RIFT News Tidbits 11-13th October 2014

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RIFT news for 11-13th October 2014. Check out all the info below:


  • PTS Update for 13th October 2014. Warrior and Cleric class changes, new models for Abyssal Crusader’s gear and Nightmare Tide crafting gear and new 155% mount + more! Check them all out here.
  • Authenticator Self-Removal Tool. Trion intend to implement a self-removal support tool for the Authenticator for players who have issues with the Authenticator. At present you can manually contact Trion support to remove the Authenticator requirement if you have issues with it (such as using a router with dynamic IP). [r]


Several Extra Life contests have been started up by Trion and Trion staff on their fundraising pages. There’s currently the following contests:

  • “Item Named After Your Character (or Title)” by Archonix.
  • “NPC Named After You” by MikeD.
  • “Lore Book Contest” by Captaincursor.
  • “Minion Card: Rough Raptor” by DEV_SupermanSocks.

You can find full details on how to enter here.

Nightmare Tide-related

  • Fun Fact. MikeD reveals an interesting little tidbit about the testing of Nightmare Tide quests. There have been 4,023 players who have completed the first story quest in the Plane of Water on the PTS. However, only 48 players have completed the last story quest! [r]
  • Minions System Info.
    • Adventures Zero Difficulty. Snedhepl confirms that all adventures are currently set to 0 on the PTS. Higher difficulties on Live will cause lower loot roll bonuses. [r]
    • Incorrect Reward Labels. Some Adventures have incorrect reward labels – Trion are aware and will have them fixed up. [r]
  • All Abilities One Rank. Both Vladd and Kervik have gone through all abilities in every soul and “made them one rank so that not only will mentoring down be a little more balanced but also it enables folks to mentor up as well”. [r]
  • Warrior Riftblade Damage. Right now on PTS you can do approx 93k on the dummies with Riftblade (61 Riftblade, 10 Reaver, 5 Tempest) as revealed by player Suamika on the RIFT forums. This is not intended and according to Vladd will not last past this Wednesday’s PTS update. [r] That said, he assured warriors that he wants to have Riftblade pull DPS close to Paragon. [r]
  • Cleric Inquisitor Changes. Changes are now up on the PTS. A few things to note:
    • Kervik is aware of tooltip issues with Mental Resilience.
    • Echoing Concord’s ‘Class Mechanics UI’ has now been changed to a darker icon to help with readability.
    • Current parses are higher than the intended damage range that Kervik is looking for. Expect nerfs. [r]
    • Kervik is weighing up what to do with Aggressive Inquisition (2s channel. Casts Bolt of Depravity every 0.5s. Does not occur on initial cast. 1 min cooldown.) since it is too powerful at the moment. Suggestions include removing damage bonus from Radical Coalscence or reducing channel duration of Aggressive Inquisition to 1.5s. [r]

Community Content

Below is a list of content created recently by the RIFT community!

  • Rank 90 Mage PvP Gameplay – “Still Failing” Ep 5. Intim has uploaded a new episode of his PvP gameplays with his Rank 90 Mage. 15min video fighitng through the Codex warfront. [Video]
  • “Don’t Chase They Say, Stay in Mid They Say” PvP Video. Noobzilla Gaming uploads a new video on RIFT PvP in the Whitefall Steppes warfront on his warrior. [Video]
  • Aerial Storm Castle Dimension. Feendish explores the “Aerial Storm Castle” dimension by Gabriael@Greybriar as well as his “Unfinished Ice Castle”. Truly marvelous creations. [Article]

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