RIFT News Tidbits 1st-3rd October 2014

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A whole heap of Nightmare Tide-related information for RIFT for 1st-3rd October 2014. Check them out below:


  • Cleaning up Currencies. There are plans to remove old world sourcestone currencies (the ones prior to Level 50 Inscribed Sourcestones) and convert them all to planarite. This is low-priority though. [r] This will not occur for the 3.0 patch cycle and Trion will provide advance notice when this conversion happens. [r]
  • Quest Completion Delay to be Fixed. MrScary has announced that the delay on the ‘Quest Complete’ vfx announcement will be fixed for Live servers with the next patch. [r]
  • PTS Update for 1st Oct 2014. A 1.74GB update on the PTS introducing a new Crabnarok mount, Deathbound Steel Bundle, multiple new models & polish, removal of old daily experience, Savant Dream Orbs and more! Check out screenshots and full details here. Datamining for this update (which includes new armor skins) can also be found here.
  • PTS Update for 3rd Oct 2014. Just two days later and we get another 1.07GB update on the PTS. This time featuring further model replacements, polish, Minion system additions, multiple Masteries changes and new Level 65 PvP weeklies. Check all the details here. [Nightmare Caterpillar – mighty fine.]

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Open Beta Testing Focus. MikeD has listed a few primary areas that Trion would love feedback on for the open beta testing on the Public Test Shard. [r] Listed below:
    • Standard & Expert NT Dungeons: bugs, difficulty, and itemization.
    • Shadow From the Beyond Lvl 65 Chronicle: test difficulty with questing gear.
    • Instant Adventure in Goboro Reef.
    • Art bugs; Fall-through-the-world issues.
    • Nightmare Rifts: How high can you go in the various tiers? What do you think about loot?
    • Exploits. “We’ll name a skelf after you.”
  • Savant Crafters Tempest Bay. Daglar has confirmed that Savant Craft/Gathering Trainers will be made available in Tempest Bay so that you can start leveling up your crafting and gathering professions without having to go to the Atragarian Well first. [r]
  • Level 60 Daily Quests Change. A lot of Level 60 Daily and Weekly quests have had their experience reward removed on the PTS. Some only reward PA Exp now as mentioned here. Daglar has confirmed this was done because they were intended as end-game activity and not a source of leveling experience. [r]
  • Trion Mastery Abilities: Behind the Scenes Article. Trion added a “RIFT 3.0 Feature Preview: Masteries” article to the RIFT website, briefly going over what Masteries contains. You can check it out here.
  • Minions UI Update. Unconsumed Minion cards’ tooltips now have attribute info; Minions now up on RIFT Store and both the ‘Hurry’ feature and 10hr Adventure cards can now be used with Aventurine currency. Please provide any feeedback here.

Daglar on Weekly Currency Cap

The introduction of a weekly currency cap for Nightmare Tide open world currency (Void Stones) has had quite a response from parts of the player base. A lot of posts were made by Daglar on this issue so I have compiled them in their own section below:

  • All major currencies in Nightmare Tide have a cap. [r] [The weekly caps currently are: 35k for Void Stones; 15k for Abyssal Crusader’s Marks and 4.5k for Fragments of Horror].
  • Daglar explains that since the quality of gear is the same for World and Expert vendor gear, Trion cannot have a type of currency that has no cap on weekly gain whilst the other has a cap. [r] The stats are based on requests from players in the past to make World gear better. [r]
  • Other option is to have no Void Stone gear or nerf the stats significantly. [r]
  • Daglar also compared estimated time to gear up on SL Expert Gear compared to Void Stone gear. [r]
  • He did mention the cap values are subject to change. [r]

As for concerns over how close you are to reaching the weekly cap, you will get a chat message telling you how close you are to the weekly cap each time you earn currency. [r]

Have feedback or suggestions for the introduction of a weekly cap on Nightmare Tide’s open world currency? Check out the current active thread on the topic here.

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • “United we Stand” Dimension by Unity CH II @ Gelidra. Dimensiondiva has posted a nice article on the “United we Stand” dimension by Unity CH II @ Gelidra. A brilliant house with a moat, waterwheel, inspiring balcony, lounge and some interesting paintings and murals to boot. Check out Dimensiondiva’s article on the “United we Stand” article, which includes a nice slideshow of the dimension here.
  • Godlike Arena 3v3 PvP Tournament – Championship Matches. GrimGamerTV livestreamed yesterdays Godlike Arena 3v3 PvP Tournament’s Championship Matches. Check our a recorded version of the video here. Starts 28min 30secs into the recording.

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