PTS Update + Datamining for 7th October 2014

PTS Update General Feature Image

A decent-sized  673.4MB update hit the Public Test Shard for 7th October 2014.

Again a relatively small update for datamining purposes, so datamining is included below.


  • Masteries Changes – Warrior, Rogue and Mage changes.
  • Gear Price Changes – Various price reductions.
  • Return to Dungeons.
  • Nightmare Rift Summoner.
  • Other Updates
  • Datamining. New outfit icons, earring icons, Minions Feature image and other skins.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Masteries Changes

Some changes to Masteries have hit this PTS Update as well.

Mage Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Arcane Finesse. “Primary Bolts increase the damage of your next 3 non-Primary Bolt abilities by 8% (up from 6%). Lasts 30s.”
  • Sparkling Destruction. The Ethereal damage is now equal to 90% of your Spell Power (up from 25%).

Warrior Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Power Manipulation works just like Cleric and Mage ‘Manipulation’ abilities. No longer 3 abilities. Now “The Warrior’s next 5 damaging abilities deal an additional x to y Ethereal damage. Lasts 30s”. Off-GCD. 30sec CD. 10 Power. Only works on target that is debuffed by Power Manipulation.
  • Warlord’s True Form has been removed and replaced by Power Variation.
    • Power Variation (Damage version): “Channels x Ethereal damage over 3s to the target and up to 7 other enemies within 7 meters of the target. Can move while channeling.” 30m; 3s channel; 1min CD; 22 Power.
    • Power Variation (Heal version): “Restores health to the ally equal to 30% of the Warrior’s Maximum Health each second. Lasts 3s. Can move while channeling.” 35m; 3s channel; 1min CD; 24 Power.
  • Physiology Proficiency. The Combat Focus passive now increases your next 3 casts of Reaping Harvest by 30% (up from 20%) instead of 1 by 50%.

Rogue Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Energy Manipulation works just like Cleric and Mage ‘Manipulation’ abilities. No longer 3 abilities. Now “The Rogue’s next 5 damaging abilities deal an additional x to y Ethereal damage. Lasts 30s”. Off-GCD. 30sec CD. 10 Energy. Only works on target that is debuffed by Energy Manipulation.
  • Even Strikes. New passive: “Unspent charges on target when it dies are transferred into an AoE that does Weapon Damage plus 25% per charge.”

Ethereal-damage Level 65 abilities seems to have also been adjusted so that they are affected by any global cooldown reductions from the spec you are in. (Thanks to Burninalways for the info!)

If the above images become out-dated, check out the main Masteries article which will always have the latest images.

Note: No changes to Cleric Masteries.

Gear Price Changes

Abyssal Crusader's Accelerator 7th Oct 2014

Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerator.

Another round of gear price changes have come in.

  • Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators are now up on the RIFT Store under Equipment -> Upgrade Parts for 2,500 Abyssal Crusader’s Marks.
  • Ghar Faction Essences now cost:
    • Level 60 Essences: 4,725 Void Stones and 5,000 Planarite.
    • Rank III Essences: 8,750 Void Stones and 7,500 Planarite.
    • Rank IV Essences: 17,500 Void Stones and 10,000 Planarite.
    • Rank V Essences: 28,000 Void Stones and 10,000 Planarite.

A lot more changes are likely to occur with tomorrow’s PTS Update. Daglar has mentioned he wants to reduce the weekly cap on Abyssal Crusader’s Marks to prevent players from feeling like they have to do all PvE and PvP activities. Costs on gear that require Abyssal Crusader’s Marks are likely to also drop.

Weekly Caps on the currencies remain the same

  • 35,000 Void Stones per week. World Currency.
  • 15,000 Abyssal Crusader’s Marks per week. Dungeon Currency.
  • 4,500 Fragments of Horror Marks per week. Tier 1 Raid Currency.

Locations Changed

  • Level 65 players now have a filter of Level 61-65 (instead of 56-65).
  • Tier 1 Relic weapons now also available under Equipment -> Weapons.
  • Synergy Crystals now only found under Equipment -> Accessories.
  • Void Source Accelerators and Abyssal Crusader’s Accelerators are under Equipment -> Upgrade Parts.
  • Ghar Faction Essences are now up under Equipment -> Essences. The Level 60 ones are under Level 60 filter. Rest are found under Level 65 filter.

Return to Dungeons

Return to Dungeons

Return to Dungeons

The ‘Return to Empyrean Core’ and ‘Return To Iron Tomb’ dungeons are up on the LFG window (default key “i“). These can be found from selecting dungeons via bottom-left arrow.

  • ‘Return to Empyrean Core’ is found under Storm Legion Expert Dungeons.
  • ‘Return To Iron Tomb’ is found under Classic Expert Dungeons.

Their locations on the LFG are likely placeholder. They’ll probably end up under the Nightmare Tide Expert Dungeons category.

Nightmare Rift Summoner

Nightmare Rift Summoner

Nightmare Rift Summoner

Found under RIFT Store -> Rifts, there are now Nightmare Rift Summoner consumable items that cost 60,000 planarite and – like the Stronghold Summoner, summons your group or raid to the Nightmare Rift you are standing under. Only works on Nightmare Rifts.

Interestingly this costs significantly more than the 5k planarite for Stronghold Summoners. Might be placeholder price.

Other Updates

  • Cobalt Crabnarok Supply Crates till show Red Kitsune mount as preview.
  • Patron Daily Gifts now have chance to drop Nightmare Tide currency at Level 65 (might also be available at Level 61-64).
  • Ground level issues have been fixed in Margle Palace and surrounding districts. In the previous update they were either raised or lowered a bit.
  • Windows around Margle Palace have been changed so that you can now see behind them to ‘coral gardens’ below. There’s even a shark behind one of them.
Catch of the Day

Through the window glass.

  • Temple of Ranri and Tinderbox areas in Goboro Reef were re-fogged. Probably map/terrain adjustments.
  • Skelf Shield from crafted shields and from Dalraak’s Blasphemous Bulwark (dropped from Nightmare Coast Expert Dungeon).
Dalraak's Blasphemous Bulwark Shield

Dalraak’s Blasphemous Bulwark Shield

  • Achievements reduced from 33,917 to 33,857. The 60pt reduction is from the removal of Nightmare VI: Master and Nightmare VII: Master achievements.


Datamined Icons

Datamined Icons 7th Oct 2014

Two sets of Datamined Icons.

Two sets of datamined icons.

  • First set: Looks to be a new, reddish costume bundle with a red version of a pirate hate. Perhaps related to the Bloodfire Army’s multitude of Admiral NPCs.
  • Second set: A bunch of Nightmare Earrings. Notice the hook in the top-right which makes it different from the previously datamined Nightmare Essence icons. Unknown whether these drop from Nightmare Rifts or are simply designated as icons for rare, high-value earrings.

Minions RIFT Store Feature Image

Minions RIFT Store Feature Image

Minions RIFT Store Feature Image

Nothing too exciting. Above image looks to be a feature image background for the RIFT Store main page. It will probably appear with the Minions Starter Pack.

Nightmare Mermaid Statue Skin

Nightmare Mermaid Statue Skin

Nightmare Mermaid Statue Skin

Looks to be a Nightmare version of the pregnant mermaid statues you see all over buildings in the Plane of Water. Instead of jellyfish or a blue light source, this one’s stomach is red. Probably appears in the Citadel of Insanity dungeon instance.

Misc Skins

Misc Skins 7th Oct 2014

Misc Skins

Some misc. skins.  Not really sure what the two left skins are for. Perhaps jars or broken objects suitable for the Citadel of Insanity. There’s also a red-ish orange version of some flora – again, probably Tribulation-related.

Decent-sized update. Gear price changes and some masteries are the primary additions.

Nightmare Tide is in Open Beta right now on the PTS, so check all the changes out for yourself on the PTS!

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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  1. Giozef
    October 8, 2014 at 1:31 pm #

    Another update this afternoon: Clerics lost Essence Manipulation and in its place picked up Vicar’s Bulwark, which does the same thing as mages’ Mending Response.

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