PTS Datamining for 1st October 2014

Datamining 1st Oct 2014 Feature Image

A large ~1.7GB PTS Update hit on 1st October 2014 which added a whole bunch of weapons, synergy crystals, models, new mobs, visuals and removal of some Level 60 daily experience. Check out screenshots and further information on what’s up on the PTS here.

Below you can find information on the datamined files that came with this update:


  • Instance Maps Updated.
  • Loading Screens Added.
  • Polish on Architecture.
  • More Thresher Mounts – Nightmare.
  • Other Skins/Models –

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Instance Maps Update

A whole bunch of instances have now gotten maps.

Rhen of Fate Map

Rhen of Fate Dungeon Map

Rhen of Fate 10-man Raid Map

Pretty sure this is the Tier 1 10-man Raid “Rhen of Fate”, although I haven’t been in it. DEV_SupermanSocks did a livestream of it so I’m almost certain it’s located at Port Scuddra.

Ghar Station Eyn Map

Another Dungeon Map

Ghar Station Eyn

Although I’ve never been inside the warfront (queue hasn’t popped), I am almost 100% certain this is Ghar Station Eyn – the new warfront. The symmetry is a dead giveaway.

Citadel of Insanity Map

Citadel of Insanity Dungeon Map

Citadel of Insanity Dungeon Map

One of the Level 65 expert dungeons – Citadel of Insanity. Takes you from the north gate of the Draumheim city all the way to Margle Palace.

Glacial Maw Map

Glacial Maw Dungeon Map

Glacial Maw Dungeon Map

Glacial Maw is both a Level 62-65 Normal Dungeon and a Level 65 Expert Dungeon. Starts off just outside the frozen Izbithu and then journeys inside her.

Gyel Fortress Map

Gyel Fortress Dungeon Map

Gyel Fortress Dungeon Map

A nice-looking dungeon that takes place mostly inside Gyel Fortress. It is both a Level 60-65 Normal Dungeon and Level 65 Expert Dungeon.

Loading Screens Added

Goboro Reef Loading Screens

Goboro Reef Loading Screens

There’s a bunch of new loading screens added to Goboro Reef that will likely display either at random or depending on your progression through the story line.

General Plane of Water Loading Screen

General Plane of Water Loading Screen

A new Plane of Water Loading Screen has also popped up with Lord Arak in all his glory in front of Mount Sharax in Tarken Glacier.

Polish on Architecture

Even more polish to architecture and other world environment objects. Even more ‘clumps’ of plants, metal scraps and other doodads. Again, probably to improve load times in Draumheim. There’s also more snow-covered platform and terrain models for Tarken Glacier.

Nothing interesting to show that hasn’t already been datamined previously.

Tarken Glacier Clumps

Draumheim Model CLumps

Draumheim Model Clumps

The main additional architecture models of note are the large clumps for Tarken Glacier towns. Again, these models are all clumped together, probably to improve load times.

More Thresher Mounts

I’ve datamined a purple and fire-based Thresher mount in previous datamining. This time round we have another skin for the Thresher mount – Nightmare.

Nightmare Thresher Mount Skin

Nightmare Thresher Mount Skin

  • Z:/TWN/art/project/ep2/character/creature/sharknoid/rig/

Red eyes, a green glow to the fin and claws. Some green glitter, some nightmare eyes and legs with ‘pulled/stretched-tendon’ look similar to most Tribulation/Nightmare-based creatures.

Other Skins/Models

Some Kind of Skin

Some Kind of Mob Skin

Some Kind of Skin

No clue what it is. Is it an Ursin skin mount but with a more skull-like head? Could also be some kind of mutant. The gold and black armor looks similar to the new eel/serpent mob skins at Moonriven Breach so this could be the ranged mob skin replacer.

As Serein mentions in the comments section, in the 3rd Oct Livestream, Trion mentioned that there would be a ‘Flaming Skull’ item for Autumn Harvest World Event this year. Looking at the above skin, this could be the ‘Flaming Skull’ item. Possibly either a mount or costume. Has a skull, it’s reddish-brown, has ‘bone’-like joint skins and metal armor + leather areas.

Various Nightmare Tide Rigs

Various Nightmare Tide Rigs

Various Nightmare Tide Rigs

A whole bunch of new rigs.

  • Multiple Mistwalkers – perhaps a slight change to their look for Nightmare Tide.
  • A ‘Colossus Life God King Crab’ rig. Perhaps a zone event boss.
  • Multiple variants of sheep rigs that looks more or less the same rig-wise.
  • A ‘seacap boss’ rig – perhaps changing up what the Seacap Mob Boss looks like (the one at the start of Draumheim zone).
  • Finric has 3 versions of himself as he progresses through the zones.
  • A razer shrimp critter rig.

Tribulation Weaponry Skins

More Tribulation Weaponry Skins

More Tribulation Weaponry Skins

More Tribulation/Nightmare weaponry skins! Some of the missing skins on the PTS might be contained here. Uploaded but not yet visible on PTS.

Onir Weaponry Skins

More Onir Weaponry Skins

More Onir Weaponry Skins

More Onir weaponry. Looks like a mace, axe and the halves of two shield skins. Possibly drops in Draumheim.

More Nightmare Tide Weaponry Models

More Nightmare Tide Weaponry Models

And here’s some models. First two are the nightmare shields and the rest look to be some of the Onir weaponry. A sword, mace, axe and two shields.

Armor Set #3 Skins

Nightmare Tide Armor Set 3 Skins

Nightmare Tide Armor Set 3 Skins

Nightmare Tide Armor Set 3 Skins 2

Nightmare Tide Armor Set 3 Skins 2

Nightmare Tide Armor Set 3 Skins 3

Nightmare Tide Armor Set 3 Skins 3

A whole bunch of skins compiled for what is possibly the third armor set (Quest Gear Set) that Daglar mentioned previously. At the very least, these are definitely armor set skins given how previous armor set skins have been datamined. These are also definitely not the Abyssal Crusader or Frost Seeker set skins.

Finric Stage 3

Finrir Stage 3

Finric Stage 3 Skins

Finric has a new look – or at least in Tarken Glacier with some additional Skelf bling.

Tarken Glacier Wall Decor

Tarken Glacier Wall Decor

Tarken Glacier Wall Decor

As mentioned in the PTS Update, Trion has added in a whole bunch of new textures and models to Draumheim and Tarken Glacier. This looks to be one of those snow-covered additions.

Threngar/Ice Giant Head

Threngar Head

Threngar/Ice Giant Head Skin

Looks to be Threngar’s head, pre-ice-tusk-breakage. This looks to be him before he broke his ‘tusks’ and attached them to his arms as katars. There’s also a model/rig datamined with only his head. Seems to be part of a quest.

Could also just be a general Sharax Giant head for a quest.

Frostgiant Head Model

Frostgiant Head Model. “I once had a beard like you, then I broke it”.

The model. It’s just a head.

Other Skins

Various other datamined skins

Various other datamined skins

A few other skins.

  • Top two are new coral skins.
  • Middle-left: ‘Mime’ hat.
  • Middle-right: No clue. Perhaps another mask or some kind of architecture decor.
  • Bottom-left: The yellow haze that you see above Draumheim.
  • Bottom-right: The new Sea Sponge skin.

Even more polish for Draumheim and Tarken Glacier. Another Thresher mount and it looks like the datamined files contained that 3rd armor set.

The PTS update itself added a lot that is visible to all players including Tier 1 Relic weapons, synergy crystals, notoriety gear and a ton of new mobs in the Draumheim city districts. You can check screenshots and further information on the PTS Update here.

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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2 Comments on “PTS Datamining for 1st October 2014”

  1. Serein
    October 3, 2014 at 2:29 pm #

    Livestream today, Daglar mentioned an upcoming thing with a flaming fire skull (mount maybe?). Seems to be possibly that skin you datamined up there with the skull perhaps?

    • October 3, 2014 at 2:34 pm #

      Yea they mentioned a new Flaming Skull costume for Autumn Harvest. That skull skin definitely looks like it could be it! Quite fleshy.

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