PTS Update for 10th October 2014

PTS Update General Feature Image

A 1.027GB (922.5MB) hit the Public Test Shard for 10th October 2014. Despite the large file size there is actually very little ‘new’ items downloaded. A ton of the 15mb+ files only required less than 1mb of new info. Some as low as 10kb of new info.


  • Masteries Changes – Warrior change.
  • Rogue Changes
  • Minions Changes. Exp up. Previews available.
  • Achievement Additions – Conqueror achieves added.
  • Other Updates – Swirling Planar Energy; PvP Rift lures removed; Manugo Leaderboards.

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Masteries Changes

Some changes to Masteries have hit this PTS Update as well.

Warrior Masteries Changes [Image]

  • Precision Strikes has been adjusted to the following:
    • “Attack Point generating attacks place a stack of Precision Strikes on you, increasing your damage by 2% per stack. Max Stacks: 3. Lasts for 15s.”
    • “Increases the duration of Damage Over Time effects, Heal Over Time effects, and Bleeds by 6s”.

If the above images become out-dated, check out the main Masteries article which will always have the latest images.

(Thanks to snipebad for keeping us up to date with Masteries changes.)

(Note: No changes for Cleric, Mage or Rogue Masteries in this update.)

Rogue Changes

Some Rogue changes hit the PTS:

  • Poison Mastery’s bonuses have been adjusted to the following values:
    • 1. 2%/10% (from 6%/6%)
    • 2. 4%/20% (from 12%/12%)
    • 3. 6%/30% (from 18%/18%)
    • 4. 8%/40% (from 24%/24%)
    • 5. 10%/50% (from 30%/30%)
  • Leeching Poison, Malicious Poison, Virulent Poison and Enfeebling Poison have been changed so that the chance to deal damage has increased from 30% to 50%.

(Thanks to snipebad for the info!)

Minions Changes

A few more Minions changes are up:

  • Experience Gain. Snedhepl has announced that short adventures (1min, 5min and 15min) got a double experience boost, long adventures received a 50% exp boost whilst 10hr experience gain remains the same. There’s also a 5% Minions experience bonus for Patrons. [r]
  • Full Minion Card Preview. You can now fully preview Minion Cards on the RIFT Store. [r]

Achievement Additions

Conqueror Nightmare Tide Achievements

Conqueror Nightmare Tide Achievements

Achievements gained 140 points from 33,847 to 33,987.

  • Zones -> RIFT. “Dungeon Hero: The Nightmare Tide”. 50pts. Probably in wrong category.

Conqueror Achieves

Further Conqueror achieves added for some of the Nightmare Tide Dungeons on top of the meta achieve above.

  • Dungeons -> RIFT: Nightmare Tide -> Return to Iron Tomb. Up 30pt.
  • Dungeons -> RIFT: Nightmare Tide -> Return to Empyrean Core. Up 30pt.
  • Dungeons -> RIFT: Nightmare Tide -> Gyel Fortress. Up 30pt.
  • Dungeons -> RIFT: Nightmare Tide -> Glacial Maw. Up 30pt.
  • 30pt Conqueror achievements have been added to the above. No rewards yet.

Other Updates

  • Swirling Planar Energy is now available for 50k planarite under RIFT Store -> Rifts. This gives you a random assortment of planar consumables. I.e., 1x Petrified Barnacle and 2x Consuming Fissure from opening one of them. This has probably been added in as a way to make use of excess planarite.
Swirling Planar Energy

Swirling Planar Energy

  • Trion have removed the PvP Rift category from the RIFT Store -> Rifts section. And since the PvP category in general has been removed/merged with ‘Equipment’, there’s now no way to obtain PvP Rifts on the RIFT Store. Given the conversion of PvP Rift achievements to Legacy in the previous update, it’s probably time to complete those PvP Rift achievements on Live before they are removed! Looks like Trion are completely removing PvP Rifts from the game.
  • New mob behind window in Draumheim. Octopus Bob. Next to ‘The Catch of the Day’ shark.
Tentacle Bob

Tentacle Bob. He’s watching. Always.

  • You can level past Prestige Rank 90. First level past it requires 304,015 Prestige. Note that max is now 100, but outside of gaining that achievement title “Dreambreaker” and some PA exp, there’s no other reason to gain Prestige anymore.
PvP Prestige over 90

PvP Prestige over 90..

  • New Manugo categories in Leaderboards. There’s “Manugo Value Added” which records the actual number and “Manugo Presses” for how many times you actually press. The ‘Value Added’ one works like this:
    • You click on a Manugo Station when the number is at 1,120. Your total value for “Manugo Value Added” is 1,120.
    • You click on the Manugo Station again and the number is at 1,121. Your total value for “Manugo Value Added” is now 2,241. And so on and so forth.
Manugo Leaderboards

Manugo Leaderboards

Some minor additions this time around. Still no new models for Mage and Rogue Abyssal Crusader’s gear sets. Large file size is likely more re-downloading and probably additional polish, bug fixes and vfx/sfx additions – the usual.

Nightmare Tide is in Open Beta right now on the PTS, so check all the changes out for yourself on the PTS!

For past PTS Updates, click here. You can also find past datamining and 3.0-related news updates.

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