PTS Update for 3rd October 2014

PTS Update 3rd Oct 2014 Feature Image

A large ~1.07GB update hit the Public Test Shard for 3rd October 2014.

You can check out the datamined files for this update here.


  • Masteries Changes
  • Minion System Additions
  • Crabnarok Lock Box
  • Gear Price Changes
  • New PvP Quests
  • Achievements Additions
  • Other Updates

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Masteries Changes

Further changes to Masteries for each class. A few changes to Manipulation abilities. Rogues also have their 4th Level 65 Mastery and Warriors have two new Level 65 Masteries.

Cleric Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Essence Manipulation’s three abilities (dmg, interrupt dmg, cleanse) has been completely replaced with a self buff ability that puts a debuff on your target, making your next 5 damaging abilities deal an extra x Ethereal damage to the enemy. Lasts 30sec.
  • Punishing Strike now has a 10sec CD (up from 6) and no longer refreshes Eruption of Life.

Mage Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Polarity cooldown gives +9 Charge.
  • Phantom Stream gives +15 Charge (up from 9).
  • Arcane Manipulation’s three abilities (dmg, interrupt dmg, cleanse) has been completely replaced with a self buff ability that puts a debuff on your target, making your next 5 damaging abilities deal an extra x Ethereal damage to the enemy. Lasts 30sec. [Bug: The debuff is using the Cleric’s ‘Essence Manipulation’ name].
  • Calculated Annihilation. Removed “Casting Nature’s Fury reduces the global cooldown from the next 3 casts of Withering Vine, within 8s, to 0.”. Added in “Increases the duration of Withering Vine by 100%”.
  • Healing Exigency. Additional passive: “Increases the range of your non-melee damaging abilities by 5m. Does not stack with other range increasing effects”.

Rogue Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Energy Manipulation’s interrupt ability no longer does damage.
  • New Level 65 Mastery: Planar Conservation. “Reduces ability cost by 5%. Does not stack with Living Energy, Anthem of Fervor, or Marshaled Favor. Lasts 1h.” Raid Buff. 10 Energy. Instant.
  • Repetitive Strikes: Replaced the Combo Point passive to “Combo Point generating attacks place a stack of Repeated Strikes on you, increasing your damage by 2% per stack. Max Stacks: 3. Lasts for 15s.
  • Timed Focus. Damage increase replaced with “Increases the critical chance of your Combo Point generating abilities by 3%”.
  • Through the Ether. Ethereal damage passive increased from 5% to 7%. Also added new passive: “Biofeedback also deals life damage to up to 5 enemies within 7m of the target”.
  • Soul Steal. New Passive: “Attacking with Puncture, Jagged Strike, or Impale puts a stack of Hemophilia on the target. Each stack of Hemophilia increases Assassin ability damage taken from the Rogue by 1.5% per stack. Max stacks: 3.”

Warrior Masteries Change [Image]

  • Power Manipulation’s interrupt ability no longer does damage.
  • Healer’s Intuition’s Power cost increased from 13 to 20.
  • New Level 65 Mastery: Fluid Movements. “Reduces ability cost by 5%. Does not stack with Living Energy, Anthem of Fervor, or Marshaled Favor. Lasts 1h”. Self Buff. 10 Power. Instant.
  • New Level 65 Mastery: Warlord’s True Form. “The Warrior shows their true might for the next 15s by increasing their damage by 15% removing all movement impairing effects and preventing further applications.” No GCD. 1 min CD. 10 Power.
  • Enduring Survival. Shield passive now increases Armor by 4,000 (up from 2,000). Resists increased by 130 (up from 65).

If the above images become out-dated, check out the main Masteries article which will always have the latest images.

Minion System Additions

Use for Aventurine

Aventurine Currency Use Minions

Aventurine Currency Use Minions

Aventurine – the special Minion currency that you earn from sending your Minions off on Adventures – is now an option for the 10hr Adventure fee and Hurry costs.

Thus far:

  • 10hr Adventures cost either 40 Aventurines or 20 Credits (18 for Patrons) to start.
  • In order to complete an Adventure immediately, you can use the ‘Hurry’ button. It costs either Aventurine or Credits.
  • The amount you pay is based on time left.
    • For 14m 43s left, it costs 35 Aventurine or 35 Credits (31 for Patrons).
    • For 9h 59m 6s left, it costs 250 Aventurine or 175 Credits (157 for Patrons).

Minions on RIFT Store

Minion Starter Pack

Minion Starter Pack

Under RIFT Store -> Pets -> Minions there is now a “Minion Start Pack” for 1,000 Credits (900 for Patrons). This contains a selection of minions with two attributes each as well as 500 Aventurine.

RIFT Store Premium Minion Cards PTS Oct 3rd

RIFT Store Premium Minion Cards PTS Oct 3rd

As well as the plat-based Minion Cards already available via Stofie, there’s now a ‘Premium’ section with 5 more Minion Cards for Credits-only. These cards all have two attributes.


Interestingly if you CTRL+left-click a Minion Card, you can see its full model. Minion Card: Wilson is rather interesting – wonder if there is a companion pet version of it. Looks to be a re-model/re-skin of the Owl-based companion pets.

Attributes Tooltip

When you hover over Minion Card items/consumables (so pre-consume), the tooltip now tells you exactly what Attributes the Minion Card contains.

Crabnarok Lock Box

Cobalt Crabnarok Supply and Lockboxes

Cobalt Crabnarok Supply and Lockboxes

Patron Weekly Gifts no longer drop Cobalt Crabnarok Supply Crates. They instead drop the old Budgie Supply Crates that only scale to 60. Cobalt Crabnarok Supply Crates are instead available under RIFT Store -> Chests & Keys for 650 Credits each (585 for Patrons). All other Supply Crates have been removed.

However, mobs now have a chance of dropping various grades of Crabnarok Lock Boxes. They use the old Lock Box Keys to unlock so those seem to remain useful through the transition to the expansion.

Level 65 Lockbox Gear Examples

Level 65 Lockbox Gear Examples

Items dropped include the usual stuff, scaled to your level (up to 65). Also can drop Minions cards, Deathbound Steel Bundle and the new Cobalt Crabnarok mount (no previews available).

For the lockbox gear, you need Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators bought with Abyssal Crusader’s Marks to upgrade. And yes, Chests and Legs in Nightmare Tide now have the Hit stat.

Gear Price Changes

As Daglar mentioned in the livestream on 3rd October, prices are being constantly changed on the PTS.

The latest changes:

  • Void Source Accelerator cost increased from 15,000 Void Stones to 17,500.
  • Most prices increased in the previous update. (Unfortunately didn’t keep track of those).
  • Void Seekers set seems to have changed. Pretty sure Helms used to cost more than one weekly cap worth of Void Stones:
    • Gloves/Belt/Boots: 28,000 Void Stones
    • Helm/Shoulders: 35,000 Void Stones
    • Chest/Legs: 70,000 Void Stones
  • Void Stones Weekly Cap still 35,000.

New PvP Quests

Location Stuttk Fyrirthig Nightmare Tide PvP Weekly

Stuttk Fyrirthig Nightmare Tide PvP Weekly NPC

A whole bunch of PvP Weeklies have popped up outside Margle Palace in Draumheim at (5623, 5453) from Stuttk Fyrirthig and Mercenary Mortimer.

Nightmare Tide PvP Quests

Nightmare Tide PvP Quests

They reward 500x Abyssal Crusader’s Marks (‘dungeon’) and 100x Fragments of Horror (‘raid’) each.

New Type of PvP Weekly

As you may have noticed in the above image, there’s a new weekly “Defeat Ascended Enemies 0/1000”. This is based on kills in Warfronts and the Open World. It will be interesting to see whether this reinvigorates open world PvP at all on Seastone or whether players will just stick with Warfront kills.

Warfront Random

Random Warfront Daily gives 400x Abbysal Crusader’s Marks and 50x Fragments of Horror, just like Random Expert Dungeon Dailies.

Zone Additions

A few noticeable additions to zones including new models to replace more placeholders, more loading screens and new instance map icons.

In addition, Margle Palace no longer crashes players due to a previously existing texture bag. (Thanks to Noshei for the confirmation!)

Instance Map Icons

Instance Map Preview Icons

Instance Map Preview Icons

Map Preview Icons for Gyel Fortress, Citadel of Insanity and Glacial Maw have been added in. Normal porticulums are still placeholder.

New Loading Screens

More Loading Screens Tarken Draumheim

More Loading Screens Tarken Draumheim

Last update added in Goboro Reef loading screens, this time for Draumheim and Tarken Glacier.

Porticulum Placeholders Removed

Porticulum Master Changes

Porticulum Master Changes

Porticulum Masters who used to be a bunch of Storm Legion general models have been replaced with models more closely aligned with the lore and surrounding NPCs.

Further Placeholders Adjusted

Fire Thresher

Fire Thresher

A whole bunch of other placeholders have been replaced with new skins. Words of power quest items, certain Akvan totems refurbished, Akvan parasites, a Fire Thresher/Shark NPC and more!

Nightmare Caterpillar

Nightmare Caterpillar. Cresaphin.

And here’s that lovely ‘nightmare caterpillar’ rig datamined before. Very squishy. He/She is Cresaphin, the second boss of the Citadel of Insanity dungeon.

Achievements Additions

No new achievement points, but new rewards.

Goboro Reef

Rapture on the Reef Achievement

Rapture on the Reef Achievement

A new Minion Card: Deeps is now available under Zones -> RIFT: Nightmare Tide -> Goboro Reef for the “Rapture on the Reef” zone meta achievement.

Nightmare: Master

Nightmare Master Achievement Title Rewards

Nightmare Master Achievement Title Rewards

Nightmare Rift Master meta achievements under Planes -> Nightmare has been given new titles each, as well as Illusory Motes. Illusory Motes are Bound to Account items usually found in Nightmare Caches that are used to upgrade essences and stage skippers found in Nightmare Rifts.

  • Nightmare I: Master – Title: “The Bad Dream” + 5x Illusory Motes.
  • Nightmare II: Master – Title: “The Mad Dreamer” + 6x Illusory Motes.
  • Nightmare III: Master – Title: “The Endless Dreamer” + 7x Illusory Motes.
  • Nightmare IV: Master – Title: “The Drowned Dreamer” + 8x Illusory Motes.
  • Nightmare V: Master – Title: “The Insane” + 9x Illusory Motes.
  • Nightmare VI: Master – Title: “The Dark Delusion” + 10x Illusory Motes.
  • Nightmare VII: Master – Title: “Lady/Lord of Illusion” + 11x Illusory Motes.

Interestingly, they still have Rank VI and VII (the original no. of NM Rift Ranks was 7), even after updating the rewards. Perhaps Trion might be planning on introducing VI and VII in the future – or it’s oversight/miscommunication between those implementing rewards and those responsible for creating Nightmare Rifts.

Other Updates

  • ‘Dust of the Void’ craft component is up on RIFT Store -> Crafting for 9 silver. Was previously 50 Void Stones. Again, placeholder value (and might not end up remaining on the store) for testing purposes.
  • Mages and Rogues still do not have Abyssal Crusader’s gear set model updates.
  • Rhen of Fate 10-man Sliver boss HPs have increased. Ungolok from 58 to 95m hp and the 2nd boss from 25 to 38m hp. (Thanks to mtn for the info!)

Another 1GB+ PTS Update two days after the last 1.7GB update. A few more additions and polish to look through.

You can check out the datamined files for this update here.

Nightmare Tide is in Open Beta right now on the PTS, so check all the changes out for yourself on the PTS!

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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4 Comments on “PTS Update for 3rd October 2014”

  1. mtn
    October 4, 2014 at 10:39 am #

    They changed the Silver aswell. Ungolok now has 95 instead of 58M Hp, the 2nd boss now has 38 instead of 25M Hp per Mob.

    • October 4, 2014 at 7:08 pm #

      Thanks for the info mtn! Guess the testers deemed them too short or easy with no issues avoiding enrage timer.

  2. Noshei
    October 4, 2014 at 1:39 pm #

    Oh one thing that went is was a fix for people crashing when logging in when in Margle. This was related to a texture bug. I received this information directly from the main graphics / performance engineer.

    • October 4, 2014 at 7:08 pm #

      Thanks for the info Noshei! Yea, I was crashing in Margle in the previous update but it seems a lot smoother now. Not needing to load whilst running within the palace, although I still have loading screens pop up every now and then outside.

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