RIFT News Tidbits 8th October 2014

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There’s further tidbits of RIFT news for 8th October 2014. As per usual, another PTS Update! Check out all the info below:


  • Game-wide +25% Bonus Until Nightmare Tide. Trion have added in game-wide +25% Bonuses for RIFT until the launch of Nightmare Tide on October 22nd 2014. These are bonuses on pretty much everything, although the marks don’t seem to give bonuses to Fragments or Myrmidon’s. They stack with Patron bonuses. [r]

RIFT Bonus 8th Oct

  • PTS Update 8th Oct 2014. ~932MB. More Masteries changes, some further gear price reductions, more crafting upgrade changes + others. Check out full details here.


  • Extra Life Charity Event coming 25th Oct. Extra Life 24hr gaming charity event is happening again this year and Trion will have new rewards including ArcheAge Starter Packs and RIFT Collector’s Editions. Details haven’t been revealed just yet, but check out this page here where I’ll constantly update information about the upcoming event!
  • Next Livestream: 3.0 Open Beta Tour. The next Trion Livestream will occur this Friday, 10th Oct at 1:30PM PDT (TC)(CD). Check the livestream at that time on Trion’s Twitch Channel.

Nightmare Tide-related

  • About Credit Pricing. Daglar has stated that once general pricing has been finalised, he will look at checking the store for Credits prices and seeing which ones need to be removed. [r]
  • Goboro Reef Instant Adventure Experience Borked. Currently, Goboro Reef IA experience rewards are based on Level 50 Classic Rift rates. These will be adjusted in a future update. [r] If you have tested out the Goboro Reef IAs, please send feedback via the in-game feedback report or via this thread here.
  • “Glacial Maw: War Inside The Akvan” Article. Trion has posted an article about the Glacial Maw dungeon in Nightmare Tide. You can check it out here.

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • “A Morph-tastic Round-up” by Feendish. Feendish from The Dimension Touring Company has posted a fantastic article about some amazing morphing done by a whole bunch of dimensioneers. Check out that Back to the Future car! [Article]

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