RIFT News Tidbits 9th October 2014

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There’s further tidbits of RIFT news for 9th October 2014. Check out all the info below:


  • Three Promo Events. Trion have announced that they will be holding three Promo Events within a single week starting today. Check below for dates and links to guides associated with the different Promo Events.
    • Temporal Flux: Oct 9th-11th [Guide]
    • Budgie Madness: Oct 11th-13th [Guide]
    • Unicornalia: Oct 13th-15th [Guide]
    • Events begin and end at 3:30PM Server Time.
  • RIFT 2.8 Hotfix #12. The latest hotfix hit Live today. Mainly to fix some bugs and add in the Promo Events. North America also has another hotfix (RIFT 2.8 Hotfix #13) tomorrow on the 10th October 2014. Exact time is unknown at this stage. [r]
  • Livestream Reminder. Don’t forget there’s a RIFT Livestream being held by Trion on Friday, 10th Oct at 1:30PM PDT (TC)(CD). Check the livestream at that time on Trion’s Twitch Channel.
  • PTS Update for 9th October 2014. More Masteries changes; new Crafting armor set models; multitude of new achievement rewards; PvP Rift achievements becoming Legacy + more! Check them all out here.

Note: Datamining is slightly delayed the last few days due to the amount of PTS updates (near-daily). Will hopefully have 8th and 9th Oct’s datamining posted up later on the 10th.

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Hold Referral Coins. Hold back on using Referral Coins for Budgie Supply Crates. The most recent PTS update today has changed the Budgie Supply Crates to the upcoming Cobalt Crabnarok Supply Crates that scale to Level 65. Costs 550 Referral Coins and accessed via RIFT Store -> Referral Rewards on the PTS.
  • PvP Rifts become Legacy. PvP Rift Achievements have been converted to the Legacy category (no points) on the PTS.
    • This means that if you haven’t completed any of these achievements you will lose those achievements permanently.
    • If you have completed them before the conversion, they will go into your Legacy category. If you’re interested in preserving these achievements for your character, be sure to complete them before they are converted!
    • The PvP Rift achievements can be found under Achievements -> PvP.
    • No ETA on when conversion will go Live.
  • No New Bag. Daglar has confirmed that there are no new bags for Nightmare Tide and no current plans to add another. This means the highest bag slot will still be the 28-slot Empyrean Bag that uses Storm Legion materials. [r]
  • Minions System Info. A bit more on Minions was mentioned today by the devs.
    • Aventurine Cost. Snedhepl explained that the 10hr Adventure cost was increased to 250 Aventurine because the 10hr Adventures “were very overpowered for what they cost”. [r] He also explained that the amount of Aventurine you receive from an adventure is affected by:
      • How well you do; and
      • Minions level.
    • Hurry Cost. Snedhepl explains that the cost of Hurry is a “step reduction as opposed to a gradual reduction”, so although the Hurry price is lowered depending on how much time is left on an Adventure, it is not reduced for every second or every minute that is left. There are set points when it is reduced. [r]
  • Cleric Changes Incoming. A couple of Cleric changes are incoming:
    • Cleric Masteries – Divine Providence/Favor buff will last through death, but will still be removed upon logging out or via zone/map change. [r]
    • Cleric Inquisitor – More potential changes incoming for Cleric Inquisitor based on current version of the soul that is on the PTS:
      • Unified Theory no longer reduces the cooldown of Nysyr’s Rebuke when consumed.
      • Life and Death Concord now also procs from damaging Ethereal abilities.
      • Soul Stream triggers a stack of Life and Death Concord on each tick.
      • Single target channeled abilities now reduce the cooldown of Nysyr’s Rebuke by 3s on cast.
      • Symbol of Corruption now deals its full damage instantly if you already have Symbol of Corruption on the enemy.
      • Remove Aggressive Renewal.
      • New ability: Aggressive Inquisition – 2s channel. Casts Bolt of Depravity every 0.5s. Does not occur on initial cast. 1 min cooldown. This is a 44 point root ability.
      • Mental Resilience now also causes single target channeled abilities to apply a buff to the caster for 30s, increasing damage by 3/6/10%.

      [Source: Kervik]

  • Warrior Liberator Changes. Vladd has some Liberator changes incoming. If you run NT Experts on the PTS with the Liberator spec, please use the Expert Test Gear-only and post feedback.
    • Increased healing power of Liberation Treatment, Group Assistance, Mass Casualty Response, Ameliorate, and Prolonged Recovery.
    • Dichotomy of Pain is now a single target healing finisher.
    • Pain Management still adds the 4/8s HoT to Dichotomy of Pain.

    [Source: Vladd]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Obtaining “Seeking Solace” Achievement Video. Intim shows the optimal way to obtain the “Seeking Solace” achievement in Lake Solace. If you wanted to get some practice in early for swimming underwater in Luminous Passage whilst getting an achievement to boot, check out his video here.
  • A Look Back at Inquisitor Cleric PvP. GrimTheGamer looks back at his Inquisitor Cleric PvPing days in his latest PvP video here.
  • The Judge’s Choices on Dimensions. The Dimension Touring Company’s “Setting the Scene” contest just ended and the winners have been announced. However, there’s still the ‘Judge’s Choice’ prizes to be awarded. Check out the spectacular dimensions that made it to the Judge’s Choices awards here. Prepare to be wowed!

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