Nightmare Tide Testing Extravaganza Sat Oct 11th

Nightmare Tide Feature Image

A Nightmare Tide Testing Extravaganza has been scheduled by Seatin for Saturday, Oct 11th at 12pm UK time till around 10pm-12am (4am PDT to 4pm PDT for NA) (TC) (CD). This is a player-organized event, but hopefully this brings in a lot of players with more focus on group testing – so you aren’t just asking for group for hours without response on the PTS. A whole bunch of stuff will be tested on the PTS including:

  • The new Warfront: Ghar Station Eyn and general PvP;
  • Nightmare Tide Experts;
  • Leveling from 60-65;
  • The Rhen of Fate (10-man raid);
  • Mount Sharax (20-man raid);
  • Nightmare Tide Zone Events;
  • Nightmare Rifts; and other stuff.

Come join in by heading to the Public Test Shard (Instructions) and get ready for 10-12hrs of testing! You can also find major points of interest beforehand via Open Beta information here.

Seatin has set up a PTS Guild called <Guild of Legends> with a large amount of players and during the extravaganza a public Teamspeak will be made available. Seatin will also be livestreaming throughout the event with giveaways over at


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