porticulum in the bottom-left corner to begin your journey.
  • You can check out what is being added with the expansion here – this might give you some information on what to look out for on the PTS.

Table of Contents:

  • Points of Interest
  • Experience Bug
  • Mentoring Up
  • Common Questions

Points of Interest

A few key points of interest:

  • Atragarian Well in Goboro Reef has Savant Crafters.
Goboro Reef Atragarian Well

Atragarian Well’s Savant Trainer room. It’s in a room on the first ‘bridge’.

  • Ghar Stations in Goboro Reef, Draumheim and Tarken Glacier have Nightmare Rift vendors and dailies.
Location Tirhin Vohonar Nightmare Rift Instance NPC

Location Tirhin Vohonar Nightmare Rift Instance NPC

  • You can also obtain Nightmare Rift lures in the RIFT Store -> Rifts -> Nightmare section.
  • Draumheim’s Margle Palace also has Savant Crafters as well as all notoriety vendors, dailies, new Raid Rift Lures/etc. It will also become the new 3.0 city hub.
Getting to Margle Palace

Getting to Margle Palace from Luminous Passage.

Have fun all and be sure to report any bugs you see using the in-game feedback!

Experience Bug

  • Have negative exp when you’re on the PTS? Relog to fix it.

Mentoring Up

You can mentor up by right-clicking your Character Portrait (if you are not Lvl 65) and choose ‘Enable’ for ‘Sidekicking’. This will mean that you will mentor up to the highest level (or mentored level) player in your group.

  • So for example you might be in a group of 4 Level 60s. If the 5th player is Level 63 and you have Sidekicking enabled, you will mentor up to Level 63.
  • This should allow you to go to higher-level dungeons. However, only when manually entering – you won’t be able to mentor up for randoms.

This should allow you to make normal NT dungeons easier or to survive higher-level zones if you are a lower level. It should also allow you to – say – experience the Level 62 Glacial Maw dungeon as a Level 60 (as long as you are mentored up to Level 62 or above).

Common Questions

  • How do you get Planewalker: Water Attunement? A: Either via Nightmare Tide Digital Edition Packs or through an in-game method. In-game method currently unknown.
  • How do I get to Level 65? A: ask someone who has the Level 65 potion (or access to it) to trade with you. There’s usually players handing them out in Tempest Bay if you ask.
  • Where is the Rhen of Fate Sliver entrance? A: At (6362, 4218) to the north of Port Scuddra in Tarken Glacier. You will need Omen/Quantum Sight buff up. Afterwards, type “/setwaypoint 6362 4218” in chat (without quotation marks) and it’ll create the waypoint for you.

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One Comment on “Nightmare Tide Open Beta Begins”

  1. BadgerBadger
    September 30, 2014 at 7:57 am #

    My first impression of this expansion is very bad. Navigating (as in all underwater zones in every MMO since, well…ever) is a giant pain in the ass. The color are way too dull for the environment. I had to adjust the colors on my monitor to the point where when I was outside of the game I was practically blinded.

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