Trion adds Masteries Preview Article

Masteries Preview Feature Image

Trion has added a “RIFT 3.0 Feature Preview: Masteries” article to their main site with Kervik (Cleric/Mage Class Lead) explaining what the new Masteries system entails.


  • You get a tier of Masteries for every level above 60, allowing you to choose one Mastery amongst multiple options per tier.
  • No new soul points. “We had balance in mind” since increasingly higher soul points would have made balancing the souls a nightmare.
  • Masteries are per role/spec. You can change in-combat. You can choose different Masteries for different roles/specs.
  • Most Masteries provide both a general primary bonus as well as a second bonus/es that are for aimed at individual souls/abilities.
  • Level 61-64 Masteries are passive abilities whilst Level 65 Mastery choices are active abilities.
  • Masteries introduces new Ethereal damage that ignores 100% of enemy resistance and armor.
  • Mastery bonuses are multiplicative with all other bonuses of the same type. This differs from soul tree passive bonuses which are additive.

You can check out the full article here. You can also check out full ability lists here. (Note that Masteries are constantly being adjusted on the PTS, but I’ll try to update the ability lists as often as possible).

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