Extra Life 2014 – Raise for Kids!

Extra Life 2014 Feature Image

It’s that time of the year again – Extra Life 2014 is coming up and Trion Worlds are ready with activities and goodies to give away for this 24hr gaming charity event!

For those who don’t know, Extra Life is a charity event that is held each year where gamers play games for 24hrs to raise money for local kids. Trion’s Extra Life event this year begins at 8am PDT on Saturday, Oct 25th and ends at 8am PDT on Sunday, Oct 26th.

Trion Worlds Participation

Trion Worlds has participated in the Extra Life Charity ever since the first year of RIFT’s launch. With each subsequent year they have added their new titles to the list of games participating in the 24hr charity event. This year Trion adds Trove and ArcheAge to the list on top of RIFT and Defiance.

This year, hours will be counted “over several days” so you don’t need to play a full 24hrs non-stop. With the Nightmare Tide expansion coming out on 22nd Oct, it is the perfect time to level up with a ton of players over the weekend!


Trion usually holds a 24hr livestream with Community Managers playing various Trion and other titles over those 24hrs. You will be able to check them out on their twitter here if they continue this tradition this year.


The Extra Life Charity Event is filled with additional loot for participating. No details have been made for this year’s event, but in the past Trion have provided Title rewards, mounts, companion pets, costume pieces and even pots for participating.

Livestream code giveaways of Patron Passes, Hooty owl companion pets and Helm of the Demon Lords were also available in previous years.

This year Trion has hinted at ArcheAge Starter Packs and RIFT Collector’s Editions as some of the prizes. Details will be posted by Trion closer to the 25th October 2014.

Extra Life 2013


Last year was a blast for Extra Life with various Community Managers livestreaming over the full 24hrs, giving away codes on the Livestream for Patron Passes, companion pets, mounts and wardrobe items. Game-wide bonuses were also ramped up throughout the 24hrs, starting at 20% and reaching 80% in the final hour.

An Extra Life guild was created on Greybriar (US) with over 100 players online at once running amok through RIFT. The folks over at Defiance also participated and fundraising/donation milestone rewards included both RIFT and Defiance loot.

Kiwidream held a variety of Dimension-related contests throughout the 24hr period with various prizes as well including scavenger hunts, a morphing contest, guessing item count and a jumping puzzle competition.

You can check out a full round-up of Extra Life 2013 here. Let’s make 2014 a blast!


You can fundraise and donate by either starting your own page and joining the Trion Worlds 2014 team here or by donating to a player who has joined the Trion Worlds 2014 team. Your donation counts to both their personal fundraising goal as well as to the Trion Worlds 2014 team’s overall fundraising goal of $65,000 this year!

RiftGrate’s Fundraising Page

Last year I was able to raise $270, contributing to the Trion Worlds team raising over $62,000 and to Extra Life reaching a record of over $3.8mil! Come donate to a good cause, help me reach my goal of $300 raised and contribute to this year’s Trion Worlds’ fundraising goal of $65,000 together!

Extra Life Donate to Charity Quest

Take the “Donate to Charity!” ‘quest’ today!

Interested in donating to a variety of team members? Check out the full list of fundraisers who are part of the Trion Worlds 2014 team here and click on the ‘Roster’ tab. Every bit counts!

See you all on October 25th 2014 for Extra Life 2014!

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