PTS Datamining for 10th October 2014

Datamining Feature Image

Small datamine for 10th October 2014 despite the ~1GB PTS Update. Not much to show this time round.


  • Further Clumps
  • Soul Tree Backgrounds
  • Hermit Crab Skins
  • Architecture Skins

As always, everything below is subject to change prior to hitting Live and some things included below may never make it to Live release.

Further Clumps

Port Scuddra Clump

Port Scuddra Clump

More clumps like for Draumheim. There’s also the above Port Scuddra clump. again, probably to help reduce loading times.

Soul Tree Backgrounds

Soul Tree Backgrounds

Soul Tree Backgrounds

A whole heap of soul tree backgrounds were present in one of the pak files. Assumed to be soul tree backgrounds given their dimensions. Not quite sure if these are new or not but since you can’t really see the backgrounds in-game (they’re covered up by tree/root icons) I might as well upload them for anyone interested.

Hermit Crab Skins

Hermit Crab Skins

Hermit Crab Skins

These look like hermit crab skins of varying colors. Probably new companion pets gained from NT fishing artifacts (like all those different-colored crabs and frogs for old world fish artifact sets), achievements or via the RIFT Store.

Architecture Skins

More Architecture Skins

More Architecture Skins

I’m actually not quite sure these are new or not. They appeared in the pak files and I don’t recall seeing them previously in there. However, the design of the top-right and bottom skins look Storm Legion-themed (metal with purple orbs) so these might be old skins.

Then again, Crucia is in the Plane of Water as well thanks to what happened in the Air Saga so these skins might actually be part of the Fort south of Draumheim.

Relatively small datamine despite the large file size. Size again mainly due to downloading a ton of different files, but only requiring a small amount of adjustments/additions to the files. More clumps, gear rigs (just uninteresting lines) and a couple more skins. At the very least, we know that there’s a whole bunch of hermit crabs coming along.

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Nightmare Tide is in Open Beta right now on the PTS, so check all the changes out for yourself on the PTS!

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