New Lore: Citadel of Insanity Dungeon Preview

Citadel of Insanity Article Preview Feature Image

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Trion Worlds has added another lore/preview piece on the RIFT website called “Citadel of Insanity: Battle For the Heart of Draumheim“.


  • Citadel of Insanity is a new 5-man dungeon in Nightmare Tide.
  • Lord Arak has corrupted the city of Draumheim with mind-altering wine and twisted Kondraum’s liver.
  • Glacieus is the first boss who has an impenetrable armor mechanic that you have to deal with.
  • The second boss is Cresaphin, a ‘nightmare caterpillar’ who spews venom. Eggs are important!
  • Skylla is the third boss – a strange boss where the primary focus is to destroy totems before they activate portals. Be careful of movement – Skylla puts up a buff that causes players to take considerable damage if they move whilst the buff is up.
  • The last boss is Kondraum himself – possessed by his now-crazed liver. You will need to destroy the parts of his liver to defeat him.

You can check out the full article here.

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