Rhen of Fate Testing with SupermanSocks and Krug

Rhen of Fate Testing Feature Image

Back on the 26th Sept 2014, RoughRaptors (DEV_SupermanSocks) and Senior Content Designer Krug went with -Vendetta- to do some testing for the Rhen of Fate 10-man raid encounter. I’ve gotten some spare time since then to watch through the recorded video again and summarize the encounters.

You can check out the recorded video on RoughRaptors’ twitch channel here.

Note: Various mechanics and health-adjustments have probably been made since the recording, but the overall fights should be more or less the same.

A summary of the livestream can be found below. Please be aware that everything below is subject to change:

Table of Contents:

  • Trash Mobs
  • Defeat Ungolok
  • Defeat Hidrac, Oonta, and Weyloz
  • Defeat Drekanoth of Fate
  • Defeat Finric

Trash Mobs

Rhen of Fate Unthralled Destroyer

Unthralled Destroyer add. Run away from Blast.

  • First trash pack starts at 5min 41sec into the video.

Trash mobs appear before most bosses. Here’s the four types of mobs:

Unthralled Destroyer

  • Skelf mobs. They pull you into melee range and then cast “Blast”. This is a large melee AoE. Run out asap. Best to stay within melee range of the Unthralled Destroyers so you have more time to run out.

Tormented Subjugant

  • Looks like a Defiler’s Unstable Transformation cooldown.
  • Casts “Strength of Nightmare” which is an interruptible cast. Buffs damage on a random mob.
  • Casts “Tormented Barrier” which is an interruptible cast. Puts a large shield on a random mob.

Scoundrel Shootist

  • Male mob with gun.
  • Casts “Exploding Shot”. Interruptible. Probably an AoE.
  • Casts “Neutralizing Shot”. Interruptible. Probably crowd-control ability.

Scoundrel Invoker

  • Female mob.
  • Casts “Invoker’s Boon” which is an interruptible cast. Heals a random mob.
  • Her main attack is also interruptible.

Defeat Ungolok

Rhen of Fate Ungolok Preview 1

Ungolok releases an Ink Blast from behind.

  • Ungolok fight starts at 16min 41sec into the video. The final ‘kill’ starts at 50min 41sec.

Has quite a few abilities including an under-30% phase. Requires two tanks.

General Mechanics

These mechanics appear throughout the fight.

  • ‘Venomous Barb’. DoT that builds up on players. Stacks. Removed with the death of a nearby Mindless Spawnling add.
  • ‘Ink Blast’ cast. This is a backwards-cleave/cone attack showing up as black ink-like conal vfx. There is no pre-warning AoE indicator during cast. The Tank basically needs to move him to face the raid when he is casting this ability and then face him away from the raid right afterwards.
  • ‘Hydro Jet’ ability. This is an instant ability (no cast) that shows up as a frontal conal water blast. No AoE indicator prior to ability use.
  • ‘Fatal Current’ – Purple AoE. During the livestream this just spawned on the tank/in melee. However, on Live there’s now two AoEs that spawn on random players. Move well out of AoE indicator.
  • Ungolok emotes “Player has been Shunned!”. This seems to be a tank-swap mechanic as he immediately switches to someone else.

Building Pressure Mechanic

Rhen of Fate Ungolok Preview 2

‘Building Pressure’ indicator. Gump Cages bottom-left and top-left.

This deserves its own sub-heading. The ‘Pressure’ mechanic appears throughout the fight.

  • Ungolok emotes “Ungolok gathers his strength!” and casts ‘Building Pressure’.
  • At the end of the cast, he casts ‘Pressure Blast’ three times. This is indicated by alternating white AoE on the ground. The AoE is just an indicator so you don’t need to ‘dodge’ them.
  • To reduce damage taken, you need to interact with the three ‘Gump Cages’ surrounding the encounter. Clicking on one will release a Gump shambler mob.
  • You must click the ‘Gump Cages’ one at a time – one per Pressure Blast. Three cages for three Pressure Blasts. Otherwise your raid will take considerable damage that is likely to cause a wipe.

During this time, a ‘Captive Terror’ shark add appears from the other side of the encounter. It has the following mechanics to note:

  • Hard-hitting and needs to be tanked.
  • Has an interruptible ‘Puncture Heart’ cast.
  • When it dies it does an AoE that hurts the boss.
  • Krug mentioned that the ‘Sea Lark’ (starfish) immobile mobs on the sides of the encounter can be eaten by the ‘Captive Terror’ shark add if you move the Captive Terror over the Sea Lark. This boosts the Captive Terror’s damage so that when it dies, it’s AoE will deal more damage to the boss.

Once all three Pressure Blasts have been cast, the ‘Pressure’ mechanic ends.

Ungolok Under-30% HP

Rhen of Fate Ungolok Preview 3

Avoid that AoE!

When Ungolok hits 30% HP, he casts “Breaking Loose” and breaks out of the chains surrounding him. His damage will increase. Two new mechanics are introduced, although all other mechanics will still occur.

  • ‘Furious Charge’ cast. The active tank gets a very large pulsing red AoE. Get away from that tank. Ungolok will charge towards the tank and deal an approx. 70k AoE damage blast.
  • Ungolok also randomly pulls a player towards him and stuns them. Unsure if the player takes damage or what the ability is called.

Throughout, ‘Captive Terror’ shark adds now spawn at random – not just when ‘Building Pressure’ is occuring.

Defeat Hidrac, Oonta, and Weyloz

Rhen of Fate - HOW Preview 1

‘Mana Siphon’.

  • The HOW fight starts at 1hr, 1min and 38sec into the video. The final ‘kill’ starts at 1hr 22min 26sec.

Three Skelf bosses all in one encounter. Before the fight, you’ll notice a cage to the left. Open it to free the Researcher NPC who starts the roleplay.

This is a 2-tank fight. Bosses do not cleave.

Mania Sypon

One of the primary mechanics is the ‘Mania Sypon’ (correct spelling. Might have changed to ‘Mania Syphon’ in subsequent updates).

  • Mania Sypon is the blue/purple platform at the back of the encounter. At the start of the fight, Weyloz is stuck on the Mania Sypon.
  • The idea is that ‘active’ bosses (those not on the Mania Sypon) gain ‘Mania’ buff stacks that increase their outgoing damage. Stacks are gained over time.
  • You need to pull an active boss onto the Mania Sypon in order to swap each boss out with the inactive boss. Their ‘Mania’ stacks will decrease over time whilst they are inactive inside the Mania Sypon.
  • The bosses will also do an aggro drop when the boss is brought to the Mania Sypon.

So, tank bosses close to Mania Sypon and then move active boss with high Mania buff stacks into the Mania Syphon.

Syphoning Orb

Encounter will emote “A Syphoning Orb has appeared”. A blue orb will then spawn at a random location inside the encounter.

  • Running over the blue orb gets the player a buff. Running over an Active boss whilst you have the buff will remove the buff from you and also remove stacks of ‘Mania’ from that boss.
  • The Syphoning Orbs appear fairly often. Probably want support picking these up – or a highly mobile DPS.
  • Remember, bosses don’t cleave.

Comrades Mechanic

Rhen of Fate - HOW Preview 2

Blue together, Red forever (apart).

Throughout the fight the bosses will pulse red or blue.

  • Blue Pulse = Active bosses must be together or else raid takes damage.
  • Red Pulse = Active bosses must be separated or else raid takes damage.

Bulwark Mechanic

Rhen of Fate - HOW Preview 3


The last major mechanic for the ‘HOW’ (Hidrac, Oonta, and Weyloz) fight are the Bulwark buffs.

The active bosses will cast either Bulwark of Iron or Bulwark of Stone on themselves.

  • Each player will be given either an Iron or Stone buff. You can only attack the boss with the same buff otherwise your attacks will be reflected.
  • Tanks are immune to reflect.
  • The buffs on the active bosses alternates so you must pay attention.

During the livestream testing the buffs were not visually obvious for players. Trion might have adjusted vfx for the Bulwark mechanic since then.

Defeat Drekanoth of Fate

Rhen of Fate - Drekanoth of Fate Preview 1

Drekanoth of Fate with 5x World Collapser pillars.

  • The first Drekanoth of Fate fight starts at 1hr 28min 25sec into the video. The final ‘kill’ starts at 1hr 49min 28sec.

The Drekanoth of Fate is surrounded by 5 ‘Nightmare Powerup’ pillars called “World Collapser”. Throughout the fight you will be destroying these pillars as they become active.

Fight requires only one tank.

General Mechanics

  • ‘Particle Pulse’ channel on tank. Rapid damage. 44k ticks in rapid succession until channel ends.
  • Slow-moving Firewalls emerge every now and then that move back and forth between the Drekanoth and the edge of the encounter. Avoid them.
  • There seems to be a blue conal cleave.
  • Blue lasers appear between players. They need to run into each other to remove.

Molten Power/Laser Mechanic

Rhen of Fate - Drekanoth of Fate Preview 2

Notice how top-right and right lasers are not reaching Drekanoth.

Throughout the fight the Drekanoth of Fate will emote “Molten Power is strengthening the Drekanoth!”. Lasers will then appear from up to 5 directions, built up one at a time.

  • Each laser that reaches him gives him a ‘Molten Power’ buff stack. (probably out-going damage).
  • There needs to be a player in-between the Drekanoth and the other end of the laser so that the laser is ‘line of sight’ of the boss.
  • Players who have the laser on them take increasing ticks of damage.
  • If players move away from the laser, the laser will reach the Drekanoth again and give him a stack of ‘Molten Power’ buff.

Although they didn’t hurt for much during the livestream’s test, Krug mentioned that in the future you will need players to alternate because the stacks will get too high to heal through.

Zone of Life/Death Mechanic

Rhen of Fate - Drekanoth of Fate Preview 4

Zone of Life. Red is dead. Zone of Death is the opposite.

The Drekanoth of Fate casts and then channels Zone of Life or Zone of Death throughout the encounter. The cast is like a warning/ramp-up with the channel dealing damage.

  • Zone of Death = small red conal AoE that you need to avoid.
  • Zone of Life = the opposite. A massive near-365 degree red AoE with a small ‘safe’ segment.

Collapsing Worlds Phase

Rhen of Fate - Drekanoth of Fate Preview 5

‘Collapsing Worlds’ Mechanic – Active ‘World Collapser’ with portal behind.

This is the primary mechanic that happens several times throughout the encounter that will probably lead to a few raid wipes for anyone progressing blind.

  • Drekanoth channels “Collapsing Worlds” (30sec channel) and gains a large 70% max-hp+ shield. He aims towards a ‘World Collapser’ pillar and this World Collapser becomes targetable. DPS it down asap.
  • Whilst this is happening, the tank clicks on a portal behind any of the ‘World Collapser’ pillars. This turns the environment into a life-based area (only for the tank).

‘World Eaters’

Rhen of Fate - Drekanoth of Fate Preview 6

Into the portal. ‘Silver Pods’ and ‘World Eaters’.

The new life-based area the tank goes to is in the same place as the other players, but only the tank can see the ‘World Eater’ mobs and various other contraptions.

  • ‘World Eater’ mobs will follow the player and leave a trail of goop behind. You take damage if you are in this AoE.
  • Various ‘Silver Pods’ appear. The tank must click on them asap. They seem to either prevent ‘World Eater’ adds from appearing in the ‘real world’ where the other players are at, or they help DPS down the ‘World Collapser’ pillar.
  • After the ‘World Collapser’ pillar dies, the tank will go back to the ‘real world’.

The rest of the raid must take down the ‘World Collapser’ before Drekanoth’s “Collapsing Worlds” channel ends otherwise the raid wipes. This happens several times throughout the encounter.

Rinse and repeat Normal and Collapsing Worlds Phases until the Drekanoth of Fate dies.

Defeat Finric

Rhen of Fate - FinricPreview 1

Finric with stacks of ‘Brutality’.

  • Finric fight starts at 2hrs and 22secs. He was bugged or other issues occured (time/etc) so the testing ended prior to killing him.

Two tanks.

General Mechanics

  • ‘Unthralled Brute’ adds appear every now and then. Tank needs to tank them. They hurt.
  • Every now and then Finric channels ‘Sacrifice’. At the end, any ‘Unthralled Brute’ adds still alive die and their hp gets transferred to Finric. To kill the ‘Unthralled Brute’ adds effectively, you might want to consider using the ‘Toxin Absorption Vat’ mechanic mentioned below.
  • Finric casts ‘Contagion’ on a player. Shortly afterwards the player who has ‘Contagion’ emits a green ‘bubble blast’ that deals damage to surrounding players. This could potentially be a mechanic that encourages players to stand on separate ‘Ground Vents’ during the ‘Toxin Absorption Vat’ mechanic.
  • Finric emotes “Finric throws a churning orb at ‘player'”. Not sure what it does since the player targeted doesn’t seem to take any damage or gain a debuff. Perhaps bugged during the livestream.
  • ‘Waterlogged’ debuff. Increases damage from Finric’s melee attacks. This seems to either be applied by the ‘Redtooth Coral’s expanding red AoE or via some kind of knockback mechanic on the active tank that Finric uses. Probably a tank-swap mechanic.

Brutal Swell Mechanic

Rhen of Fate - Finric Preview 2

‘Brutal Swell’ expanding AoE. Jump to avoid.

  • Finric casts ‘Brutal Swell’. This is a rapidly expanding blue, watery AoE that fills the entire encounter area. For each person it hits, Finric gains a stack of ‘Brutality’. Max 10 stacks.
  • Straight after, he casts ‘Brutal Spray’ in rapid succession, removing one of his ‘Brutality’ stacks with each cast. This is a hard-hitting AoE attack.
  • To prevent Finric gaining ‘Brutality’ stacks, you must jump over the AoE as it approaches you.

Rage of Storms Mechanic

Rhen of Fate - Finric Preview 3

Get inside one of the bubbles for ‘Rage of Storms’.

  • Finric channels ‘Rage of Storms’. His body has a ‘storm-like’ vfx and small blue spheres appear at random locations throughout the encounter.
  • You must get inside the small blue spheres/bubbles and follow them as they slowly move at random. Staying inside this bubble will protect you from ‘Rage of Storms’. Otherwise, you take considerable damage.

Toxin Absorption Vat Mechanic

Rhen of Fate - Finric Preview 4

Fill up tank; Click Lever. Stand on ‘Ground Vent’ or ‘Toxin Absorption Vat’ to survive!

This is a primary mechanic that will probably help you meet enrage.

  • First up, ‘Redtooth Coral’ will appear in the encounter, gaining gradually larger, pulsing Red AoE. Killing it puts a 1min DoT on you that ticks for about 6.5k damage per second.
  • If you have the DoT, you need to run to the ‘Toxin Absorption Vat’ at the far end of the encounter. Going over the Vat will ‘deposit’ the toxin into the tanker to the left of you.
  • After doing this a few times (looks like 3-4 times), the lever next to the tanker will become clickable (sparkles).
  • Clicking the lever will fill the encounter with toxin, dealing 97k ticks to everyone (raiders and mobs alike). This will quickly kill ‘Unthralled Brute’ adds and also damage Finric.
  • To survive, players must stand on either the ‘Ground Vents’ in the area or on top of the ‘Toxin Absorption Vat’ (for the person clicking the lever). This will make you immune to the damage.

During the livestream, the toxin lasted longer than was intended. It is only supposed to last a few seconds to help kill off adds and reduce Finric’s hp by a bit.

Finric kind of bugged out and the livestream ended. Unsure if any additional mechanics are present (like perhaps ‘Ground Vents’ get destroyed with each use of the Toxin Absorption Vat mechanic).

That’s it for the summary of the Rhen of Fate testing done by -Vendetta-, DEV_SupermanSocks and Krug. You can check out the recorded video here!

Interested in the 20-man Mount Sharax raid? DEV_SupermanSocks and Dev Anony briefly went over the place during initial testing a while back. You can check out the video as well as a text summary here.

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